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    im stuck in kosaka city i ran in to team steam in ledyn and they said they were going to kosaka i went to kosaka healed went to the gym lucy walked out and said she was going to take care of something i went to explore for her saw tree stumps couldnt pass saw those big boulders couldnt pass i went to that flamerty forest and to flamerny but i didnt do anything but talk to a few people than i found out i was suppose to go into sky tower but that guard wont move and anytime i go back to ledyn town team steam is there again and say the same thing but lucy wont come out of the gym wth is going on is there anything i can do to fix this?! i notified wes and that ash i know there busy and they wont reply soon can someone please help me out here?
    @ash and wes if you see this reply to my message asap please...
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