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Chapter 17
Heavy Drops

Rain continuously struck the window in the storage room of the lodge the group were staying at. The lights were out, and the door was locked. Ciecro was on a collection of wooden crates, trying to go to sleep. His breathing was soft and his tail flame was dim. He began to toss around in the bed.


He began rolling to his left. He managed to utter "Dad!" before falling off his bed and face planting the floor. He moaned as he rubbed his hurting snout. He sat up and leaned against the wooden crates. He stared at his tails flame, shining brighter now that he was awake. His eyes narrowed and his head fell slightly.

AgainDad He sniffled. He looked at the window, watching the droplet of rain slide down the window. II don know what tah do. Hes back and I cant let him bother me. But I just can't sleep. Ciecros eyes scowled as he became filled with conviction. No! I won let him intimidate me. Im gonna get stronger than him. Im gonna be stronger dan anybody like you dad.

He stood up and walked to the window. He put his left claw on the cold glass of the window. A chill surged through him, but he brushed it off. He didnt like cold or rain, but if he would ever put that Fear to rest, hed have to be stronger. Strong enough to beat Seliph, and the bastards that killed his parents.

He stormed up the cellar stairs and into the lobby. He didnt stop until he was out the door and standing right in front of the rain. He stood there under the shelter over the door, staring at the rain. The rain was much more intimidating up close compared to rain in the window, causing him to shake slightly.

Come on, its jus' rain. You been wet before and been fine. He put out his arm into the rain. The rain felt like many soft pricks on his red scales.

Hmmdis isn so bad. He stepped out further, letting his whole body be vulnerable to the rain. He closed his eyes and let the droplets hit his face. It didnt take him long to get used to it.

Hey, dis don' feel bad at all- He squealed before he finished upon feeling drops running down his tail. He jumped back under the shelter, overwhelmed by the uncomfortable feeling. After a few minutes of caressing his tail and calming his nerves, Ciecro mustered his nerve and once again stood up against the rain. He walked out again, leaving only his tail under the shelter, pointed up so the raindrop trickles wouldnt reach the more water sensitive part.

He slowly began to nudge further out into the rain, but stopped right before his tail would get wet. He gritted his teeth. He gave a roar as he rushed out into the elements. He hadnt made it thirty seconds before breaking down and running back to the shelter, hyperventilating. Upon reaching the shelter, he grabbed the nob and twist. It didnt move.

What de? He looked to the window nearby to see the lights were out. He began to freak out at the thought of him being locked out, with the rain no more than three feet from his tail. He began banging on the door, but to no avail. He sat down and laid his back against the window.

Dammit, why now? Ugh dis sucks worse than Dollys jokes! Well...she has some good ones...This sucks worse than Vragon's jokes! He curled up into a ball. Suddenly he heard splashing. He looked, hoping it was someone that could help, but to his dismay it was Seliph.

What are you doing outside? He asked his scowling sibling. Ciecro paused for a minute to think if it would be worth the mockery of admitting being locked out or risk the alternative.

He finally said, I couldn sleep so I was goin' tah get some fresh air.

Fresh air? Seliph repeated with a confused look. Its rainingsomething you really dont like.

Well maybe Im used tah rain now, Ciecro snapped. You wouldn know, so shut up. Seliphs following sigh just frustrated Ciecro more. He hated being treated like a kid. This was enough to shoot Ciecro to get away.

Yeah, well Im goin' for a stroll, Ciecro huffed standing up and facing the falling water.

Seliphs eyes widened. But its raining.

Den have fun in de dry space, yah pansy. The charmeleon stormed out into the rain, making splashes with his heavy steps. Seliph just stood there, eyes wide open, at this anti-Ciecro action.

O-okay, Seliph said, going towards the door. He grabbed the nob and twisted it, only to find that it was locked. Seliph gave a little chuckle, I was right about you Ciecro. His smile faded though at Ciecro choosing his fear over merely asking him to help let him in. He used the key given to him and walked in, leaving the door unlocked and slightly open when Ciecro came back.

< O >

The sound of puddles splashing sang alongside the rain drops as Jaron walked in the rain, well more like stomped his way back. He was humming to himself, carrying a bag over his shoulder. The bag was soaked, his feet were muddy, his snout was dripping water and he was enjoying himself.

Man, this is a great storm, He exclaimed with a smile and a twirl, though I dont want these parts to get too wet, else I might have to have Ciecro dry them with his tail or whatnot. Eh, itll give me something to do since I couldnt sleep.

After in view of their current residing he noticed a small flame moving away from their lodgings. Upon squinting his eyes and covering them from the rain, he recognized his brother stomping away.

What the- Is he Primed or something? Jaron began to pick up pace a little, not wanting alert Ciecro. He trailed Ciecro for a while till Ciecro stormed around a corner. As Jaron made his way around the corner, he was surprised to see his brother frantically scouring the area, looking for what Jaron assumed was a shelter. He felt a mix of sympathy and amusement in seeing the terrified look on his brothers face as if he was in the middle of fear. After finishing his internal chuckling, Jaron walked over and tapped Ciecro on the shoulder, leading to Ciecro jumping about two feet high, or at least what looked like two feet high.

You wet Ciecro? Jaron rhetorically asked with a smirk.

J-Jaron? What are yah- Help me find a shelter or whatnot instead of makin' fun, Ciecro snapped. Jaron sighed and gave Ciecro his bag.

Here, hold this. Ciecro accepted the bag, waiting anxiously as Jaron looked around. Ah there we go, Jaron exclaimed, pointing to a bridge. Theres probably shelter there. Come on. Jaron began running towards it.

Wait fo' me! Ciecro shouted, trying to keep up while attempting to use the bag as a rain cover for his tail. Upon arriving to the shelter Ciecro dove in, with Jaron giving a sigh as he joined him. The croconaw sat down next to his ball curled, tail rubbing brother and began looking through his bag.

Did you want to get a heart attack or something bro? I mean, its not like you to just stamper off into pouring rain, at all. Ciecro just looked at his tail light and gave a grunt. Jaron wasnt going to accept Ciecros lazy answer, Tell me now. Im legit worried that youd do something so reckless for yourself.

The charmeleon sighed and looked at his brother, I was tryin' tah play piplup with Seliph.

Jaron gave an aggravated moan, As silly as I think your fear of your tail getting wet is, until you deal with it I dont suggest putting yourself out there just to raise your beak higher. I dont need to dive into the water to save you when you fall on backwards into the drin-

I know! Ciecro snapped, earning a cold angry stare from Jaron. Ciecro looked at the grown with a scowl and quietly said, Sorry

Jaron closed his eyes and rested his back against Ciecros right arm, I knowIm not happy hes here either. It feels so unreal that hes back and Id be lying if Id say I wasnt a bit relieved to see hes alive and allbuthes not the same anymore and all, you know.

Yeah Ciecro agreed, He aint de brother I looked up to.

That we looked up to, Jaron added.

They were silent for a while, till Ciecro spoke up again. Jaron.


Do yahWhat do yah think mom would want us tah do?

Jaron got off Ciecros arm and crossed his legs. Im guessing give him a chance or whatever moral taurossh** shed use." Jaron sighed. "Course I cant say she wouldnt have a point as much as it annoys me to say that.

Ciecro let go of his tail and let it rest on the ground. He rested his arms on his knees and looked up at bridge above them. He gave a slight snarl.

Jaron took noticed and turned to look at Ciecro. The roof pissing you off?

...Shut up Jaron.

Give me a reason why you keep snarling and maybe I will, Jaron countered with a smart-alecky tone. Ciecro brought his scowl down to Jaron.

I can snarl if I wanna, yah little sh**!

And I can pester you till we get put in the dirt. Now drop Mr. maractus prick and talk about it. Sooner or later were going to have to decide what to do with him. Ciecro and Jaron kept their angry gazes locked. Finally Jaron gave a sigh and rested his back against the dirt wall, crossed his arms, closed his eyes and gave a little huff. Fine dont talk about it. Keep running from the fact he intimidates you.

He does not! Ciecro shouted, furious by the accusation. Jaron just gave him a disbelieving look and a raised brow. Ciecro looked down and finally returned to his old position. Fineyeah Im on edge 'cause of himand its cause I feel shrimpy tah him.

Jaron gave a sigh and got out of his arrogant posture. He returned his back to Ciecros arm and said, I know bro, which is why I want you to talk with me about it. I know weve had friction and all, but no matter how retarded you act Ill still love you, yah jerk.

Same, Ciecro said softly letting the stress out of his muscles. Jaron, You an' me aint kids anymore. Weve made it far on our own and with our friends. I donI don want him bein' here make me lose sight of dat. Jaron asked for elaboration. In an annoyed tone, Ciecro muttered, Hes someone Ive never been able tah surpass. I didnt mind when we three were tahgether, cause I looked up to him. But now I don and its just pissing me off. Like I need him tah pick up slack or lacking's. He saved all of us back dere and I was just as helpless like de rest.

Well thanks, Jaron said in a light hearted tone.

You know what Im gettin at, Ciecro muttered.

Heh, just f***ing with you bro, Jaron confessed with a smile facing the rain, Yeahhe did save our tails and all. It bothers me that so far hes showed us up and in front of Jasmine, Dolly and Vragon.

Tell me about it. I wouldn be surprised if Jaz teases me on dat for a while, Ciecro muttered, rubbing his right arm with his left.

I dont see her doing that. Shes too nice in that regard. Not a jerk like you or me, heh.

True. Ciecro agreed with a grin. The two stayed silent for a while. The rain began to fall harder, making loud splashes on the soaked ground around them. However, neither of them seemed to notice. They were too lost in their own little memories of their times before and after thatincident.

Jaron finally broke the silence as a though crossed his mind. Hey bro, A replying grunt came from the charmeleon. You think we could ever go back to the old times.

Whatchya mean? Ciecro asked confused. He turned his head slightly towards Jaron to listen better, since now the rain had picked up.

Welllike you, me and Seliph. Being together again. Like we once were.

Ciecro gave a snort as he firmly said, No!

Yeah, Im not too hopeful either. Butremember that time you and me kinda messed him up in training and he got mad and stormed off?

De time we tried tah make dat thingy for him right?

And he found us before we could finish, Jaron said, starting to smile at the old memory.

Ciecro moved his right arm off Jarons back and rested his own back in the same spot. Whatch'ya yah getting at? Ciecro inquired.

Maybewe should give him a chance. Ciecro tensed up at this sentence. Jaron felt the change and honestly couldnt blame Ciecro. He even scoffed at the thought, but the more he pondered the more those memories came back. The memories he wanted to go back to.

By give him a chance I mean dont dismiss him outright. Like, wait and see what he does and all. Who knows, he might surprise us.

Ciecro looked down to his tail light. It was steady and dim. His eyes narrowed, his arms relaxed a little and he was calmer despite the sudden suggestion from Jaron. Why bring dis up? You mad at him like I am, Ciecro asked.

Yeah, but if Seliph is one thing, its good intentioned. I can admit that. If theres a chance we can make amends, you think we should try?

I donno, Ciecro admitted with a scowl, "I also think about what we were and long for it too yah know." Jaron nodded in concurrence. I wanna go back to dat. Wheremom, dad and Tethe were still Despite not seeing him, Jaron could easily tell Ciecro was wiping his eyes with his arm. Jaron leaned his head back, so it rested on Ciecros neck.

Yeah, I miss moms lectures, as long as they were and when uncle Tethe would visit us and when Id hide from Seliph when he would have to come get me.

Ciecro gave a sniff before adding, Or when dad would throw me in de air or carry us under his arms and spin. Or de training wed have with him. If we trained till de sun started tah set, den hed carry us on his shoulders on our way home, telling us how tah improve. Wed den hug his neckand hed laugh along with us

The two stayed silent, lost in memories. Ciecro crossed his legs, putting his hands in the hole formed in the middle, while Jaron crossed his arms and looked at the bridge overhead.

Brother, Jaron stated, Ciecro gave a nod to indicate he was listening, we dont have to forgive him or whatnotBut if he has changed then I want to have our brother back.

It took a second before Ciecro responded with a low Yeah.

Jaron then added in a harder tone, But hell need to show it. That were important to him in the right way again.

But if he Ciecro muttered, but suddenly shook his head. He turned his body causing Jaron to get off his neck. NoI wont think about it.

About if he doesnt come through? Jaron asked, looking at the ground; he clenched a little bit of dirt in his claw.

If heI don wanna go through dat again. When we were kids we cried and all, butif he does den Ciecro got up and with a passionate and convicted tone exclaimed, Den Ill kick his ass outta our lives and be free of him for good. I won stop till I beat him and sever his fu**in' grip on me.

Yeah Jaron looked at his brother with a mix of sadness yet understanding. I dont want him to let us
down. However ... if he does then beat the loving sh** out of him.

Ciecro gave Jaron a surprised look, not expecting this reaction from his more mature younger brother. Jaron got up and brushed some of the dirt off him and explained. His actions back then were something I could never let go unless he returned. You can never truly kick someone out of your life till you actually do it you know. I dont want it to come to thatbut if it does. Do your worst.

Jaron gave a smile to the charmeleon who responded likewise. Ciecro then clenched his right fist and stared at it. His smile heightened a little, from the thought of him besting that greninja in a fight. Ill win for both of us if it comes to it and then well move on with our lives. Forget about those bastards that wrecked our lives then and move on with our new ones.

An' if dose goons are still after Vragon and our friends well handle dem our way, Jaron added, Its about you, me and our friends. No Norfarion mission. No red eyes.

The two did a fist pump. Suddenly, Jaron hugged Ciecros neck. Ciecro hesitated for a second, before returning the hug.

Lets take this slow with Seliphalright? I want the prior option before the latter.

Yeahme too, Ciecro admitted.

Jaron then whispered, Course that means were going to have to be calm about it and not pick a fight with him. Sure we dont have to be nice, but you cant just smack him for giving you a stare.

I don do dat, Ciecro protested. Though, I cant promise I won get ticked if he talks down tah me or gets bossy, He added with a jesting tone.

Come on, you dont like anyone doing that anyway, bonehead, Jaron replied with a grin, Just try and keep it at a low okay.

Whateveh, guess Im just a rare kinda bonehead, Ciecro boasted.

Was that supposed to be a pun? Cause thats Dolly levels of bad.

Her puns arent dat bad. Ciecro stated.

Well since when do you have a good sense of humor anyways? Jaron asked rhetorically. Ciecro grabbed Jarons head in a headlock and began to rub it. The two laughed till Jaron broke free from the affectionate torture. Jaron then sprayed the mud off him and followed up with spraying off Ciecro too. The charmeleon did his best not to squirm as Jaron cleaned him of too. Ciecro gave a shiver and a growl once his thirty second spray bath was done. His tail made a crackle as the fire lit up to its normal heat. Ciecro looked back at it and gave a boastful grin.

Come on hot tail, its still raining and I need to get these back. Id race you back to our room, but I can safely assume youd win. Jaron teased.

Ciecro gave a playful smack on Jarons shoulder. Shut up yah little squirt. he said with a smile.

Jaron rubbed his shoulder as he muttered, Moron!

Ciecro crossed his arms and uttered, Shrimp!

Jaron turned and with a teeth filled grin countered. Doofus!


Wanna be punk!

Whiner, height minor!

Rain coward!

Techy heady!

The two went on for a while, playfully exchanging their most childish insults. Finally the two uttered in unison as they put their heads together, Way to be immature bro! They shared one more laugh before going out into the rain. Jaron boldly strolling and Ciecro running to get back to the shelter at the door.

< O >

Vragon stared at the window on the opposite side of the room, watching the window getting drenched by rain. He was still in the same bed he had woken up in. He felt fine now, but couldnt sleep do to a multitude of thoughts running through his head. They varied from his past to his friends future with their brother here and it was driving him crazy. He laid on his back and stared at the ceiling and gave a frustrated moan.

So its gonna be one of those nights huh, He said out loud. He threw off the covers and walked over to the window. He kept his eyes on the rain, pressed his head against the window and just stared outside in silence.

First at my little house and now on the path. He muttered in his brain, whats going on? LikeI can sorta piece they want something about me and all, but I dont know what a Savoir is or who they are. I only know what Jaron told me about the red eyes and I dont have my memories. So why am I a target?

He suddenly heard a knock on his door. As he turned, the door slightly cracked with a voice talking through it, Sorry, its me Seliph. May I come in?

Vragon hesitated at first from being startled, but assured it was alright, pulling out the desk. Seliph came in and got one of the stools. Vragon did the same and the two sat down, illuminated only by the dim light outside.

Can I help you with something? Vragon asked.

Well, Seliph began as he reached for something at his side. Vragon didnt notice the greninja had brought something in. To his surprise and masked delight it was a chess board and a black box which the fraxure assumed held the pieces. You see Im having trouble sleeping and from what Ive heard from your absol friend you are a skilled in this game. Would you play a game with me?

Um, isnt it a little late and all? Vragon pointed out.

Well we both are having trouble sleeping, correct? Seliph asked, and Vragon nodded. Then itd be better than just watching rain slide down a window. Plus Id like to get to know one of my brothers friends.

Vragon smiled at the unintentional truth of Seliphs point, yet felt unsure in doing this. He loved playing chess and it was safe to assume that Seliph would give him a good match, but what would Jaron think? The fraxures left claw, began rubbing his right arm.

Seliph figured the fraxure was conflicted and he had a good theory on why. Hmm guess it wont be so easy. Seliph then said in a lighthearted tone, Tell me umdang it, this is pretty embarrassing, but I believe I dont have your name placed. Seliph lied.

Its Vragon,

Vragon eh? Seliph repeated, putting his posture into a thinking position. His bait seemed to work as Vragons face changed to interest. I cant place it, but that name seems interesting.

What do you mean? the fraxure inquired, going back to his old position.

Well, in my travels Ive been to other continents and well some of the name dialects and popular name choices vary you know.

Yeeaahhhh? Vragon agreed, in a mix of interest and slight suspicion.

Vray, how do you spell your name?


Oh so you dont use a y Seliph inquired, gaining the info he wanted.

Uh, no I dont. Its weird since its something I know downright to be true and because of that it throws everyone off at least once. Vragon joked with a laugh at the end.

Something you know? Seliph repeated, picking up the board and placing it on the table. Vragon froze. He shouldnt have mentioned hints to his amnesia, but it was too late now.

Uh well umI kinda dont certain things. Vragon explained, trying to control the leak of info about his amnesia.

Don't worry, I'm aware you are amnesiac." Seliph said bluntly.

Vragon's head fell a little as he began to weakly laugh. "Jasmine?"

"Yes it was the absol" Seliph confirmed, "Hmwell, maybe I can help you with some stuff to jog your memory on it.

How could you do that? Vragon asked, raising a brow out of skepticism.

Well I might know something and say it, and that could jog something in your memory. Seliph hoped this answer wasnt too weak and Vragon would go along with it anyways.

To Seliphs dismay Vragon didnt see it as enough, so it was plan B. Seliph began picking up the pieces and said, Well, from what I gather your name with the ay for just the letter a sounds to be from a different continent than here in Triacal.

Yeah, I kinda figured that, Vragon stated, trying to not be rude with his bluntness.

Perhaps Averian or Yveshian origin.

You think so? Vragon asked, hoping for more to bank on. Seliph merely shrugged. The fraxures head fell.

But dont worry, Im sure youll find something, Seliph encouraged, now Id like to see how you play. They say you can tell things about a person by how they play.

Vragon still felt deterred from playing, but reasoned that one game wouldnt hurt. Plus it would also be a good chance to learn about this sibling of Jaron. Vragon gave a nod and the two started.

Vragon was white dragonite and Seliph was black salamance. Vragon stared at the board, pondering what to do. Reasoning that right now itd be a good idea to get Seliphs style before making a counter, Vragon did the generic play of middle pawn in front of king moved forward two spaces. The fraxure watched carefully at Seliphs arm movement and time taking as he played the same play as Vragon.

Hmmmirror perhaps, Vragon took a second to look at Seliphs face out of the corner of his eyes. He noticed the greninjas gaze was firmly on his side and from his guess it was on his gardevoir queen. Kay so hes thinking ahead too. Ill need to wait a few turns before I can safely assess a proper call on his plan. For now I think Ill work on setting up a potential play or lead off.

Vragon took one of his Slowking bishops and moved it to C4. Seliph responded with a Bisharp knight to F6. Vragon began thinking of possible set ups when Seliph asked him something, Am Im making you nervous? Vragon looked up in confusion, till he deduced Seliph meant general and not the game.

Um...well no, Vragon stated.

Did my brother tell you not to talk with me? Seliph asked.

He didnt, Vragon said straight to Seliphs face.

But Im sure his descriptions havent painted me in a good shade Id assume. Vragon looked down at the board and moved a pawn to B3. Seliph continued, So tell me, what you think about me?

Vragon stayed silent for a while, collecting his words. WellI cant say I dont trust Jaron immensely, but even I will say he isnt perfect at discernment.

So then its fair for me to ask you judge me on how you see me? Seliph said as he moved a pawn to H5. Vragon looked at Seliph and gave a nod, Fair enough.

I appreciate you giving me clemency from what youve been told.

Dont get me wrong. I still dont approve of what you put Jaron and Ciecro through, Vragon sternly said, but then looked at the board with a reflective gaze, but I cant deny I wouldnt have met them if it wasnt for that. Not to mention, I prefer to make judgements and assertions for myself.

You seem to be a mon of sincerity and fairness. I appreciate that.

I cant say Im being fair now and all, but I can at least let you have a say.

But lets save that for another time. I still want to see this skill I hear about. Vragon gave a competitive nod and the two resumed. It was a few hours later that Seliph found himself having trouble keeping up with his opponent. However, he managed to spot a possible path to a good set up, however from what hed seen he couldnt afford to be hasty. He made his move slowly, trying to give off an unsure vibe.

I wasnt expecting you to be this skilled. Seliph complimented, trying to give off a false sense of uncertainty.

Vragon looked at him in the face and gave a nod. He then continued, Thanks, so tell me Seliph, you have a plan or something?

Seliph winced for a second at this and finally replied with, Ill manage.

The two returned to the board. Seliph grew suspicious of the sincerity of Vragon's question. Did he bait me? If he did then Im sure my response was good enough and even if he guessed right that I had a plan itd be hard for him to spot it with this few pieces.

Vragon stared at the board for a second, then picked up his Gardevoir Queen and placed it on F4, cutting off the safe play for Seliph. Seliph was completely blown away by the move.

I believe I called it, Vragon replied with a smile, confident he caught Seliph in the act.

Uhwell Im impressed. How did you?

Well I assessed you werent a mon that would let being backed into a corner catch him off-guard, so I figured your play was no doubt fake. Now there was just the matter of your pieces, so I studied them for a little and came up with the plausible moves you could make. So I took the move that would cover most of your options and luckily it was the right play to counter your plan.

Seliphs tongue flopped from his neck and hit the floor due to his sheer puzzlement at this impressive strategic play. Seliph looked at the board and could definitely tell hed never get another chance at such a play.

I surrender Vragon. I cant make a comeback against you. Seliph congratulated, as he knocked his salamance king onto its side with a finger. Vragon gave a nod and the two shook hands. Seliph then asked where the fraxure learned how to play chess from.

I dont know honestly. I assume it was sometime in my past and I dont remember it.

So forgetting the lesson, but still having the effects then correct? Seliph clarified.

Yeah... Vragons head fell slightly. Seliph took notice of this and a possible idea.

Vragon, have you tried doing a Soul Link to find memories?

Vragon gave a nod, With both Ciecro and Jaron, but to no avail. All I see is some of their memories and they only see memories theyve had with me. Essentially, since I dont have a memory of anything before I was found-

Would you like to try it with me? Seliph suddenly suggested. Vragon looked up confused by this sudden request. Seliph then elaborated. Well perhaps you could think of your skills in chess and maybe a memory would surface or something. I cant say itll work, but it is possible something might pop up if we both focus on that specific topic.

I suppose, Vragon agreed timidly, but are you sure. What if I see something in your memories?

You wont see anything too abhorrent or whatnot. Just tell me what you see and Ill tell you what I see.
Seliph held out his right palm out to the fraxure and he smiled a calming smile. Vragon slowly reached and clasped his hand into Seliphs.

Ready? Vragon asked, to which Seliph nodded. They closed their eyes and let the psyche linking take effect.


To play piplup it is essentially to play chicken or do something till the other cowards out.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown