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Chapter 3
A Last Order

A sigh came from Seliph as he sat on a stool in his and his siblings’ room. He would occasionally look at his bed, specifically at the part obscuring the key. Hmm…well all I can do is do my part. My mom gave me that thing and my dad trusts me to…..I dunno, she said to take the contents and my brothers and get to safety. Course, they probably would want to stay or whatever. They’re so stubborn. He let out a sigh as got off the stool and went to the window. “How long till Uncle Tethe gets here?”

“Seliph!” the voice of his mom resounded in the room.

What does she want now? He thought as he obeyed the call. He walked into her study. Freya was sitting at her desk again, her wings were folded inward and her eyes focused on something on her desk. Seliph walked up and asked what she needed.

“I just wanted to know how you’re holding up.”

“Fine, why do you ask?”

“You were a bit upset after training today.”

Seliph darted his eyes away and rubbed his left arm. He reiterate that he was fine, but his answer was less than convincing.

“Look son,” Freya said bluntly, “You can’t expect me to believe you’re okay, especially after last night. Now just tell me.”

Seliph took a sigh. He turned his head to her shelf, where his mom had pulled out the key. “I well….I got scared, okay. I know you need me to do it, but how would I keep the key and my brothers safe if it happens?”

Freya then looked at him for a second and said, “How about you go play with your brothers?”

The answer startled Seliph. Why did she ask me and then just drop it that quickly?

“But…But Mom”

“Go play with your brother right now Seliph. I have something to finish here. I’ll talk to you when I’m done. They’re outside near that little pond you all like to play at.”

“Fine then!” He shouted and stormed out of the room. Freya didn’t budge from her position, but merely laughed to herself. I’ve set you up Jaron, now don’t disappoint me you silly little totodile.

< O >

Seliph stomped his way to where his brothers were, ranting in his head about his mom’s mean joke. He was nearing it when he heard something up ahead.

“What are they up to now?” He whispered to himself as he continued on. He was about to walk in the small clearing when he heard the two arguing. He refrained from stepping in and instead listened.

“Come on Ciecro it has to go on this, how do you expect to get this rock on it?”

“Can’t yah just tie it up or somethin'?”

“It’d take too much of the string dolt. We have to finish this before he gets here. Now go get a better object.”

“Hey! You said foh me tah get somethin' I liked an' I reckon I did. Deal wit'it shrimp.”

“Did you forget, moron, that this is to patch things up with him.”

Seliph chuckled to himself at their usual, but somewhat amusing arguing. They were trying to do something nice for him and even then they couldn’t agree on how to do it. But there was something about those two he couldn’t get over. He walked into the clearing and said, “Hey bros what are you both doing?”

The two froze in their spots. Seliph kept just kept smiling as the two let go of each other. Jaron then said with a disappointed tone, “Um we were doing uh….We were making something for you, but I guess we were too slow.”

“Yah mean, you were,” Ciecro objected.

“I mean we were,” Jaron countered, “And by ‘we’ I mean you more than me.”

Seliph gave a little laugh as he rubbed his brothers’ heads. He assured them that he appreciated the thought. He offered to help them finish. Jaron showed him a piece of string and some colorful stones. Seliph grabbed some of his frubbles and stuck the stones to the string. Jaron then tied the knot as the finishing touch.

“Here you go Seliph,” Jaron said with a smile, “this was for yo-”

Ciecro then interrupted, “Dem tree stones were my idea! You see, each one is a color that is suppose' tah be one of us. Red is me, White is you and Blue is-"

“I wanted to say that!” Jaron shouted, but stopped as Seliph hugged the two.

“This means a lot, bros, thank you so much.” The two hugged back, glad they were able to make him happy with their gift. Glad I have you two. You’re the best little brothers I could ask for.

Obscured in the distance Freya watched her kids. She went along to make sure they were safe since there was still the danger, but she had to admit she wouldn’t want to miss this sight. All three of her sons happy together; if things did take a turn for the worse, then maybe they will have a chance.

< O >

Gathor and Freya were sitting at the table while their kids were at the window getting a good glimpse at the setting sun’s light over the trees. It was getting late and Uncle Tethe still had yet to show up.

“How long is he gonna keep us waitin'?” Ciecro muttered with impatience.

“He’ll get here soon I’m sure,” Seliph answered, “I mean he probably doesn’t remember the route well.”

“Yeah,” Ciecro answered with a snort, “well he better, or I reckon he….hey is dat 'im?”

The kids huddled at the window as a figure came into view. It was a blaziken with a bag over his right shoulder, his Norfarion crested shoulder. The kids shouted their uncle’s name in unison and ran to the door. To their surprised the door was shut from the parents beating the kids outside. Seliph tried to open the door, but no doubt it was locked. They were supposed to stay inside. Since in person greetings would have to wait, the trio went back to their spot at the window to watch.

“Freya, big sister hey,” They heard the cheerful blaziken called with a big smile and a wave. But their mom just remained still with only a scowl to greet him. The kid’s grew a little uneasy as their mom’s expression didn’t change the closer their uncle got.

“Seliph,” Jaron said, taking his view from the scene to Seliph, “Was mom like that last time?”

“I don’t believe so,” Seliph replied to the best of his knowledge.

“You think he's in trouble wid her?” Ciecro added. They looked back and saw Tethe was now almost within 3 feet of the charizard. The blaziken reached out his hand, but was instead socked in the face by a pissed off Freya.

“Big sister, nice to see y-”

He didn’t finish, for Freya socked him in his face. Tetheron fell on his back from the impact. The three kid’s eyes widened at this scene play.

“Why in Arceus's name are you here?" Freya demanded quickly grabbing him on the ground by his throat, picking him up, and holding him in the air by his neck.

“Wow,” Tetheron laughed getting his head back together, “you can still punch me off my feet.”

“Answer the damn question, you pathetic twat!” Freya roared, tightening her grip on the neck of her smiling Brother.

“Fine” Tetheron choked. She gave him some slack to talk. He sighed and confessed, “I came because I was worried about you.”

“You pathetic, prideful, useless stain!! How could you come here? You know that we space these visits out for a damn good reason, and you still came. You stupid, shrimpy, moronic, idiotic, poor excuse for a norfarion elite!”

“What” The blaziken defended trying to get his neck out of her firm grip, “I didn’t want to just sit back and wait for news to happen or not. So I came to help. Despite your abilities sis, you aren’t exactly a survivor, like our old leader. Plus, you tend to be a little too reckless in your- ”

Freya really tightened her grip again and was about to punch him again. Gathor intervened by grabbing her free arm and while laughing exclaimed, “Your nimrod of a brother is already here, Freya. You can’t send 'im back now. At least not while dose mons are nearby. It would be good if he wasn't pieces, should our place get found.”

Freya growled in great displeasure, but realized Gathor’s point. She let go her grip so Tetheron fell to ground on his knees. After coughing for a little bit, Tetheron got back to his feet.

“So,” Tetheron stated brushing the dirt off his person, “where are the kids?” Both Gathor and Freya looked at him with fierce eyes. But then sighed as Freya pointed to the hut.

“It’ll be nice to see them kiddos again.” Tetheron laughed.

“He’s such a Damn child.” Freya muttered as her brother walked up to their hut.

“But a Helpful, Damn child,” Gathor snorted, forming a grin where his frown was. Freya sighed as she and Gathor walked up to the house following their unexpected guest.

As the door swung open the kids were ready to greet their visitor. The three jumped at him while shouting, “Uncle Tethe!”

He managed to keep on his feet despite the three hugging. He laughed and put them down.

“Well now,” He smiled rubbing each of their heads, “You three were almost big enough to topple me that time.”

“We'll reach dat point someday!” Ciecro assured as if issuing a challenge.

Tetheron laughed and knelt down to Ceicro. He exclaimed while patting the charmander’s round head, “You just worry about beating me in a fight someday.”

Ciecro let out a big smile as he hugged his Uncles face. Jaron joined in too. Seliph just smiled looking on. Ciecro then unlocked his hug and innocently asked, “Hey Uncle Tete, why did Maw punch you den choked yah for a while?”

Both he and Freya blushed from the naïve inquiry. Tetheron rubbed the back of his head and weakly laughed.

“She just sometimes has to show me who’s the more alpha of us two, eh sis.” Tetheron answered, subtly teasing his annoyed sister. Freya sighed while once again face palming. The six Norfarions then congregated around a bamboo table. They talked about this and that along with catching up with each other, as the Sun was continuing its setting phase.

< O >

“It’s, nearing dusk,” Tetheron apprised as the other two adults walked in after leaving the kids to indulge their dinner.

“The mere fact we haven’t seen sight of them by now, is relieving. I hope that they don’t show up at all and this storm can blow by without damage.” Freya uttered.

“Say,” Tetheron stated after having a thought, “Whose turn was it to visit?” Gathor and Freya’s eyes widened and tensed up at this statement. Freya put her hand on her head in dismay.

“How could we forget about their visit?” She stated in guilt, “We’ve known about it for a while now and now their coming at the worst time. Tetheron did you see either of them in town at all?”

“No, but knowing those two it shouldn’t take long till they show up.” Tetheron answered, his face joining Freya’s distress.

“Well them two could be a 'uge help should things go sour.” Gathor pointed out. Gathor joined Tetheron by the window and stated, “I wondeh how dose kids are doin'. Heh, cause I can’t call 'em kids anymo'e. It’ll be nice tah see 'em here.”

Tetheron then leaned towards the spaced out feraligatr and whispered, “Yeah, considering how Garon is a match for you now.”

This earned a snarl from Tetheron’s brother in law, “Garon’s too soft tah be a match. He's too busy being a worry heart tah keep a steady face or his mind focus, on the action.”

Tetheron, “Well perhaps, but I bet Swift could beat yo-“

“Yous primed if yah think there's a chance of Swift beatin' me.” Gathor muttered. And so the exchange of Tetheron’s teases and Gathor’s threats began. Freya sighed at the sight of the two immature boys in her life, but they were worth it. Besides, there were others that deserved being charred more than those two. Freya looked back at her study, her face scowling as she thought.

“It’s abominable that they would wish so much to prevent a cure for their deeds. But if the ‘Red Eyes’ are their mind slaves then I guess it makes sense they would care to keep their pawns and use them for the dirty work.”

The noise of the two behind her slowly began to fade as her focus went back in her memories. Back when she and Gathor’s lives here were about to begin.

( O )

“You called us Leader Nasch.” Freya saluted along with Gathor.

“Aye,” A big nidoking answered while staring out a window. He turned around; his multiple scar covered face, an eye patch over his right eye and a cheery smile gave signaled the two to “you may cease the formalities,” They dropped their formal stances and waited for him to continue.

“To the point then,” Nasch said in a quieter tone, “as you both are aware, things on the continent Kalisié are taking a bloody turn. With the Amestrian senate gathering a pro-Yveshia aggression support and the Yveshia blokes still sitting in isolation and mystery. I can quite frankly, assume that Amestria may act upon their bloody threats sooner or later.”

“As in attack, Yveshia?” Freya answered with a somewhat skeptical tone, “Not even their pro-war senate would be so bold or risk taking to do it so early.”

“Indeed, Freya,” Nasch replied with a nod, “which makes suspicious that they are gaining a bunch, of influence for their group, But I’ve also been told that some of the Senate have engaged in diplomacy with...” Nasch paused as his eye showed his aversion. “With Sorphia.”The two listeners went stiff at the mere mention of this country. Nasch continued,

The Przeciwdzia?anie Collective has cut off diplomacy with Drikaim. Despite this gesture of aggression, Drikaim has refused reinforcements from us, any of the other clans or Prime Winter.”

Gathor interjected with, “Why not get support? They’re litter'ly on dah same continent. The one dat holds malice to them Original Clans. Why would they deny help?”

“They probably wish to avoid giving Sorphia motivation to attack,” Freya answered, “They have a very strong and skilled military despite how small the country is, Gathor. It wouldn’t be that easy to overrun them let alone occupy.”

Nasch nodded in concurrence. “Yes, however there is another matter with which to discuss. It's obvious Sorphia is in league with the ‘red eyes’ and no doubt is willing to co-operate with them. Perhaps even being their gaffers. They are some of the originators of the Przeciwdzia?anie Collective to oppose the five clans, but so far it’s only to keep a rival power against us. Although…these red eyes have me concerned that the current status of our stalemate might be coming to an end.” Nasch gave them a focused gaze and said with a softer tone, “I’ve been offered a position in the Higher Generals.”

This news seemed to hit the two harder than the others. Gathor’s head sunk a little while Freya kept face. There was silence for a while till Freya broke it with a question.
Freya gave a swallow before guessing, “I assume you will be accepting.”

Nasch nodded and explained, “I’m leaving our Team to oversee the Special Forces so I’ll still be in business with Alpha.”

“I’d hope so,” Freya declared with a smile this time, “You’ve been a good leader of Alpha. I’m sure your insight will be good for all the Teams.” Nasch thanked her for the compliment. Nasch walked up and put his hand on Freya’s shoulder. “I’ve decided to pass the position of Team Alpha leader to Katherine.”

“Not 'er,” Gathor muttered in annoyance with a following face palm. Freya and Nasch let out a little laugh, but the Nidoking’s face once again went to serious.

“Freya, Gathor” Nasch stated, snapping them into focus, “I need you two to do a special mission. It will require you both to leave Team Alpha as well.”

“What!” they both shouted in unison.

Nasch closed his one eye and answered, “Your resignation is only to cover what you will be doing.”

The two stood there perplexed as Nasch walked over to his desk and opened a drawer. He pulled out a flask holding a strange red liquid. Freya recognized it upon sight, “Why do you have that?”

“I was requested to give this to you,” Nasch said, walking back to Freya, “I conversed with the high generals along with the centre council and they’ve agreed that you are to research it.”

Freya tensed up at this honor. However, she inquired why it would require leaving Alpha. “Because this will be discrete." He tapped one of his fingers on his other hand on the bottle's surface and said, "This is the only flask of the ‘red eyes’ liquid in our possession. You, Freya, are to research it fervently and create a counter solution. This is abrupt, but we cannot keep it in Norfair. It’s already been attempted to be stolen thrice since we’ve acquired it. Freya you are a skilled Synergist and know your marbles in psychology. You've seen what this liquid can do to a mon. I’m asking you as your captain and friend.” He opened her claw, placed the flask into her hand and closed the claw softly. Despite how abrupt this was, she understood how important this was and why she needed to accept.

“I will do you proud, sir,” Freya said with an understanding nod.

Nasch nodded in response and grinned. “Don’t worry, I have arranged that your teammate will be able to visit you and Gathor. It’s the least I could do considering this huge request I’m asking of you.”

“All of them? Ciel, Garon, Swift, my broth-”

“All of them,” Nasch answered.

Gathor then added with a goofy grin, “'Sides Freya, they would track yas down, foh a visit with us anyways.”

The three shared a short chuckle at the truth of those words. Despite this news, it would be nice that the Team would stay in touch with her and Gathor.

Nasch turned his head to Gathor and held out his hand. Gathor clasped it firmly and the two said a Norfarion parting.

“May thy soul’s fire-” Nasch started.

"Be bright an' blazing." Gathor finished.

Gathor attempted to squeeze Nacsh’s hand really hard. But was reminded that their leader wouldn’t beg for mercy that easily. Freya sighed at her husband going to his knees bawling with a laughing Nasch refusing to let his grip go.

< O >

“What’cha thinking about sis?” Tetheron’s voiced, snapping Freya out of the memory.

“Oh, just memories,” She answered softly.

Gathor walked up to her and nuzzled her cheek, “Good memories?” He inquired.

She nuzzled him back as a subtle yes.

“Yah know Freya, I’m glad yah kicked my tail back then.”

“Heh, I’m glad to,” She replied with a smile.

Gathor gave a weak laugh, “Well,” he added, “yous the one mon I don't mind losing to. At least till our kids surpass me. If dey do, hah! I won’t get beat by 'em dat easy.”

“Perhaps, but then again 'we' are training them and you did say I 'kicked your tail',” Freya whispered.

Gathor chuckled and the two shared another snout nuzzle.

“Ugh can you two just tone down it for the single in this room,” an uncomfortable Tetheron asked.

“Jealous Torcky,” Gathor teased earning a dirty look from the blaziken.

Tethron countered sneering, “No…I’m fine being a single. And besides, I’m independent right now. I got here on my own after all.”

“Really?” Freya said with a sarcastic tone, “So I guess then you are capable of convincing Ciel not to lecture you for hours when you get back?”

Tetheron gave a gulp and turned his back to them trying to drown out the sound of the two’s laughter. Freya then walked up and gave him a little kiss on the cheek. Her brother gave a little blush, followed by a nervous laugh.

“You’re hopeless, but you have at least some charm to make up.”

“Heh thanks sis.”

“Now who needs taw tone et down,” Gathor stated. Gathor started to laugh soon followed by the fire types.


primed - A term meaning "Crazy" or "Mad". It's used in context of when one loses their mind to primal instincts.

Prime Winter - Kyurem


Tetheron (teth-eer-on)

Garon - (G-air-run)

Ciel - (See-el)

Nasch - (Na-sh-ch)

Kalisié - (Kal-ee-see-ay)

Yveshia - (E-vey-schia)

Amestria - (A-mes-tri-ah)

Sorphia - (Zor-fia)

Przeciwdzia?anie Collective (Shutch-shivfts-jowh-wine-yerh)

Drikaim - (Dree-kay-im)

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown