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Contains: Language, Slight Blood, Violence [13]
Chapter 21
Flickers in the Breeze

Ciecro laid down on a small grassy hill, his eyes looking up at the blue sky above him. His right claw laid unclenched at his side, motionless. His left rested on his stomach, rising along with his breathing. His eyes were narrow filled with longing and disappointment.

He closed his eyes and just let the still breeze fill his nerves with feeling. His breathing slowed and he curved a slight smile. He felt peace and at tranquility, with a slight hint of getting drowsy. However, this was all ruined in a split second from a loud calling directly above him.

Hey sleepyhead!

His eyes shot open as he jerked up in fright. He turned around to see Dolly, doing her best to hide her laugh.

What da Revehse? Dolly! he ranted, getting to his feet and giving her an agitated stare.

Dolly gave a sigh and explained with a grin, Sorry to interrupt your sleep, but weve gotta decide what to do as a group.

Ciecro gave a snort and muttered, Why do yah need me? as he let himself fall back on the ground.

Why do you think? Dolly asked, crossing her arms and giving him a sarcastic look. He gave an unamused groan as he spread his arms out. Dolly walked over till her head was directly over his, casting her shadow over his face.

Come on Dolly, Ciecro groaned, Jaron an de others can do it without me. He closed his eyes, gave a scowl and crossed his arms. Dolly gave a sigh as she bent down a little closer to him. She took a few seconds to just merely observe him. She looked at the absent expression on his face. She looked down his fit torso, following the stomachs rise and fall. Despite trying to look relaxed, she spied some muscle tensions she assumed was due to her presence.

Ah so something is going on. I bet its what I saw regarding Jaron.

Dolly got up slightly and looked out towards the horizon. She decided to start simple. So how was last night?

Yah still here? Ciecro sibilated, showing his annoyance at the continuing of questions. He rolled his head to the right and rested his cheek on the ground, It was fine.

How about this morn- she stopped for a second, upon seeing a slight reaction from the start of the word. Ciecros eyes squinted more and his right arm slightly moved.

Her eyes widened a little as she began theorizing what this meant. Unfortunately she had a good idea what it was. Oh no Her head fell slightly and she continued in a calmer tone.

Well...you look tired or something.

Yah, just now seein it? Ciecro muttered, not bothering to open his eyes.

Liar, you arent tired. She scolded in her head. It was then she noticed he was laying on his right arm, using it to prop the side of his stomach. HmmwaitI see. Ill wait then, probably shouldnt pester you past your limit.

She stood up straight, shook her head and chimed, Well, Ill let you rest. But we cant decide without you, so come join us when youre ready.

He replied with a grunt. Dolly gave a sigh and started her way back to town. She looked back for a second, at the seemingly at ease charmeleon laying in the slightly swaying grass. Ill be there, so that never happens again, she promised to him and went back on her way.

After about five minutes of laying down eyes closed, Ciecro took a moment to spy if Dolly had really gone. He moved his head up slightly and looked as best he could without getting up. After assessing she was indeed gone, he sat up, pulled up his left leg and rested his arm on his knee. He looked down and scowled at his right claw, now resting in his lap. His eyes narrowed as he slowly stretched each individual claw. He let out a little snarl and collapsed back onto the ground.

He just laid there, staring at the blue sky with many white clouds in random places; His eyes lazily looking up with a brooding expression. Despite the lovely view above, he could still see it in his head. That face. That terrified bloody face. He clenched his right fist and stretched his arm out towards the sky. He slowly opened his hand as if reaching out for something in the sky.

Am I supposed tah feel somthin? Ack, he let his fist drop back to the ground, Vragon, you weird. He gave a little smirk as he closed his eyes again and slowly began to get drowsy. He tossed a little to get comfortable and tried to forget about his spar with Seliph and the bad memory that it surfaced.

( O )

Whadya say? a sixteen year old Ciecro angrily asked, shoving a monferno back.

I said youre an embarrassment to the guild, the monferno shot back, shoving Ciecro back. Youre only here because your brother was smart enough to get early beforehand.

What? Ciecro growled, but then gave a snarky smirk, yah sore we beat yah to them positions?

Whats that? the pissed monferno asked. The two just stared angrily, till the monferno broke the stare to laugh a little.

Whats so funny? Ciecro inquired, aggressively.

You are, heh. You expect to look tough with those angry eyes?

Ciecro gave a growl as he crossed his arms and muttered, Whats wrong wit dem, loser? Seems like yah resortin tah insults like a kid.

The monferno remained un-phased as he raised his hand to his ear in a degrading gesture, Whats that? I cant understand you? How about you try talking unown like everyone else.

Ciecro clenched his fists and angrily leered at the joking punk. I am, yah piece of shi-

Before he could finish he heard Jarons voice call out. Ciecro! He turned to see a pissed off Jaron, stomping towards him. Stop now, that garbage isnt worth our time.

Who are you calling garbage? The monferno said angrily, substituting his mocking for Ciecro with irritation at the little hothead intruder.

The loser that didnt think of applying early enough despite the fact there were only a few ranger positions open. Dont get mad at me for your moments of stupid, Jaron sassed. He then turned to Ciecro and gave an annoyed sighed. Come on Ciecro, lets just go. We dont need to waste our time with whiners. Ciecro looked away at the ground, with anger in his eyes and violence in his slightly shaking fists.

Yeah, go with your leash, the monferno jabbed. Instantly Ciecro shifted his gaze back to the monkey and raised his right fist for a punch, till Jaron got in front.

Dont you f***ing dare Ciecro, Jaron ordered giving Ciecro an aggressive stare.

Ciecro looked at his brothers demanding, but caring face and slowly lowered his fist. He kept his glower, but muttered a fine.

Jaron then faced the monferno. I suggest you be quiet and leave us be, or do I have to report your actions to the guild and all. Im sure they wouldnt want sore loser mons like you in their ranks.

Heh, the monferno replied with a smirk, like how they dont want submissive hotheads like your feetlicking bro- He was cut off by a sudden hard punch from Ciecro. This caught Jaron off guard, who didnt have time to stop Ciecro from lunging on top of the grounded mon and punching him over and over.

Ciecro, stop! Jaron shouted, trying to restrict his arms from behind. He was knocked away by a swipe from Ciecros tail, before he could pull it off.

Im not a submissive, feetlicking hothead, yah s***! He screamed in his head, alongside his constant flurry of blows.

Ciecro stop this! Vray help me! Vragon, who had just been observing in timid silence, reluctantly joined Jaron in trying to restrict Ciecros arms. Vragon however wasnt strong enough to hold Ciecros left arm back, and was shaken off and shoved away easily. Ciecro then pushed Jaron back with his freed arm and was about to resume his punches when a strong grip shackled his right arm. With a growl he turned and raised his left fist to counter this new assailant, only to see the cold, intimidating stare of Dolly.

Enough Ciecro. Dollys calm voice seemed to pierce him more than her stare. Hes done.

Ciecro slowly looked back at the monferno. Is his fury he didnt even noticed how much damage he had been doing. The mons jaw was broken, his noise and eyes pretty bruised and blood slowly coming out of cuts on the face and mouth.

Ciecro shifted to shock. He looked at his left fist with droplets of blood he didnt even notice. He tried to say something, but couldnt utter anything comprehensible.

Dolly looked around the area at a few peeps that had stopped to watch, Piss off, spectators. she commanded, angry at their inaction in this. The observers parted, some guilty others annoyed at her judgmental comment. She then gently pulled Ciecro off the mon and gave him a little shove with her left arm, Go with your brother.

Ciecro felt ashamed and miserable. This was only increased, by the worried and disappointed expression on Jarons face, and the scared, concerned one on Vragons face. His head fell as he started to form a few tears. He looked again at his fists. He stared at the little blood spots on them. Did I...kill im?

< O >

Ciecro, jumped awake, breathing heavily and slightly shaky. He looked around the area. The sky was still the same and the breeze was still cool and pleasing; this eased his mind a little. He looked down at his tail and noticed his flames frightful flicker before calming down as he did. He lowered his head and just stared blankly at the ground. He gave a slight snarl, this time at himself. What was I thinking then, or was I not even thinking at all?

He growled. First Seliph and now datugh cant I just forget all dis? Freakin Jaronwhy did Seliph have to come back and ruin my peace? He crossed his arms and scowled at the ground, specifically at a single white flower. As if he was trying to make it wither with his icy gaze, he move his head closer to it. After a few minutes of intimidating a still flower, he finally sighed and moved back. Whats wrong wit me? He rested one of his arms onto his knee.

Ciecro was about to get up, when suddenly he heard some footsteps to his left. He quickly looked and spied a golduck staring at him, perhaps browsing. Before replying, Ciecro gave him a look over too. The golduck was about his height, his muscles were thin but solid, though he looked rather young, maybe in his twenties and his eyes were a golden yellow.

Oh sorry, I didnt mean to stare and all, the stranger awkwardly said all of a sudden, supposedly realizing he was weirding Ciecro out.

Uh Ciecro didnt exactly know how to reply. Who is dis weirdo? Ugh Ciecro was about to tell this stranger to leave him alone, but then his eyes met the strangers. Something about the mons warm yellow eyes made him have second thoughts. UhhmYoufine, I guess.

Seemingly a little relieved at hearing this, the stranger rubbed the back of his head with a smile. I didnt mean to impose, I was just well, curious about something.

Ciecro raised a brow, Wha about?

Wellabout that. The stranger pointed to Ciecros Norfarion crest.

Uhyeah Im Norfarion. Yah got a problem wit it? Ciecro got up and clenched his fists slightly. Strangely the golduck wasnt defensive or worried, but just gave a hearty chuckle while waving his webbed right hand down in a friendly gesture.

Oh no, Im just curious to see one of your species here. Id expect them in the more north-eastern areas of Triacal. You know, the more Norfarion influenced places.

Well, are yah done starin? Ciecro asked passive aggressively, not appreciating the weak answer.

Yes, I do believe so. Pardon about all that- The stranger walked up a few steps and gave a little bow of introduction. My name is Tronwhats yours sir?

Ciecro hesitated at first, looking at the side. He thought for a few seconds, but as he did he noticed something. The stranger had a little vest not far from Seliphs design. He also had a few bandages, one specifically on his right shoulder.

An original clansmon eh? Why hide it though? Hmmhe might be with em punks. He crossed his arms and closed his eyes to think about what to say. This long time to respond sent a little uneasy atmosphere to the stranger.

Well heh, it is fine if you dont want to, he assured Ciecro, putting his arms forward and giving a childish eye-closed grin.

Ciecro looked at the mon and decided to go on the offensive. So, what brings yah here?

Oh the mon paused in his words to turn and look at the meadow plains in front of them. Im just a traveler. I want to see amazing sites and all that. He turned his head so he could look at Ciecro, Beauties of this world you know.

Ciecro wasnt buying it. There was something so off about this guy, butsomething off about himself as well. Ciecro decided to probe further. Wha kind of sites?

The mon gave a little grin as he looked at the sky. Have you ever heard of Destiny Tower?

Pfff Ciecro mocked slightly as he joined the stranger in looking at the sky, of course, I heard of it.

I want to see things like that. Amazing mysterious places in our world. The stranger moved his arms closer as in excitement. The hyper energy from the mon was no doubt emanating out. It almost made Ciecro roll his eyes. Oddly, Trons hyperness and eyes slowly dropped as he mumbled something else, and amazing Pokmon. Ciecro then decided to ask one more thing.

SoTron, righ? The stranger nodded. Yah got any relatives?

The Pokmon lowered his face further, but put a smile on it. I have some siblings. I havent seen them in a while though. You?

Ciecro hesitated again. He kinda felt bad he wasnt answering anything yet giving all the questions, which was weird since he had never seen this mon nor trusted the guy.

Wellalright, not much of a talker then eh? Ciecro agreed with a slight guilty nod. Well thats fine, we all have our own pace and all. The stranger took a few steps away and gave a wave, Well, see you later person whose name I have yet to know. I hope you achieve whatever goal you have with whomever youre traveling with if anyone at all.

And right after saying that, the stranger resumed his way. Ciecro was a mix of perplexed at the feeling he had, angry at the obvious call out and a bit guilty for not sharing despite his better judgement.

He walked a little ways down the road thinking about this out of the blue one-sided conversation. What da reverse was that? Who was he an what was that feelin? I probably should tell Jaron about disOh, Ill tell him when we decide on when tah go!

He slammed his fist down into his open palm with a smile. But it faded when he thought about his flashback. How angry Jaron was and how angry he was. He lowered his arm and stared at the ground. Nohe doesnt need tah know. He aint dad and he aint my leash. He let go of his fist and squinted his eyes, as he looked forward. He strode onward.

As Ciecro disappeared in the town, Tron watched him from one of the hills in the distance. He looked back at the sky, his smile gone. His eyes were squinted slightly. He looked at his open palm, at a wound in the center of the palm. It was a deep cut mark that crawled up his hand and slightly up his wrist. His eyes squinted more till they were barely open and his frown changed to a rather dark smile. His hand slowly shook a little as his eyes stared at his wound with a rather creepy enticement.

I can only hope, He slurred, youll lead me to him. He looked up at the sky again and closed his eyes, muttering something to himself. He suddenly fell down slightly and clasped his face, taking heavy breaths.

*Huff puff*no*huff puff* not yet. *Huff puff* I shouldnt move too early. Calm down....*huff* He got to his feet and dusted himself off. He straightened his vests small neck guard, put his arms behind his head and began to whistle as he strolled along the grassy plains.

< O >

Dolly stared out the window with a worried expression in her eyes. Itd had been a few hours since her exchange with Ciecro. She knew he was tough, but the what ifs were beginning to get to her.

Come on, where is he? Jaron muttered out loud with an annoyed tone.

Vragon coincided with a yawn, before he added, Dolly are you sure hes coming?

Dolly looked down and replied without looking at them, He said he was tired, so give him some time.

Jaron gave a growl as he laid his face on a lobby table. Vragon joined his friend, save his reason being from tiredness. Jasmine was sitting in a corner of the lobby, staring at the ground lost in thought.

Dolly looked back up again. Her eyes squinted a little. She looked at Jaron, peering at his body language carefully. She then decided to test it. Hey, wheres Seliph, Jaron?

In his room I guess, The mon lazily answered. She noticed his eyes squint a little, as if he suddenly grew annoyed at something.

I know that already. But how can I ask subtly? She looked at Jasmine for a second. Maybeno he wouldnt tell her. Im sure he told Ciecro, but Id assume Jaron kept it between himself and Ciecro. She crossed her arms and started to think some more. Jaron and Ciecro did something last night and whatever it was, is still bothering Ciecro. Hes seems to still be doing it cause Jarons, Im assuming, asking him to. Undoubtedly it is Seliph related. She looked at the stairs. She broke her position at the window and walked towards the stairs.

Let me know if Ciecro comes back, yah here. Jaron slightly lifted his head for a yes, Vragon gave a lazy nod and Jasmine didnt seem to notice.

Dolly ascended the stairs and made her way to the room where Seliph was. She raised her fist to the door to knock, but paused for a second. She took a silent breath through her nose and finally gave two knocks.

Yes? Seliphs voice inquired through the wood.

Dolly, she stated, Id like to talk if thats okay?

Of course, give me a second. She heard a little bit of shuffling in there and what sounded like paper being stuffed somewhere, but was cut off suddenly as Seliph showed up to the door. Oddly he opened it widely, as if he had nothing to hide.

What would you like to talk about? He asked, but put a little off by her surprised gaze.

She finally snapped out of it and offered, Mind if we do it over a drink?

Seliph raised a brow. Okay sure, but just in case. He headed to a drawer and pulled out a book with an assortment of disorganized notes. He also pulled out a few items and threw them into his pockets. After this he walked past her, turned to the kangaskhan and asked, What place did you have in mind?

Nothing big, just someplace quiet.

Will some local bar do? He inquired with a cheery grin.

Her eyes widened at the question. Who do you take me for, some upstanding Triaclian? Reverse yeah, She exclaimed with enthusiasm, losing her serious gaze for the moment. She headed off ahead of him saying, I had my eye on one spot, but didnt want to take the kiddies there and all. I havent had a good slap in the face from a drink for a while now.

Seliph was left completely dumbfounded by this sudden change from Dolly. He nervously followed behind her. He finally shifted to his real concern with Dolly. He began to ponder. I figured this would happen. Out of them all, she is the adult and I can safely assume these questions are for her judgement. I better play carefully. This wont be like Vragon.

Dollys smile was gone now, with her eyes darted at the corner, as if trying to eye Seliph without turning her head. Ill get it all out from you somehow.

Jaron let out a yawn as he finally got up from his table and stretched for a second. As he did, he spied Dolly at the top of the stairs. Hey Dolly, you sure hes- he stopped upon seeing Seliph walking behind her.

Hey, if Ciecro shows up, tell him that Seliph and I are getting a little drink. You kids can go ahead and determine what we should do.

Uhokay, Jaron reluctantly said with a nod. Jasmine who had been isolated had now joined the drowsy fraxures side, looking at Seliph, who gave her a nod. She let out a sigh as she put her claw on Vragons shoulder and shook him awake.

Wha! Uh, what was that for? the now awake fraxure demanded.

We might as well talk about it now, Jasmine suggested, you two have a good time. Her sendoff was a bit lackluster, but neither of the two adults pried for a cause.

Dolly gave a thumbs up and proceeded out the door, closely followed by Seliph, who gave her a quick glance before exiting. Jasmines eyes darted to the side a little as she thought about what he said. With that the door shut behind them, leaving a silent Jasmine, a waking up Vragon and an annoyed Jaron.
Great, Jaron moaned, now we have three mons to wait for.

Well, Ciecro will be back soon and Im sure Dolly and Seliph wont take long, Vragon stated, still a bit irritated by Jasmines wake up shake. He took a minute to give her a leer, but then noticed she was looking down at the floor.

Well, if you suggested it Jasmine, then I suppose we should do it. Jaron slammed his claws on the table and stood out of his seat to stretch his spine. He then went up the stairs for a few minutes and then came down holding some rolled up paper.

Okay gather up, He lazily ordered as he rolled the paper out, revealing a map of the silky plains. Vragon scooted his chair closer as Jaron pointed to their home town. Jasmine, he called, not taking his eyes off the paper. After a few seconds of no reply he looked up at the spaced out Jasmine. Jasmine? He asked again, with a little more volume and oomph. She didnt budge.

Oh for arceuss gold rings, Jasmine!

The absol leapt up in a start. Vragon did a face palm and tapped Jaron on the shoulder.

What? She wasn- Jaron began, but stopped as he noticed Vragon pointing behind him. Jaron looked and realized his volume was more than enough to get Jasmines attention. Every eye in the room was turned directly at him. He gave a weak gator smile and a soft laugh.

Jasmine took notice too and immediately her cheeks went red with embarrassment. She scurried over to the stairs, doing her best head gestures of follow before disappearing at their top. Vragon gave the jittery smiling Jaron a shamefaced stare as he got up and whispered as he walked past, Thats two apologies you owe her. With an aggravated sigh afterwards, he followed after Jasmine. Jaron sighed as he rolled up his paper and headed for the stairs.

He took a moment to look back at all the Pokmon staring at him and raised his hand upwards with one finger outstretched. He paused for a second, thinking of something to say. He finally gave a growl as he just threw his arm forwards and walked up the stairs, choosing not waste time on some stupid comment.

< O >

The sky was dark, the stars were out and the breeze was soft and cold, on a mountain trail. It was illuminated by the light of the white moon glistening through the trees. The dirt road was neatly made and while hadnt been traversed in a while, hadnt been touched by the underbrush.

The sound of feet hitting the dirt echoed amid the silent scenery. The steps were heavy and sluggish. The figure was enshrouded by the darkness, with the lights from the moon occasionally showing black scaly skin. The persons breathing was heavy, almost like a weight on was his back. His arms swayed along with his poor walking form. As he trudged on, the sound of mumbling came from him.

Whereare you? it repeated over and over as it continued. Finally it took a second to stop and look at the path he had traveled, Iwhere on this damn continent, no this damn world are you! it roared to the night sky, in anger and sadness. It kept its gaze at the sight above, looking at the stars. Finally it looked down at his dirt covered feet. It started to squint as he began to cry. He wiped his face with his arm and looked forward with his red eyes. I know youre out there. Ill find you, even if I have to search every damn continent on this world. It turned around and began walking on the path once more. But first, I must say one final goodbye.

Tron (Trohn)

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown