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Originally Posted by DuoRyan View Post
Yeah it was,Your mapping then was ok,but now it look great...good luck on this hack! ^_^
Thanks dude.
Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
If I had my way it would be more natural style. I agree with you on the overworlds, how come he never ask me for my opinion. :O

I disagree, I like all the tile, and I think they all fit together nicely. (maby fix the houses a little.)
Thanks, and can you please explain a bit better what is wrong with the OWs.
Originally Posted by chrunch View Post
This looks great!:)

Galactic Platinum was good, but this is even better!
Looking forward to a release~
Thanks man
Originally Posted by Ray Maverick View Post
Great Tactic. Although it needs improvements. The pals are average; the DP o/ws don't fit with the rest of the scenery. ):
But it's pretty good though.
Anyway, if you're still using the snow tileset I made for you, would you please credit me, Trebuh , Kyledove and .Seth for making tiles/compiling it? If you're not, I offer to insert it for you. ;D

God luck mate!
The Snow tileset. Havent I already credited them?
Originally Posted by zein View Post
Aah! you are harry's from deviant ^^ great.

Your hack is good but i think the maps dont have much decorations,and the pallets are great.I like the history and the tiles.
harry's? Harris. lol. Hmm, decorations? like the flowers and such?
Originally Posted by Maf View Post
Nice hack its very different from others keep up the great work.. :)
Originally Posted by Master Terrador View Post
This has improved majorly, even though the palettes are kinda dull.
Your Hero OW is a major improvement from the old one, and that new Giratina forme intrigues me.

Good luck with this...
Thanks man. The new giratina is gonna be epic.
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