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Contains: Language, Strong Drink [13]
Chapter 22
Blunt Questions

Dolly and Seliph stared at the entrance to some small tavern in one of the narrow alleys.

“’The dying Sealeo’, classy,” Dolly muttered crossing her arms, not impressed.

“Well, it seems to be the only one here that looks cheap enough for the change we have,” Seliph said, with a little weak chuckle. Dolly just gave an “Ugh” noise and proceeded to walk in. Seliph waited a second before following her; he pulled out a little orb from his bag, inputted something and put it into one of his vest’s front pockets. Just in case. He joined her at the door.

“What was that about?” She inquired.

He leaned in a little close to tell, “In case we get attacked, I got us an escape orb and set it to Main Street.” She didn’t reply, but gave a concurring nod. She strode on in without another word, followed by Seliph after he gave the perimeter one more eye sweep.

The inside of the place was lit by some orange emeras dotting the ceiling, revealing a pretty small area with some stools to a bar. Dolly and Seliph made their way to two adjacent ones. The server seemed busy with cups.

Dolly gave an annoyed groan. “What’s wrong?” He inquired, looking at her, who was looking at the server.

“He’s doing it all wrong.” She rest her head on her hand, propped up by her elbow. “You’re supposed to wipe the outside first before inside.”

Seliph was a bit confused about why it mattered, but assumed it was due to her job that she had such…intricate critiques. He looked down and started to draw a few circles with one of his frog fingers. Hmm…I probably should wait and see, He said in his head.

He waited for her inevitable questions for ten minutes. She confused him, just sitting their eyeing the server’s wiping job with an occasional little snicker when he started a new one. Seliph was starting to grow a bit bored just sitting here. He decided to call the server over. He raised his left hand to call him over, but before he could raise it, Dolly grabbed it and force it down at great speed. He was a mix of surprised and perplexed.

“Not yet,” she scolded, “Let the mon finish.”

“Why?” he inquired, starting to get a little annoyed.

She gave him a cold look and resumed eyeing the server. “It’d be better to not let the stuff in the cups dry, else it’d get harder to scrub out.”

“Oh…” Seliph felt a little guilty as he returned to staring down, drawing circles again.

Dolly however, was cracking a little laugh in her head. You’ll break. Come on, I can do this for as long as I need to. They waited another ten minutes. The server still doing his jobs, seemingly not noticing the two. Finally he set the last one down, scrubbed clean. Seliph let out a relieved sigh. He was about to raise his hand to call, but once again Dolly force it down.

“What‽” he demanded in a whisper.

“He’ll get to us when he’s ready,” She stated, letting go of his arm. Seliph grumbled as he crossed his arms and gave an aggravated moan. Twenty minutes of nothing but the server doing his own thing or taking other Pokémon’s orders. Seliph finally had enough.

“I’m going to stretch my legs for a second,” he said getting up, “I’ll be outside when you need me.”

“'Kay,” Dolly said, not moving her head from the server. Seliph gave a sigh as he walked out. After making sure he’d gone, Dolly gave a little snap with her fingers. The server came over, and bent in close. “Thanks for the stall, can I ask for another favor,” she said with a mischievous grin.

“Sure thin’, anything for a yah Dolly,” He replied.

Dolly gave a little laugh. “I want you to serve us,” she looked around to make sure no one was listening, “Enigma blend with little bits of blast seed shell in them.”

The server electivire gave a little chuckle as he asked, “What did that guy do to yah?”

“Just something to help convincing.” The server gave a gruff cough as he started to prepare it. Dolly got up and walked outside, letting Seliph know it was ready.

The two congregated at the bar as the server gave them two cups with some….black liquid in it. Seliph stared at it with an uneasy feeling.

“What is this?” He asked the server, who gave a little grunt, and returned to his work.

“It’s a specialty drink here,” Dolly answered, “House blend. It comes out like that due to the colors mixing. Many berries you know.”

“Sounds expensive.” Seliph gave her a suspicious stare, she just gave a normal stare back. Seliph looked back at the drink. Come on, it’s gotta be a trap. She’s setting me up, I know it!

“What’s the matter Seliph? You’re not thirsty after waiting for so long?” Dolly asked with a joking tone and a little nudge.

“Well…” He muttered. Think of an excuse. Think of an excuse. Think of an excuse. He repeated in his head, though Dolly ingesting her drink and giving a pleased slurp interrupted his thoughts. I know! He grabbed his drink and took a slight sip. As he slipped the drink in, he filled his mouth with some extra saliva and water. He then gulped it down.

“Well, now that was…was…!” Apparently he called the wrong effect. He started feeling dizzy, like a Spinda rolling down a never-ending hill. His vision became a little hazy. He got up, almost falling in the process, he tried to make his way to the door, but after a few stumbles Dolly aided him. He felt sick and a little faint, only avoiding stumbling thanks to Dolly’s strong arms.

“See yah sometime, Jole!” she said to the server as they were at the door.

“Anytime Dolly,” the server saluted with two fingers. Seliph felt stupid, but more sick than stupid. Dolly then waved her arm, and the server tossed a small bottle with something that looked like medicine.

She helped him to some fountain in the town. He managed to cough out, “But I tried water!”

She sat him on the side of the fountain, screwed the lid off the bottle given to her and raised it to his quivering head. “You need to ingest this slowly, I’ll help yah.” She held the back of his shaking head and slowly poured it down. The odd liquid almost made him almost throw up at first, but after some coughing, he felt a lot better.

After finally regaining himself, he gave her an angry face and demanded, “What the reverse was that for‽”

Dolly, however gave him a very cold stare, making him freeze from her “staring through his soul” eyes. “What that was is what I usually drink there when I visit this town for a visit. I’m going to be blunt. I don’t trust you and see you as a threat to them. Now if you don’t want to have me to tangle with as well, you are going to answer whatever I ask of you, clear.”

Seliph was taken aback by this threat. He paused for a little before letting out a little chuckle. “Wow, I was expecting something less direct. Perhaps a drug-” He didn’t get to finish, for Dolly leaned in closer, overshadowing his face with her.

“Perhaps, I wasn’t clear enough. Until you give me a reason to even consider you trustworthy, I’m not gonna give you a damn moment near them alone. If you don’t believe me boy, hah, then I can assure you I have more abilities and war buddies than you do.” Her tone went lower than usual. “Now you are going to answer whatever I ask with the truth, the whole truth. And don’t try to lie,” She grabbed his throat, though not enough to choke. He was about to pry them off, till she held him over the fountain’s side. “I’m not easy to fool, and even harder to cheat.” She let go of him, causing him to splash into the fountain.

He just sat there, eyeing the aggressive kangaskhan. He looked down. Dolly then gave a cough and asked, “Why are you here?”

He paused for a bit going over his options. He finally spoke. “I was looking for subjects to interrogate. Those were the two you fought earlier. I don’t know who the dragon was, though I assume an ally of theirs.”

“Anything else?” She said, still keeping up an oppressive tone.

“…I was looking for them to get some answers about anything they knew. Maybe something I could use as a lead.”

She raised a brow before asking further, “What lead?”

He paused for a second before saying, “Into some potential targets.”

“What targets?”

“Some higher ups in the red eyes. Potential ones that are responsible for them attacking Vragon and other incidents.” Seliph, bit his lip slightly, hoping she’d by it.

Dolly just remained quiet, processing the validity. She sighed, nodding her head. “Fine, next question. Why are they after Vragon?”

“I don’t know…” he gave her a stare for a second, before continuing, “But…I think I might have a theory about it.”

“What theory?” she inquired, crossing her arms.

“The fraxure has amnesia and his looks aren’t from this area. There are other fraxure’s like him yes, but … can I ask you something?”

“Name it.”

“What is his Averion gift, or if you don’t know what does it do?” He asked. She stroked her chin thinking with her eyes closed.

“He can heal wounds by touching them. However it costs him some of his syngery and can hurt him if it’s too severe.”

Seliph nodded as he continued, “Yes, it isn’t totally concrete, but my theory could be correct. And if it is, it would explain why those red eye mons were after him.” He pulled out some of his notes, which thankfully weren’t dampened by the water, “There’s some history on Averia that dates back to their beginning. As you know the starter of the clan of Averia was a Haxorus named ‘Aegis’. He had a gift as well. I don’t know the details, but if it’s like your Vragon’s then it’d prove a link to Aegis.”

“How?” Dolly asked, crossing her arms showing slight curiosity for this theory while keeping up aggression.

Seliph gave a nod. “The clans each have their own ‘original’ Pokémon that started the clans. Each one was a Powerful Pokémon of strong abilities, which makes sense since clansmons tend to be stronger than your basic Pokémon.” He then pointed to the crest on his shoulder, “for example, my clan's original is Blaine. Scythli is Wikstrom, Phynis is Cyrus and Daemoria is Salem. There’s a legend in each of these clans, one for each of their original. These five Pokémon were able to gather a huge amount of synergetic power and were able to somehow send their existences somewhere into the future. How they did this and for what purpose, no one knows. However, these ‘new originals’ are their reincarnations.”

“So…” Dolly interjected uncrossing her arms, “you think Vragon is a reincarnation?”

“It’s possible. It would explain why the red eyes are after him. However, if he is Aegis’s reincarnation then we need to get him out of here as soon as possible.”

“Because of the red eyes?”

Seliph paused. “Yes, in my findings, regarding them, I found out something. They seem vastly interested in these legends and apparently believe the time of the reincarnations is now. I assume they believe Vragon might be one of them.”

“But the dragon said, ‘candidate’ didn’t he?” Dolly mentioned.

“Yes, perhaps they aren’t certain then. In any case, for me to confirm I need to go to Frantal Town’s library for some research.”

“It’s dangerous for travel with them aroun-”

“I have some friends that are on their way to come help,” Seliph interrupted.

“Who are they?” Dolly demanded.

Seliph raised his hands forward in assurance. “They are two mon’s that were members of a team my parents were. I’ve remained in contact with them, though I’m not exactly a Norfarion agent.”

“So you’ve been doing this alone.” Dolly gave him an indifferent stare. “Quite a lonely life if you ask me.”

“I can assure you it has its benefits. I will say that coming here wasn’t a part of the plan.”

“I’d believe that,” Dolly said with a snarl. She began to walk away to think for a second. Seliph stood up as Dolly thought, but before he could get out of the water she gave him her answer. “We’ll go to Frantal Town…but,” she gave him a cold threatening stare, “if you do anything to any of them…I’ll make you regret it.”

Seliph got out of the fountain as Dolly headed back to their lodgings. He looked down at his notes. He turned to a certain page. Change of plans…Determine my theory, then use it to my advantage…if he isn’t I’ll find another way to draw them out. He closed his book and looked up at the sky. The sunset was starting.

“I’d better head back.” He muttered to himself, putting his notes away. “Well this is going to be complicated. I’ll have to be careful.” He shrugged as he put his webbed hands into his vest’s pockets. “Still nothing I can’t handle.”

< O >

“What‽” Jaron and Vragon said in unison. Vragon then added, “What do you mean you’re voting for Frantal Town?”

“Yeah, what about it?” Jasmine replied, trying to keep up a confident face.

“Why do you want to go? It’s dangerous for us to just waltz on over there,” Jaron argued, giving her a scowl.

“Frantal Town has more rangers there, not to mention we know mons in that town. Here, we’re kinda on our own. Only Dolly really has connections.”

“But the trip-” Vragon started.

“It’d only be about a day on foot. Not to mention there’s plenty of us.”

“That dragon was really tough Jasmine and those other two weren’t easy to fight either,” Vragon countered, “what if they find us?”

“They’ll find us if we stay here.” Jasmine walked towards the door and said, “It stands to reason that they’re probably looking for us in the towns. If we don’t go somewhere safer, we’ll still be fighting them ‘on our own’.”

She headed out the door and said as she went down the hallway, “anyways, you know my vote. I’m going to wait for Ciecro in the lobby.”

Vragon and Jaron were left speechless. Jaron let out a growl as he stamped over to a chair and forcibly sat down. Vragon just kept his gaze at the door and looked down. “Well that was uncomfortable,” he mumbled.

“Why the reverse would she want to go?” Jaron grumbled, “We’ll be putting you in danger.”

“I guess…but she does have some good points.”

“That’s not it Vragon.” Jaron got up from his chair and with a worried tone said, “If we go, we’ll have a higher change of being found. Not to mention we won’t have any townsmons to help us.”

