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    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    Actually, that's why I brought it up. I didn't have any balls left. My question is where ELSE can it be found, or Pikachu to later breed perhaps.

    I have JUST looked in AdvanceMap. Pikachu appears in the Safari Zone with a 5% chance of showing up. I'm thinking of changing that 4% one to a Pichu on my copy (leaving Pikachu the 1%); the reason for this being that there is no other Pichu noted anywhere that I know of (unless there's another event later, I dunno), and I don't know if there is a breeding center. If there IS a breeding center, then my problem will solve itself and I will just catch Pikachu, but I'm not hanging around the Safari Zone quite yet (I should make a list of catchables however and do some planning, I need water types; also, I already have a Shinx and an Elekid).

    EDIT: All right, where did the bad guys come from all of a sudden in the forest? There was no storyline of their appearing, you just return to the hive where the angry Combees were located and suddenly there are grunts hanging around the place...also, do we ever get the Running Shoes? I'm tired of the snail's pace walking.

    Sorry pal but you have gotten the chance to capture it.. I know you just have 1-2 Ultra Ballz at that stage... that is why you said you can't catch it.. Is that right??? have you talked with professor jasmine after you got back from the maferney beach where Oak event occured.???
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