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PCX 10th Anniversary
Get Minecrafting Together

Introducing Craftrum, the PokéCommunity Minecraft Server. Craftrum is PokéCommunity’s Minecraft Survival + Adventure server. Love Minecraft? We’d love for you to join up! Read below about how to join and get on already!

You’re on your own - Craftrum is, for all intents and purposes, a server where you can create, mine, build or travel the world however you please. For the duration of the Get-Together, we’ll be holding special events - a building competition and a PvP/PvM competition. Special little events hosted by our server admins will be sprinkled here and there, too!

Joining our Minecraft server

In order to participate in Craftrum, you’ll need to add yourself to the whitelist. Visit this page:

Enter the passphrase “” (sans quotes) and then enter your username to be added to the server whitelist. Alternatively, post your username in this thread. Note that you may have to wait a while before being added if you opt for the latter option. Once you have been whitelisted, join our server! The ip is:

Server rules

To ensure that everyone has a fun, fair experience, please don’t:
  • Destroy others’ works
  • Beg for items, money, etc.
  • Use cheats i.e. flying, x-ray
  • Impersonate admins/mods
  • Advertise other servers
  • Build 1x1 towers
  • Build obscene structures
  • Ruin the landscape
  • Ask for admin favours
  • Abuse or disrespect others
  • Spam the chat

These rules are purposefully made simple, but the interpretation may vary to the discretion of the server’s admins. If you’re caught seriously breaking a rule, you may be banned from the server.

The Mini-Events

Builders Competition

The PokéCommunity Minecraft server has its own spawn point - and so it’s a very important place. It’s the place where you live, it’s the place where everything’s set, and all those trees there? They’re going down. Use your fists and create, and help shape the town!

During the Get-Together period, we’re looking to see what you can build to make our spawn town look awesome. Aim to build the best building of them all!

Competition Guidelines

Build as you please.

Build any sort of building - it could be a house, it could be a hotel, it could be a nature park, or anything you see fit! In order to win, you’ll have to make the best attraction.

Mobs spawning is disabled in a certain perimeter.

While we’re building town, mobs (Creepers, Skeletons, Zombies, Spiders, or Endermen) can’t spawn in a certain area bordering the town. That doesn’t prevent mobs from chasing you down from outside the perimeter and killing you, though, so be careful.

Don’t destroy nature.

There’s a lot of landmarks in the area. A few are protected, and most of it isn’t. If you’d like to completely destroy a mountain, do ask first!

Fit the aesthetic.

Glass houses? Yes. Dirt houses? No. Mountain houses? Maybe. If it doesn’t look like it belongs in a town, don’t build it.

No griefing.

Don’t destroy buildings that don’t belong to you. (Also don’t touch chests that don’t belong to you.) If you require land protection, ask an op.

No one-block towers.

They’re gonna look ugly.

Survival Arena - PVP/PvM Competition

The PokéCommunity Minecraft Server also holds a giant PvM/PvP Survival Arena. Here you may engage in many hectic, fun-filled battles with friends, foes as well as the rest of the PokéCommunity Minecraft community.

Many devious puzzles and traps like hidden within the confines of the mysterious arena, waiting to be discovered. If you’re lucky enough, you may find hidden loot that could decide whether you’ll leave the dome, defeated or triumphant! Winners will be bestowed with the honour of having their achievements recorded in the Survival Arena’s, Hall of Fame. So what are you waiting for? Grab your sword, grab your bow and get ready to fight for your life!

Competition Guidelines

Do not cheat.
ie. using hacks and mods such as x-ray, flying etc.

Be a good sport.

Show maturity and uphold a good sense of sportsmanship, if things do or don’t go your way.

Be patient.

Matches may not always be available for play.

PvP is not allowed in PvM sessions.

Please refrain from killing other players whilst in a PvM (Player vs Mob) session.

Mining Limits.

Only webs, leaves, pumpkins and melons are allowed to be broken, unless otherwise specified.

Inventory clearing.

Before and after every session inventories will be cleared, so store your stuff somewhere safe before entering!

Useful Commands

Teleports you to the spawn point.


Set any location you want to be your home teleport. That way when you use...

/home’ll be teleported to that location!


Returns the seed of the world if you want to know it.

/tp username

This teleports you to a user you specify. Only ops have access to this command at this present moment.

/msg [usernamehere]Allows you to send a message privately to a player of your choice.