“Maybe we could hire some rangers to guard us and all while we go. It could work.” Vragon suggested.

“No, I disagree.” Jaron walked over to Vragon and firmly said, “Look it’d be a full day’s trip to get there so we’d have to stay at a rest spot at some point unless we want to walk all day long. They could be waiting, not to mention they could have gotten more back-up like that dragon guy, maybe even stronger than him.”

“I agree…but-”

“No buts!” Jaron shouted, causing Vragon to flinch back a little. Jaron’s head fell, guilty for his outburst. “I’m sorry Vray.”

Vragon tried to give a little chuckle to lighten the mood. “It’s fine Jaron, it hasn’t been easy after all. With Seliph back and these goons coming in on us, you’re bound to be on edge.”

Jaron didn’t reply, but merely walked to the window. “I just don’t like this idea.”

Vragon’s encouraging smile went away as he looked at Jaron. “…I just get that feeling. After that attack and all…you being in danger twice like that. It scared me.”

“I’m sorry Jaron. None of us saw this coming.” The fraxure walked closer. He stopped as Jaron clenched his fists on the panel suddenly.

“Why is this going on?” Jaron blurted out, “Why you‽ Why out of all the mons on freaking Triacal, you had to be the one they’re after?” A few minutes of silence followed.

Vragon didn’t know what to say. He finally let out a sigh and said, “I’m going to be fine. I have all of you looking out for me.”

“Vray…” Jaron started to say turning around. The two locked gazes. “You’re my best friend. If…I just can’t shake the feeling. I…don’t want you to get hurt, because-”

“I’m not that fragile Jaron,” Vragon said bluntly, but with a light tone.

“I know that!” Jaron stated firmly, “I just…can’t shake the thought out of my head. The thought of you dying or getting hurt. I…I don’t want what happened to my parents happen to you, or jasmine, or dolly or my brother.” Jaron looked to the side for a little bit, trying his best to not let his emotional state draw tears.

Vragon didn’t say anything, but walked up and hugged him. “I don’t want that to happen to you either. You’re my best friend as well. We’ll make it out of here somehow and all. Don’t worry…” He gave Jaron a pat on his back to coincide with his hug, “I’m not going anywhere.”

Jaron gave a little sniffle as he hugged the fraxure back. “Thanks for that.”

< O >

Jasmine was sitting outside the lodge, staring at the sunset going on between the buildings. Her paws were tapping slightly as her she let out an occasional sigh. I shouldn’t have been so hard. But, I mean, it’s for the best and well … ack, she growled as she pressed down on her paws. It was mean of me to do it, especially after how our tails nearly got taken off. What was I thinking? Like … why did I even say we should vote now? Argh! She lied down on all fours and put on of her paws over her face. She then proceeded to repeat the word, “idiot” quietly to herself.

Her little cycle of self-degrading whispers were cut off by a bland voice above her. “Somethin’ up Jaz?”

She looked up to see Ciecro staring down at her. His arms were lazily at his sides and his eyes, while still keeping up a stern scowl, had traces of droopiness.

“Uhm... nothing just waiting for you to come back.” She quickly shot back into sitting. He didn’t say anything, but walked by after giving a grunt. She watched him go by, took a breath and followed him in. “Hey, so uhm… where did you go?”

“Some dum trainin’ yawd,” he lazily answered, heading towards the stairs. He slightly turned his head, still not looking at her, “is Jaron and Vragon here?”

“Yeah,” she answered. Again he just gave a grunt and started to head upstairs. “Uhm…are you okay Ciecro? You look expired.”

He stopped about halfway up the stairs. He paused for a bit before saying, “Don’ wanna talk about it.” He resumed his way up the stairs, leaving a curious and concerned Jasmine.

She let out a sigh as she walked outside again, not really keen on going back to the two she had just finished pissing off, or at least it felt like that to her. She walked back to her spot outside and laid down. How did this all happen? She thought, the evening breeze blowing through her fur. She closed her eyes, the evening drowsy spell starting to get to her. She began mumbling, “I wish I knew how to help.” Her breathing slowed as she dozed off and a smile crossed her face.

< O >

Dark water, reflecting the four in the morning sky above it, splashed upon a line of docks at some port. A cold breeze was blowing all through the empty pier. It was on this empty place, Plageues strolled along. A serious gaze had replaced his usual smile. The sound of coins clinking came from a bag connected to his belt.

“Where is it?” He groaned, getting annoyed at how apparently ‘hard’ this place was to find. “Daemon said he’d arrange immediate transportation via some dumb ship here, so where’s the dumb ship Daemon?”

After walking for what felt like an hour down an empty pier, he stopped to growl at the starry sky. “This is wasting my valuable time! If I don’t see a boat here in the next ten minutes I’m going to contact that one eyed-ghost and-”

He stopped, his eyes widened. He felt a presence nearby. His angry scowl, slowly turned to an anticipating grin. Am I being watched? He thought with glee. He decided to start walking again, making sure to take light steps so he could hear someone following. However, all he could hear was the wi]nd and the occasional splashing of bigger waves.

His eyes jumped from one corner of his eyes to another, trying to spot a silhouette or odd movement to follow on, but nothing seemed to move. Despite the lack of results, he still kept the smile on his face, as if getting excited by the challenge. He stood still to think for a moment, to narrow on what it could be. Ghost type maybe, but it didn’t feel like a specter presence the one time I noticed it. It kinda felt like…a…hmmm…huh? He looked forward just in time to spy a purple blob spiraling towards him. He leaped out of the way, getting droplets of the blob on him. He did a recovery roll as the move crashed on the ground a few yards behind him. He pushed his arms forward, firing a quickly formed Focus Blast where the attack had originated. His reply ball move forced some shaded figure leaping away and darting towards an alley.

“My turn,” he exclaimed with a slurp of his tongue as he darted after his target, running on all fours for extra speed. When he neared the alley’s entrance, he leaped up on a side of the wall to prop his pounce on the figure. He stopped however and just clung to the wall in confusion, upon seeing an empty ally. “Drat.” He muttered, letting go of his grip on the wall and landing on the ground. “The prey got away.”

He snapped his fingers and gave a disappointed face to match his disappointed arm crossing. His eyes closed and he let out a big sigh. He opened them immediately, however, when he heard the sound of paper grumbling. Down in front of him was a piece of paper blowing in the wind, but anchored in spot by a stone. He reached down and picked it up. His eyes read the message given.

“…Ugh…another time waster.” his eyes drooped halfway as he stared at the message in front with the words,

“If ye want to get him from the stump
Then you’ll need to get off your sorry rump.
Until you can actually keep up with me
You’re just some smiley, laddie.”

He crumpled the paper up and threw it behind him. He gave a growl as he was about to turn back, but then spied a little light at the end of the ally. He squinted to see what looked like a ship starting to dock. “Is that-” he began, but was interrupted by another piece of paper hitting him in the face from the wind. He peeled it off and read the words,

“There’s your boat
Now go and float
Else, I’ll have more for these, for yah.”

He growled as he tore this one and headed towards the boat. “I can’t wait till we are top Luxrays,” He grumbled to himself as he strode in frustration towards the boat, “then I’ll get to mess with the more fun ones. How did he even find me?”

He shrugged but stopped as he spied another object on the ground. Unlike the prior two, this one was a small sphere. He reached down, picked it up and eyed it. After a few seconds, he accidentally triggered something on it, leading it to shoot up a red hologram in front. He almost fell over at the big widescreen directly in front of him. After regaining his composure, he noticed it was a message, labeled at the top.

Additional orders for Plageues.
Assignee: Azazel
Oh this’ll be fun, he groaned in his head as he read over the “additional” orders. Despite the big screen there were only a few words to spell the “Extra orders”

He whispered them out as he read the message. “’You and your team must complete these task. Failure will result in punishment. If you do complete these it will put you in high favor with me and your critics, which one being the deliverer of this message. I will put in a good word for you should you prove to exceed my expectations.’ Well f*** me,” he whined, taking a moment to voice in annoyance before going on. “’The first, is your original order of capturing the fraxure target. The second, is to recover one of our red eyes liquid flasks in their possession.’ Ugh and lastly-” He stopped as he eyed the last one. He gave a very big grin. His eyes widened to uncomfortable levels and his hands began shaking, making the hologram move along with it. With an excited tone in his voice, he stuttered in saying, “’Third’ heh heh … ‘eliminate Seliph’.”

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown