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    A right for your wrongs (a.k.a. Short Story) (T)

    The air was tense in there, I know that much. I also didn’t know what exactly I had been ‘volunteered’ for. It was just like the other rounds of testing I had been forced to undergo. When I had asked Rupert why they had seemed urgent when they were looking us all over to see who would be testing he just shrugged. We had noticed that the scientists and security staff had also been on edge for the past hour. They had been murmuring among themselves and those who didn’t seem to know what was going on were led to another part of the room and had some words whispered into their ears. Pretty soon they were acting like the others, having shifting eyes and squirming in their seats while they typed. Who were they trying to fool anyway? We could easily read their more than obvious body language, or at least I could. I had a lot of experience with being able to tell a person’s emotional level with just a few seconds of observing them. You needed it in the big house since many of the other inmates could get violent in a moment’s notice, but that could easily be avoided as long as you read their body language. Saved my life a couple of times, I know that!

    Anyway, I had been there with the others, just doing menial work for the time being, mopping floors and such. Then, they came in. A big armed security detail that had us put our hands to the wall and looked us over. For some reason I will never know about, I was chosen. I had enough experience to know to come willingly with them and I left Rupert and the others. I know I should have at least cried out good-bye or something to that effect, but I thought I would be tested on the objects I had already had contact with. Unlike the other objects that the others were exposed to, these were rather safe. I had no need to worry as I was led out of the room, but as I was led down a different hallway, my curiosity welled up a bit. This specific hallway was the only one we were not allowed to go down. If we were caught trying to go down this hallway we would be terminated on sight. Anyway, I was led to a door that had a window on it and I barely realized that it was the light from outside when I was pushed out into the sun’s rays. Many emotions went off there. Feelings of relief, happiness, and I was also comforted as well. None of the other’s had been down this hallway and I was the first! Looking back, I can’t believe how idiotic I was. Was I really going to be let off the hook despite all the horrible things I had done? Still I was so overwhelmed by the simple knowledge that I was being hit by a cool breeze that I really didn’t fight the guards when I was forced into the back of the black van.

    It took me awhile to realize that I was being driven somewhere. The windows were tinted back here from the inside as well so I couldn’t see the way there. There were three armed guards sitting in the back with me. I knew not to ask any questions on account that I would be ignored by them anyway. Two guards were sitting in the front. One was busy driving while the other was talking into a cell phone. Apparently I was being transported somewhere else not to be freed, but to undergo testing once more. I had heard the rumors from the others, of places that acted just like the objects we were forced to test. Places that were even more dangerous than those said objects. I knew no matter how much I fought and screamed that I would be dragged there and forced to test. The guards also looked nervous and despite their training also squirmed on their seats like the staff back at the site had done. That could not be good. If this place even spooked the guards…. did I even have a chance? The car drove for a good two hours before finally stopping. Through the tinted windows I could see the outlines of shapes and hear a lot of voices. Those were a lot of people out there. Suddenly the guards stood up and pushed open the back doors and without much prodding I jumped out and landed on the ground. The shoes I wore were worn out and rather uncomfortable at this point so the landing was rather ungraceful for me.

    The guards marched me over to one of the scientists, yeah they are that easily to identify from the other personnel. I looked around and noticed that there was a lot of security around here. Whatever the Foundation had found, it wasn’t good. The only other time I had seen this much security was when I was in my cell a good two weeks ago. The man was blabbering about how something had gone wrong in that house. Already two security teams had entered and they had not come back out. Furthermore there had been some kind of creatures around the area that had apparently come out of the house. I wasn’t really paying that much attention to the details since I had more important things to do, like actually enjoy the sun on my face and focus on feeling the breeze that brushed against my skin.

    Before I could ask any questions I was practically shoved toward the house and put a few feet in front of the door. They had me put on a belt that had a small camera on it and was connected to a very long cord that was attached to a big truck. All I had to do was go in, see what happened to the other people that went in there and look where the scientist wanted me to and get out of there when I was to be called back. I just nodded at the words as he put an ear clip on me and quickly tested to see if I could hear his voice. I had to adjust it a bit since the words were practically being shouted in my ear due to the loud volume. They pulled at the belt once more to make sure it was safely and then I was told to open the door.

    I won’t lie here, I was very frightened. Frightened like I had never known before. I had heard from the others that there was some scary s**t that went on around buildings. Some of the others told horror stories of what had happened and some… never came back. I don’t know how long I stood there contemplating whether or not to open the door, but I was taken out of my thoughts when one of the armed men threatened to shoot me if I did not proceed. I just took in a deep breath and quickly murmured a prayer as I walked forward and opened the door and entered. At that moment several things happened. First, the ear piece let out a loud static screech. Second, the camera that had previously been giving off a bright light and recording my steps shut off. Third, the door slammed shut with a loud bam behind me. Fourth, my cable snapped.

    When it happened I just stood there for a few seconds, shocked. I did what any would do and quickly reached behind me and yanked the door open. I wished I hadn’t. The area outside was pitch dark. There was no sign of the scientist or the guards. It was just… darkness. This wasn’t an ordinary darkness, it wasn’t like being in a dark cave. I know what that kind of darkness looks like, but this was worse. I can’t explain why I felt an intense rush of fear but I quickly slammed the door shut and ripped the ear piece out and looked around, really for the first time.

    I was in some kind of living room. There were chairs and a piano off to the side. A television was against the wall and emitting some static. Hesitantly I stepped forward. My eyes had not yet adjusted to the darkness and I cried out as my foot hit something and I fell onto the floor with a thud. I turned to look and paled as I saw a man there. He had a bullet hole right in his heart and just seemed to stare up at the ceiling with a absent expression. In one hand he held a piece of paper with the words ‘READ THIS!!!’ scribbled over it. Hesitantly I reached over and pulled it out of his hand. Sure, I have killed my fair share of people but dead bodies still creeped me out.

    The paper was folded over and so I unfolded it and began to read.

    You’re going to die, you poor dumb f**k.

    Upon reading that sentence my face paled. I turned back to regard the body and felt my fear rise. He was dressed in a black suit and had a special patch on his shirt. That patch was what agents wore. Agents were the top of the pyramid. They were the guys who always shot perfectly at the fire ranges. They were the guys who led field expeditions and were paramount in their knowledge of the different objects that the others and I were forced to test.

    Hesitantly I turned my eyes back to the paper as I sat in one of the chairs.

    This isn't a threat. I'm Agent Barclay. I'm in the middle of this goddamned thing, and I'm telling you, if you're here? You're going to die. I'm probably already dead.

    I felt my muscles tense up, but none the less I continued to read.

    So that's out of the way. Let's get to the containment procedures. There's really only one. Close the goddamned door.

    It turned my eyes to the door. I knew I had already shut it, but it was as if a need to verify that fact rose up in my mind. The note continued on for some time about how important it was that I close the door and then it talked about where I was. It talked about how there had been murder reports and that some kind of creature had been tracked to this location. It said there was a way to kill the creatures.

    Silver bullets, and pray to God as you fire. Literally. For some reason, that makes it work. Doesn't matter which God, but you damn well better mean it.

    I felt my uneasiness rise. It had been a long time since I prayed to God. Sure, I did so when I was like five years old, and sure I went to church with my mom and dad, but it had been so long. I glance over at the fallen agent and noticed he had a gun. Quickly I reached over and grabbed it. I noticed he had some bullets spilling out of his pockets and quickly began to scoop them up when I heard a hissing noise behind me. I paled and turned around quickly. The creature that stood there was… nothing I had seen before. It was a deep pitch black and looked rather like a human. It was built with muscle and had a pair of glowing black eyes. You may ask me how black glows but…. I can’t phase it any other way. They just… glowed. It had clawed hands and was running right for me! I barely managed to dodge the creature but I was smart. I turned my a** and ran like the wind. I opened the door to the next room to see myself in a museum. I didn’t understand it at the time but I also didn’t care. I just ran as I heard the creature take chase. I ran down the hallway that was adorned with paintings and opened another door to find myself in some kind of kitchen.

    I ran, but slipped. I bumped my head against the wall and saw spots for a bit but I noticed the door was pushed open and the creature leapt right at me. I had no idea if that gun had any bullets but by instinct I pulled it up as I dimly remembered the words on that paper and found myself whispering.

    “Please, protect me Lord.”

    I pulled the trigger and the silver projectile flew through the air and hit right into the creatures chest. The beast cried out as it fell to the ground and instantly its body dissolved to some kind of ash. I backed away to the nearest corner I could and after realizing what had happened began to sob in relief. I am not one for crying, but… damn. As soon as I gained control of myself I opened the letter once more and quickly read through it. It seemed that these creatures were born from hearts. I know, it sound silly, but it’s true. The team sent in before was attacked by them. Took one guy’s heart out and put it in some room and a similar creature leapt out of it.

    There was no way out, they had tried before and the doors out led to a place that just cooked you alive! I felt like I was reading some horror story, but what else could I go on? I was trapped here. It was a maze made out of different buildings it seemed. I was so confused by it all and when I read that light seemed to make them stronger, I wanted to puke. I was stuck in this place with all of those things running around, no way! This was not something that was possible! Yet, I knew it to be true. I was here after all, right? I felt my fear rise as I read the last of the letter.

    I've got a few shots left in my gun, but I can't pray anymore, not and mean it. Not after I saw the nest. But you, if you've found this, you've got to be an agent too. Maybe you're stronger than I was. If you can, go in and destroy the nest. Destroy every last heart. If you do, maybe it'll kill them. It's the only thing I can think of. You'll probably die doing it, but you're dead anyway. So what's it matter to you how it happens?

    Me, I'm going to try and get this report back to the living room, which I hope is where you found it. Then I'm going to make sure they can't use my heart to make another one of those things.

    Good luck. Morituri te salutant.

    And here I am now. I keep looking back at the door and sometimes one of those creatures comes in and exits. They can’t see me in the shadows. I look back down at the words. I took Latin once… a long time ago. I thought I had heard that phase back then, but I can’t remember what it means now. I look at the gun I hold and tighten my grip on it. I had seen things that others wish they could see. I had seen this nightmare as well. No one needed to see this. I place twelve bullets back into the gun and slowly walk to the door. I’m going to die anyway, right? Might as well go out with a bang, right? I pushed open the door and slowly went through the museum hallways and head back to the living room. No creatures are there as I placed the paper right where I found it and left. I took the next door I found and ended up in a coffee shop. There was a creature there, but this time I didn’t run. I aimed my gun as it ran at me and whispered softly.

    “Watch over me Lord.”
    (Some background flavor)
    It went down quite easily. I reloaded and continued forward. I ended up going through a hotel room and then a warehouse. I encountered five more creatures on the way and shot them dead, although one managed to slice my knee up pretty badly. I found some cloth and wrapped it up as best as I could. Blood still drips from it, but it doesn’t matter. I know I’ll die in here. I go through a classroom, a hospital ward, and what seemed to be a elementary school. All the time I reloaded and shot. I am lost now at how many I have killed. I know it’s been a lot.

    I am on twelve bullets now but I have something that can help. I managed to run into a armory. It was stocked so I assumed that the other teams didn’t get there. I have three grenades now. I’m taking out that nest. I know I am not just saying that and will wind up hiding in a corner hoping they don’t find me, because I’m right there.

    The room is huge, that much is certain. It’s also well lit. What that agent had said in the letter was also true, about the lights. They have a ton of lights down here. It’s so bright that when I first came in I was blinded. I had been in the darkness too long and had to blink to get my eyes focused again. I see them there, and that… heart pile. I vomited when I first layed my eyes upon it. They were still beating and there were shadows trying to pull away from the hearts. The creatures seemed to dance around it. I knew my fear was great, but I had come this far. I cannot quit now.

    Still shaking a bit, I come from behind the wall I was hiding behind and murmur some words as I shoot three of them. I was good now. The three bullets slam into their chests and they become piles of sulfer. The other creatures scream as they run at me, but I continue to shoot. Four more bullets leave my barrel and slam into four of them. There is still some distance between us, so I figure why not? The last five bullets in my gun leave and take down four more. There are so many when I look around, but I ready my first grenade and pull back my hand.

    “Bless this Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch my Lord!” I cry out as I throw it as hard as I can. I remember that show when I watched it with my parents a few years back. It had come on television and I had laughed. I always thought God had some humor in him. Figured he would enjoy a chuckle with that performance. Before I could toss another they were upon me, slashing and ripping my flesh. I feel one push its clawed hand into my chest. I close my eyes, but before he can pull the grenade goes off. Immediately the beings surrounding me scream as they fad into ash. This is my chance. I toss another grenade with a prayer into the pile. The other creatures cry out as they too fade to ash and I look at the pile. More and more of the hearts explode and the shadow anchored to them lift into the sky. I realize that the ceiling is coming down around me now as more of the creatures fade away and now I know realize what those words meant. Those who are about to die salute you. Funny, I had never been salu-.

    The guards near the farm door quickly ready their weapons as the door slowly creaks open. A few minutes pass without any movement. One walks up and pushes the door open. Inside there is no foreboding darkness. There are bodies of dead agents inside and the team quickly goes inside. It takes only a few seconds to declare the area safe.

    Doctor Maulin leaned against the table as he looked over the paper they had found, “So, I guess she managed to do it huh?”

    The guard chuckled, “Yeah.”

    “What was her name?”

    The guard shrugged, “We wipe the records of all D-class personnel when they work for us. She was…” He flipped through some papers. “D-14134.”

    The doctor nods, “A Foundation medal then?”

    “Indeed.” The guard replies. “Too bad we couldn’t find her body.”

    The doctor nods, “True. Apparently the areas these creatures took must have gone back to normal. There will be a lot of confused people when they open a room and see several dead bodies there.”

    The guard just chuckles and walks off.

    The bus driver looked at the woman, “Alright, but it’s a rather long journey there miss.”

    The young woman just smiled weakly, “I know. Just somewhere to start off fresh, you know?”

    The man nods, “Well, it will be three hours till our next stop.”

    She just nods and gets on the bus. There is some loud noise as the bus finally heads down the dirt road leaving behind the town it had stopped at. The woman made it to the back of the bus. She wore a long sleeved blue shirt that was a bit large for her with a strange symbol on the left sleeve, some tan pants, a belt, and some very worn out sneakers. As she sat there, if one looked closely they could see the very tip of something green sticking out of her pocket.

    (Credit is due here for inspiration.)