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Chapter 11
Keeping the Directive

It was midnight on seaside as a little cargo vessel made its way south, along the shore. The sky was clear with stars illuminating the area. Seliph rested his back against a crate and was busy reading something.

Research Entry #13
While I haven’t discovered a suitable cure for the red liquid I have been able to deduce something uncanny about the nature of this concoction. It doesn’t appear to be merely some controlling fluid, but has many traces of mental and psychological mutation abilities. From what my Mother’s notes have disclosed to me, it appears that strange behaviors being attributed to this fluid aren’t necessarily implemented upon consumption. Despite this revelation, I can’t seem to figure the core mechanic that makes it so unique compared to other mental affecting fluids.

From results of testing my sample, I’ve confirmed my speculation does have the potential to inflict a form of primal instinct on a host and as a result can be susceptible to a prime controller, whether by object or Pokémon. However, some mons I’ve spied in their ranks have retained their mind and soul yet appear to still have a mental effect from it. I haven’t been able to interrogate any case study of a mon possessing this, but I can confirm that it could be more than just an influential case. Perhaps with some subjects, it’s something beneficial to the host. Becoming somewhat a part of the Pokémon if you will. I don’t know why anyone would want this, but maybe this liquid possess something other than what I’ve hypothesized. Something that while pulls on the hosts mind doesn’t appear to alter their control of themselves. I know that sometimes when I look at it, I get a feeling of a very minor attraction to it. A yearning for it. I wonder how the liquid can pull at ones psyche with merely a look. I’ll have to continue my investigation further.

< O >

Seliph closed his research book and rested his back on a crate. As he looked out the window flashes of memories flooded his head. Going near to where his brothers were put little flashbacks of him with them. It brought a little smile, but it was soon doused. He wasn’t going back there for their sake. Those two mons could be subjects he needed to interrogate.

Mr. Fryka told me that the mons that fit the description I gave him were two in number. A slightly darker gengar and a normal colored gallade. They both have the red eyes save for their conjunctiva being normal. I wonder why that is? Hm, they might be higher ups that I’ve been speculating about. I have to be ready to engage them.

Seliph opened his travel bag and began storing his notes. As he did this, a little object fell out of the bag. He stopped and merely stared at the necklace he and his brothers had made. He reached out and grabbed it. The necklace was a little old, but had been kept in good condition. The sight of this object weighed heavy on him, bringing back the memories of him leaving that day.

( O )

“Seliph?” the voice of Miss Dresha rang through his head, “where are you going?”

He remembered answering with, “I’m sorry Miss Dresha for this and having to ask you, but I can’t stay here. My brothers will be safe here as long as I’m not here. It’s too complicated to explain, but-”

“But don’t you want to say goodbye?”

“I can’t, I couldn’t do that to them. I…..I’d rather leave now because-”

“Because you don’t want to say it to their faces, right?”

“…………yes mam.”

“I’m not going to act like I know what’s going on, but from what little I’ve seen you mean a lot to them.”

“I know and that’s why I have to leave. If they see me go, they’ll want to come along and it will be that much harder to keep them here.”

“But do you really have to keep them he-”

Seliph cringed as he remembered how sharp his response was. “Yes I have to! It’s for their own good. My journey is going to be dangerous and even I might not survive it.”

“But you will come back someday right?”

This question always stuck with him since leaving. He recalled his quick answer of “No”, but during his travels he thought about if he perhaps was too hasty. He shook himself out of his pondering. He sat up and took a deep breathe. He said to himself,

“Enough, I’m only going there to either capture those red eyes operatives or kill them. I can’t let the fact I’m so close to where my siblings are distract me. I made my choice and I can’t go back now. So stop questioning your reasoning Seliph and just get going!” He sighed and leaned his back against the wooden crates as he gazed out the window.

This was a rare chance to get more of the red eyes fluid, which could mean a world of difference in finding the cure. If he had to drain it from their carcasses, he wouldn’t hesitate. This was no time for mercy, nor was it time to hesitate. He thought to himself about the only other mon that knew he was doing his mission.

< O >

“So how far are we from our destination?” a gallade growled as he and his ally were going down a rural road.

“We left Fongus City about three hours ago, so I would assume we have about twenty miles till our destination,” a gengar answered, “But there isn’t a rush,” he chuckled a little upon finishing.

“I’d rather get there quickly,” the gallade coldly replied.

“Patience Siegfried,” the ghost assured, “it’s not like some rural town is going anywhere. Plus, our target is a standout there.”

“Still Vex,” Siegfried stated, locked in a scowl, “I wouldn’t put it past our luck to run into obstacles.”

“So, we’ll destroy them then like we always do.”

“……..Why again do we have to grab some stupid Averian thing there?”

“There has been evidence that Prof. Kristoff’s colleague, Zekerane, was researching different ways of using synergy. Kristoff used that research to work on projects that would hinder our progress so we had to eliminate that guy. Our target is important since he's supposed to be that guy Zekerane’s kid.”

"And why is he important?”

“He was said by mons in his hometown to have a special gift. One that hasn’t really been seen with any other Averian. Unfortunately, we have to confirm what it is. Though it could be a big break for is if it’s the gift Savoir. Also he’s supposed to be dead and well, mons don’t just not die when they should be deceased, well at least according to the report.”

“Ugh, fine let’s just grab the kid and go,” Siegfried replied with snarl as he and Vex continued down the nighttime road.

"Something interesting though, if it is Savoir and we nab him boy would we get the boost heh," The gengar dreamt out loud.

"Perhaps, but what makes you think this one will be something of promise? I'd rather just get this over with. I'm not really interested in this anyways."

"Cause we're capturing a kid under pretenses that our leader's don't elaborate on?" The gengar inquired.

"Sorta, I don't like feeling like an tool for them." the gallad muttered with a scowl.

"Whatever, let's just hurry then, since it's a chore to you or whatnot. Whatever, so long as we get it done and don't get marks then that'd be fine." The gallade nodded in agreement and the two continued on.


Vex (V-ehx)

Siegfried (Seeg-freed)

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown