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Chapter 15: A surprise visit from Mom
Tracy's POV

The next morning I wake up and still can't believe that Antonio kissed me since we haven't admitted our feeling for each other. I'm confident that we have a connection just like he said the first day we meet. When he kissed me, I felt such a string spark between us it has to mean we are meant to be. I change out of my pajamas into a tank top with a built-in bra and a camo t-shirt on top, a pair of work out pants and my tennis shoes. I watch Luna quietly take the leash off of the desk. Then she walks over to me and sets it in front of my feet.

"We'll leave for your walk after we eat something, okay girl?" I chuckle reaching down to pick it up.

Luna wags her tail happily, and we go to the kitchen. I thought Antonio left to go fishing since he likes to head out to the stream in the forest early in the morning. So, I'm surprised to see him when Luna and I walk into the room. He is cooking scrambled eggs. I smile seeing he already filled Luna's bowl with food. She walks over to it and starts to eat. I set the leash on the table before I go over to the counter and pour myself and Antonio a glass of orange juice. Antonio walks over and sets two plates down in front of our seats.

"Good morning, I thought you left to go fishing,"

"Not this morning, I'd thought we could get to know each other better while we take Luna for her morning walk through the park," Antonio says winking.

I start to blush as I set my glass down in front of my seat. Then we sit down and start eating. After a few bites I put my fork down and says, "Antonio, you didn't have to feed Luna."

"I know, but I wanted to, Luna already thinks we're are made for each other and will get married someday," Antonio says.

"Don't get ahead of yourself, Antonio, we still need to convince my father to lets us date first before you even think about buying an engagement ring," I say giving him a friendly shove.

I look down at my lap and see Antonio's left hand on top of my right. I try not to blush for the second time this morning as I quickly turn my attention back to my breakfast and start eating again. After we finish eating I feel Luna gently pulling at my pant leg. I get up and go over to the table pick up the leash and attach it to Luna's collar after she sits down in front of me. As I stand up, Antonio comes up to me.

"Shall we Angel," Antonio says.

"I'm happy you''re trying to come up with a pet name for, but you may need to come up with something else so Angela won't get confused,"

"I'll work on it," Antonio says before he kisses me on the cheek.

"What about the dishes?" I ask.

"Don't worry sweetheart. I'll do them," Mom says.

I jump and accidentally step on Luna. She yelps in pain and I kneel back down to check on her.

"Sorry girl," I apologize.

I chuckle when Luna's licks my cheek.

"I guess that means she accepts your apology," Antonio says.

I stand up and turn towards the doorway to the kitchen. Then see my mom walk over to us.

"Tracy, you didn't tell me you had an older sister," Antonio says.

"Mom, this is Antonio. Antonio, this is my mom," I say.

Antonio shakes my mom's hand.

"Tracy, this one is a keeper. I'd have no problem with him being my future son-in-law," Mom says.

"Mom, you may not want to start planning the wedding yet. Dad is forbidding us from even dating,"

"Don't worry sweetheart. Your father will come around in time," Mom says.

"I hope so Mom. Now to address the elephant in the room, what are you doing here?" I ask.

"Your father and I need to discuss something important to you and the triplets. After you and your handsome boyfriend take that adorable puppy for her morning walk," Mom says kneeling down to pet Luna.

Luna doesn't back away from my mom's hand when she reaches out to let her sniff it. Luna licks it then rubs her heads against the palm and lets mom pet her.

"So does this cutie have a name?" Mom asks standing up.

"Yes, her name is Luna,"

"So did you find her or did she find you?" Mom asks.

"Luna found me," I say.

"Why am I not surprised," Mom says.

I chuckle as Luna gently pulls me towards the door. Antonio follows behind me. Ten minutes later, we arrive at the park and walk down the path leading through the forest. I'm so worried about what mom and dad are going to tell me I didn't see the tree root. Luna jumps over it, and Antonio grabs my wrist. I drop the leash when he pulls me towards him.

"Tracy, you seem a little distracted, are you okay?" Antonio asks as he lets go of my wrist.

"Yes, I'm fine thanks for the save."

"You're welcome, so what's bugging you?" Antonio asks.

I walk over to a log and sit down.

"I'm just worried about what my parents want to discuss. It could be about Chris,"

"Maybe or you never know one of your cousins, Nina, she could be having a baby," Antonio says sitting down next to me and placing his hand on top of mine.

I hope Nina is having a baby. I don't want to find out that Chris has Amnesia or worse the doctors discovered a tumor on his brain.