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Contains: language, dark themes, and violence [13]
Chapter 2
A Rising Temper

Seliph could hardly sleep that night due to info drop from his mother mixed with unsureness of the future. He opened his eyes to see morning light coming from the window. He sat up and rubbed his tired eyes.

Hm? Jaron and Ciecro aren’t here. Guess they got up before I did.

He looked at their door to see Jaron trying to drag a sleepy Ciecro to the door.

“Come on Ciecro. We’ve got to go before mom or dad come to drag us out,” Jaron stated, his words spaced out with yawns.

“I don't wawna. I’m tired Jaron, so dere,” Ciecro sleepily answered, struggling against Jaron’s weak pulls. Seliph let out a sigh, got on his feet and moved them out the door.

While Seliph was getting berries from their storage, the other two were waiting at the table half asleep. Jaron’s stomach then let out a little rumble. He yawned and said to Ciecro,

“Heh, looks like my stomach is getting impatient. I hope Seliph gets back here with breakfe-” He stopped his words at the sight of Ciecro sleeping again. He growled as he got up, walked over to his sleeping brother and began to shake him roughly.

“Wha? Jaron what de reverse are yah doin'?” Ciecro asked angrily.

“Waking your sorry self up. Stop snoozing you baby.” Jaron answered.

“I snooze if I wanna, so shu'it.”

“Seliph’s gonna be back soon with breakfast and mom said we need to be awake for breakfast.”

“I can catch a few z’s before den.” Ciecro pushed Jaron’s hands off of him earning a light spray in the face from Jaron’s Scald. He jumped out of the seat and the two began growling.

“I said, Imma sleep some more!”

“And I said you’re gonna wake up!”

“Yah can't tell me whattah do. I’m gonna sleep now and you can't stop me!” Jaron gave a little smirk and sprayed Ciecro again with a light Scald. This was the last straw. After wiping the water off his eyes Ciecro jumped and started taking a deep breathe. Jaron did the same. The two were about to fire Scald and Flamethrower. But before they could unleash their moves a pair of frubble gobbets hit them on their mouths. The frubbles sealed their mouths shut.

“Can’t you two just get along,” Seliph reproached. He ambled over to them with a frustrated gaze. The two pulled the frubbles off their mouths and began arguing about who started it and that the other one was being a jerk.

“Enough both of you!” Seliph yelled, “I don’t want to keep separating you both from your childish squabbles. Why can’t you two just grow up and stop giving me more problems,” Jaron and Ciecro froze in their places as Seliph stormed off. He left the berries on the table, but Jaron and Ciecro didn’t feel like eating.

“W-what just happened,” Jaron stated, still surprised from Seliph’s outburst.

"Why’d he hafta go and do dat?" The Charmander growled angrily. He went to a wall, rested his back onto it, crossed his arms and mused over what happened with a scowl. A few minutes later, Jaron walked over to Ciecro. He gave his sibling a concerned look. Ciecro sighed and said, “I guess we was bein' dum babies?” He uncrossed his arms and stood back on his feet. The two decided fix this. However they would have to wait, due to their father calling them and Seliph for training.

< O >

Seliph let out a shout as he threw his cuts at small wooden logs set up for training today. One by one he struck the targets, showing his bad mood with the excessive force with each throw. This was noticed by his brothers, watching nearby with Gathor.

“Man he still looks pretty mad,” Ciecro whispered to Jaron, “He's tryin, dem moves with pretty stiff arms.”

“I hope he doesn’t mess up. He hates messing up his throws, especially in training,” Jaron murmured back, “but he only has three targets left and he’s been nailing every target so far so he should be fi-”

“Good so fah, Selif,” Gathor shouted, breaking the boys’ conversation, “now show me just as good aimin' while dodging dis.”

Seliph stopped and faced the three mons. He took a light stance, thinking it was one of the three who would play obstacle this time. Jaron and Ciecro looked at each other perplexed.

“Di’ he ask you tah be de-” Ciecro began, but stopped as Jaron shook “no”. At that moment they heard a yell from their brother. They swung their heads back to see Seliph on his back shaking. In front of their brother was a shallow but clear claw slice mark. They followed Seliph’s gaze to see Freya in the air, retracting her Dragon Claw.

“Mom!” They shouted in unison. This earned the “Shut up and watch,” look from their father.

He rushed towards the targets while glancing back to see where Freya was. He threw another Cut and again it was destroyed by another Air Slash. Seeing she took his diversion, he suddenly leaped up and fired a Water Pulse at is mother. Due to her using Air Slash, her wings were open enough to be hit before fully closing. He took advantage of the time he bought himself and headed towards the targets.

“Yeah you’ve got it Seliph!” they shouted as Seliph took out the first target. They cheered again as he nailed the second as well. Seliph drew another cut for the last one.

“Seliph look out!” Jaron shouted causing Seliph to lose focus for his aiming for a second. He threw it only to barely miss the wooden log. The miss devastated him, but not enough to hesitate dodging Freya second attack.

Jaron shriveled back at messing Seliph’s aiming. Ciecro turned back and tried to cheer him up.

“It’s okay Jaron. Yah only wanna cheer'im awn. I’m sure he'll be fine.”

“But I messed him u-”

“Jaron,” their father growled while giving him a stern stare, “not another word. Wha'ever comes from the result will happen. Now watch your brother.”

Jaron’s head bent slightly down as he turned back to watch Seliph. The two’s spirits dropped as they watched Freya kept unleashing attacks at him and eventually landed a hit. Jaron groaned and Seliph scowled as they saw their brother pinned by Freya’s right arm.

They watched as Seliph got up and walked off very angry. Freya walked over to them and whispered something to Gathor. He responded with, “Can’t yah do it Freya, since he listens t'yah more.”

“But he almost did it and he hates missing. At least say something,” Freya argued. Gathor gave her a rigid look, but Freya’s unyielding scowl trumped her husbands. Gathor looked away and rubbed the back of his head.

“Okay, I’ll talk tah him,” Gathor stammered. He went after Seliph, while Freya stayed with the other two. Jaron turned to his mom and struggled to apologize due to his crying.

“Its fine dear,” Freya reassured him, lifting the totodile in her claws, “your brother is better than to hold a grudge. Don’t worry, he’ll forgive you no doubt,” Her words lifted his heart a little and he gave a little grin amid his tear covered face.

“Yeah,” Ciecro added, “an' if he’s still mad I’ll knock'em back to his senses.” The two fire types laughed

while Jaron joined with a muffled chuckle. Suddenly, an idea crossed Jaron’s mind.

“Hey mom, can you do me a favor?”


“I want to apologize to my brother, but I need something to do it.”

< O >

Seliph curled himself up next to a tree letting angry thoughts run all through his head. He drowned his angry gaze at a little pond a few feet in front.

Suddenly a noise caught his attention. He got out of his slump and braced his body against the tree. He waited for the stranger to get close enough and figured where the head was. He leaped from the tree and punched. His fist was caught by Gathor’s much larger palm. He pulled him in and grabbed one of the frogadier’s ankle with his other hand. He held Seliph upside-down wearing a playful grin on his face.

“You throw yah punch too tightly,” Gathor stated as he released his grip. Seliph got up from his fall, scowling with immense frustration.

“Leave me alone,” Seliph ordered as he stormed off a little ways.

“Make me,” Gathor challenged. Seliph tightened his palms as his exasperation grew. He was so engrossed in being mad that he didn’t hear Gathor walked over to him. He felt the large claw of the feraligatr rest on his shoulder. He tried to shrug away, but the grip was hard enough to cause him to submit to it.

“Sit down Selif,” Gathor asked in a dominant yet soft voice. Seliph obeyed, and Gathor joined him. The two mons stared their reflections in the pool. Gathor pondered on how to start the uncomfortable heart to heart talk. His thinking was halted at Seliph grumbled, “Why are you here?”

Gathor replied with, “To talk wit'yah.”

“About how I shouldn’t have been affected by it and hit the damn target!” Seliph shot back. Gathor scowled from a mix of surprise and annoyance.

“I don' appreciate yous outburst after I came tah-”

“You mean after mom told you to!” Seliph shouted, “Face it dad, I failed so leave me alone. I don’t want to hear a dumb lecture from you,”

Gathor sighed as he slightly turned to face his angry son. “Selif,” Gathor calmly said, “yous not wrong about yah mother tellin' me to talk to yahs. But it’s not like I never wanna talk to yahs, son.”

“So why don’t you?” Seliph skeptically countered. Gathor looked back at the water. Seliph’s expression changed as he looked at Gathor’s eyes. Wait, he’s nervous?

“I’m not good at dees things like your mother,” Gathor answered. He turned again to his son and asked, “Did mom eveh tell yah how we met?”

“Yeah,” Seliph replied in a calmer tone, “she was tasked by her captain at that time to capture or take you out due to your criminal reputation. She outsmarted you in your fight and caught you. You were later offered a chance for redemption if you worked with them.”

“An' eventually she and I worked hard enough tah join Team Alpha and become mates. I was a hard bastard, but your mother broke me outta my state. She’s a wonderful person, takin' a punk like me as her bi***, heh.” Gathor finished followed by a chuckle.

Seliph hid his face, trying to obscure his childish grin. Gathor’s expression then changed to daydreaming. Seliph leaned in closer, devoting his full attention to Gathor’s next words. “Yah know she taught me somethin' that I’m still trying tah do.”

“Speak Eastern," Seliph joked.

Gathor head locked him and rubbed his head, both of them laughing. After five minutes of this counter, Gathor let his son's head go, lowered his head slightly, drew a smile along with his serious stare at the ground and said, “She taught me dat I’m okay bein' weakish. I remember being on a mission wi' her and another teammate. I wasn’t strong enough to cover dem and as a result your mother was injured bad. I hardly left her side. It was de first time I was truly afraid foh someone else. Not from bein weak or inferior, but 'cause I failed her.”

This was a side of his father Seliph never noticed. A side he felt he needed to see. Hearing this disclosure from his father sent mixed feelings into his heart.

“When she recovered, she assured me it was a'ight.” Gathor then gave Seliph a stern look, “I didn’t believe her, so I trained for days. Pushin' meself further to never fail her or anyone I cared about ever again. One day she asked me to spar and I agreed. In da fight she left herself open. Intentional or not, I dunno, jus' I couldn’t attack her dere. It was then she show me how much she cared wid three sentences.”

To Seliph’s surprise, Gathor started rubbing his cheek. Gathor closed his eyes and turned his face to the branches above. “She punched my face and shouted, ‘you think you’re so strong that you’d rather not fight me with your full power and treat me like I’m some pansy in the wind!? You need to get your self-righteous head out of your weak mouth and fight like the mon I know you are. A bastard that will die fighting alongside me and will never give into damn self-doubt cause he knows I like a man I can punch and can punch me back just as hard!’”

Seliph tried but couldn’t hold in his barrel of laughter. Gathor blushed from his sons chortling, but then joined in. After the two calmed down Gathor said, “Selif I don’ want yas to be strong tah please me, yah know. I want yas to bec strong so you can surpass me. Same foh your brothers. I want y'all to be able tah kick my ass and laugh wit' me. We may be an annoying fam, but I hope yous won’t let that affect yahs.”

Seliph thought to himself and said, “So you're saying love you all by being distant?”

“Naw, we still should try and be a close family, but you're yahself and so am I. Don' do your own battles wit us in mind. I wanna rely on you when I need yahs and I want you tah do de same. Watch my back and let me watch yahs. Be angry at me. I wan'tya to be honest and I don' wish I was de perfect father, but one you can love while punching his face in.”

The two started laughing again. Seliph got to his feet, but was swept up by his Dad’s arms and place on his shoulders. Gathor gave a goofy smile and Seliph hugged his dad’s head.

“Thanks dad. You may be a brute, but I don’t want any other dad.” Gathor headed home with Seliph sitting on his shoulders.

< O >

Freya peered out the window, wondering what was taking Gathor so long. Surely he wasn’t that bad at talking to his kid. She gave an annoyed growl and was about to walk away, till she spotted a chesnaught headed there way.

“Something must be up if he’s here. Gathor better get back soon,” she said to herself leaving her watch at the window. After telling the two present kids to play in their room she headed out to meet the unanticipated visitor.

“Hello miss, how are the young ones,” the chesnaught politely greeted. Despite her uneasiness, she nodded her head in greetings and answered with, “They’re healthy. I assume something is going on for you to be here.”

The large mon looked around a little and let out a little sigh. Freya then asked, “Have you seen any of them?”

“…yes, I and other rangers spotted mons that fit the eyes you talked about save for them only being that color in the iris. We’ve also found-”

Their conversation was interrupted by a shout from Gathor as he stepped out of the woods with Seliph on his shoulders. Freya smiled at her husband’s success for a moment, but finally drew to business and gestured her head towards the chesnaught. Gathor’s cheerful expression changed as well, getting the message. He picked up the frogadier off his shoulders and set him down.

“Go in and play with yah brothers. I and your maw have some business wit dis mon here. Be good and don’ leave de house wi'out asking us firs'.” Seliph gave a serious, but understanding nod and headed inside. Once Seliph was inside, Freya now joined by Gathor, resumed the conversation.

Without introductions, Gathor asked to be filled in on the news. Freya relayed the info about the spotting of the cult’s presence in the town. The mere mention of these strangers made Gathor tense on instinct. He kept his composure as he faced the chesnaught and asked, “Have they done anyting?”

“There have been some attacks on rural families. No more than a collection of one or two in a spot, but still nothing left but ashes.”

Freya let out a sigh. Despite the sympathy she felt for the victims of these recent attacks, she took relief in the thought that the enemy wasn’t aware of them yet. Gathor let out an angry snarl, pulling in Freya’s gaze.

“It’s awful, I know,” The chesnaught added.

Gathor didn’t seem to hear him at all. Their visitor felt he had misspoken till Freya explained, “The red eyes are no doubt doing a ‘life gathering’ in the area and my husband doesn’t react well to this.”

“Hm, Life gathering?” The ranger replied confused. Freya shook her head and explained they don’t exactly know what it is done for, but they would attack mons and take them away for whatever they plan to use those poor souls for.

This disclosure was a bit unsettling for the ranger. In an attempt to lighten the mood for Gathor and their guest, Freya asked Gathor how his time with Seliph went.

The big feraligtr scratched his head a little. Not out of thought, but apparently out of unease. “Well um…it went okay. Not too great but he at least feels better an' uhm-” She walked up and gave him a little smooch on the cheek. Gathor couldn’t help but blush and let out a slight titter at it. A fake cough from the chesnaught snapped the two back.

“Well,” The ranger stated, “I’ll inform the other rangers to evacuate the more rural families. You two should come as well.”

“Thank you but that won’t be necessary,” Freya declined, surprising the guy. “Considering we haven’t been attacked here means they don’t know we’re here. And considering your report of mons being there implies that they don’t know of our existence here. Otherwise your town would be overrun trying to find us. We should stare here and try to weather this out.”

A chill went down the ranger’s spine. Gathor gave a short laugh and said, “Guess it a good thing dis place don’t look suspicious. Though, yah migh' wanna keep casual if you don' wanna be killed off.”

Despite this just making his nerves worse, the mon gave a light laugh and bid them farewell. As he was about to leave he pulled an orb out of his pouch. He talked to the voice coming from the communication orb and after a few seconds placed it back in the bag. He took a second to clear his throat, turned to face Freya and after a deep breath said,

“Miss Frey, apparently a mon arrived town and says he knows you.”

“I wasn’t expecting anyone but the messenger," Freya muttered.

The ranger scratched his head upon saying, “He says he’s your brother.” He heard a low angry growl come from the female charizard. She muttered fiercely under her breathe,

“Why in Reverse's name did he come?” After a gulp, he continued.

“He said that he wished to join you both after um … being smart and since the others have let him know about the attacks he states will join you too ASAP,” The Grass/Fighting type replied. Freya face palmed and grumbled in annoyance, “Does he have a psyducking death wish?”

Gathor muttered with a smile, “I wonder what he did to ‘be smart’.”

Freya clenched her fists and started shaking them slightly. Her tone grew rough amid her growling. “When he gets his sorry little ass here I’m gonna take his head and brea-”

“Whelp, I need to go now. Those families aren’t going to evacuate themselves,” The chesnaught said, hiding his discomfort under a mirthful tone. He darted away before Freya finished, waving to the startled two without looking back. “Have a good day and stay safe!” was the last thing they heard as he disappeared into the forest.

Gathor laughed into his hand as Freya calmed down with a sigh. Upon finishing, Gathor said to his annoyed wife, “Yah brother is pretty stubborn. He probably will be in bigger trouble goin' back then whatcha do tah him.”

“When he gets here I’ll pound that idiot’s face in!” Freya shouted in frustration.

“You might not wanna, after alls, we could use all the help we can get. Especially if dey figure out, you know.” Gathor pointed out. Freya gnarled as she buried her face into her hand. Gathor laughed as he put his arm behind her neck and whispered, “Come on, it’ been awhile. He can help us and let’s face it, he still is your little brother you love.”

Despite the slight teasing tone, Freya couldn’t deny he had a point. She nodded, but suddenly said, “I’m still going to punch that loser’s face in.”

“Let 'im have it honey,” there shared a little chuckle as they headed back inside.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown