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Extraterrestrial Escape

Rated: T | Event: Escape | Character: "Andrew" | by: Meganium90
This is impossible.

Andrew, not long after he awoke from his slumber, glanced at the white object that’s coming towards him. How he ended up here is something he’d like to ask himself, but there wasn’t any time to answer any questions. It was more of a dormitory, in terms of his current location. He glanced at the metallic table, then the beds surrounding him. He even glanced at the thermostat beside the door. It was 95 degrees…too hot to be here, and he’ll slowly kill himself if he remained inside.

He spotted a white dot coming right towards this location. Maybe he’s in a building, Andrew had thought. Getting up off the floor, he walked towards the window and peeked outside. His heart sank at what he saw. This was no ordinary night. It was SPACE. Andrew isn’t in a building, he was inside a SHIP.

He noticed fire right outside the ship, panicking a bit. He quickly thought of a way to get out of this dormitory. He still doesn’t quite remember why he came here in the first place. Did some people throw him in there? Was he kidnapped? Kidnapped was one word Andrew had kept inside his mind, as he tried to open the window with his knob. Hesitantly, he stopped. He can’t get outside without an oxygen tank or something, not even a suit. If he wanted to escape, he needed protection. Searched for each and every single cabinet inside the room, he finally got to one that had an extra suit inside, metallic silver with a round glass helmet. There was also an oxygen tank next to the suit, as Andrew thought of something, that would involve putting that suit on.

After he puts the suit on except for the helmet, he cracked open a glass box that contained an axe inside with his right leg. Retrieving it, he stood towards the door. Taking one deep breath, he stormed his way towards the door, lifting his arms with the axe, and throwing the blade right at the locked doorknob. He threw the axe a few times, until the lock fell to the ground. The door was finally open, and Andrew smiled at himself.

There wasn’t any time to call it safe just yet. The door pushed Andrew back inside the heated room. The he heard a roar from the other side of the door, a tall, green, chubby alien (click for similar pic) with three eyes, long nails, and holding a small green laser pistol (click for pic) came slowly inside. Andrew gasped at the horrendous monster. He’s the one that kidnapped me? He thought to himself. It was impossible indeed. He hesitated to get up from the floor again, with the axe far away from him. It was hard to reach him, as the alien starts to shoot laser pellets right at him. The pellets had melted parts of the bed, as well as it shot the thermostat and broke the window glass. Andrew grabbed the axe as soon as he got his helmet and oxygen tank while the alien tries to reload its gun.

Andrew puts on his helmet and places his tank behind his back. He breathed the oxygen that came from the tubes behind his helmet. He eyed the alien, still reloading his gun. He stared at the beds with blue blankets and white pillows, neatly made. Andrew made up an idea…and he had to do it quick. Rapidly, he jumped up to the beds, jumping one by one. With the axe on hand, he swung the backwards part of the axe at the alien’s hands, letting go of the reloading gun.


Andrew scattered back from the alien, holding the gun and aiming at it. The tension inside his body was making him sweat, but it wasn’t the oxygen that was cooling him off…the temperature was rising up very fast after the thermostat was shot. Suddenly the Alien runs fast towards Andrew, unleashing large claws from both of its hands. He starts to shoot at the Alien’s leg multiple times…having a direct hit. Andrew gets up and jumps on the other side of the room’s beds, going around the alien and exiting the room. He then shoots the alien multiple times again using the laser gun, putting the Alien into a slow, painful death.

Finally exiting that room with the rising temperature, Andrew had to find a way out of the spaceship, and escape from getting burnt from an upcoming star. He had to find the spaceship’s garage to find a spare space car to exit. All was heard was fire from the background, from the outside of the ship as well as somewhere inside. He went through several doors, some doors leading him to the same place where he was before, but the temperature was something he cannot avoid. Feeling exhausted from the heat, he felt like he needed to take a short break and rest, but time was running out. He doesn’t know how close the star is from the ship.

He finally found the spaceship garage when opening the random door, and to his luck there was a small space aircraft nearby the garage opening. Suddenly he looked back and saw a few more aliens running towards them. Andrew starts to shoot the aliens at their chest, roaring with pain as they die. He then shoots at the garage door opening button and the door opens, leading the way out to space. He turns on the space aircraft with a touch of a button, and starts flying out of the ship with no complications.

As the ship gets collided with the star, it explodes like a nuclear bomb. The force of the explosion increased the speed of the spaceship heading towards a blue planet. Andrew tries to take on the ship and steered it to the left, heading to an unknown place…