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    Thanks! You won't be disappointed!


    Real Life Name: Chen Shinji

    In-game name: Shentso

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

    Status: Chen is a Power-leveler, Grinder, Dungeon-Crawler... However you want to word it, he's just good at these kinds of games. He prefers going solo, though, and that does often get him mistaken as a beta tester.


    Chen stands a tad taller than most people his age, measuring 6'3", and is quite lean. This makes him look a bit weaker than he is, which may cause people to pick fights with him a bit more than others. However, along with his strength, Chen is very agile, wielding his sword effectively in either hand. When it comes to his face, Chen has strong, defined features, and icy blue eyes that seem to pierce the soul. This is the most noticeable feature about him to people that meet him. Chen keeps his hair at shoulder length, yet its natural form tends to keep it out of his face. It has a slight bluish tint, which he blames on game graphics. The truth behind this is his tendency to do things that get his attention, which he also does with his armor, usually going with something more flashy.

    Personality: Chen is often quiet, but while this may make him appear shy, he is actually just extremely observant. He prefers watching over asking, and rarely parties with anyone. He keeps to himself in towns, and even on the field he will attempt to keep interactions to a minimum. Despite his quiet nature, Chen is quite chivalrous, and will help anyone that he sees needs it.

    When it comes to fears, Chen isn't that afraid of much, though he does abhor snakes, and is definitely shaky about the whole death issue. He does want to make the best of the life he is in now, though, and intends the one to run his blade through Kayaba to be himself. He may seem slightly grim and arrogant to those he newly meets, though if one takes the time to strengthen the thin relationship, they would find his anger to not be at them, but instead be ever aimed at his ex-role model.

    History: Chen was an average teenager in Tokyo, one who went to school everyday, got home, and played video games. As an only child with divorced parents, Chen had a lot of free time on his hands. He spent this closely followed the gaming industry, and was his school's expert on the subject. It was not rare for someone to ask his advice about which system or game to purchase. It was when rumors of a virtual reality system called the NerveGear were leaked that Chen started focusing on the details of its first and exclusive game, an MMORPG called Sword Art Online. Not unfamiliar with the game's genre, Chen began saving money from his job as a grocery store clerk immediately, putting every cent he owned into the system. He was at the game store twelve hours in advance, which still was cutting it close. He was able to purchase one of the last thousand copies, and plugged it in as soon as he got home. The setup process was in his eyes tedious, but well worth it when he first logged on.

    Chen found himself in a world where anything was possible. He marveled at the small details generated by the graphics engine, the reality of the physics... He was entranced. He started right away the way he usually would, hitting the field to level. He had gotten quite high, almost hitting the twenties, when Kayaba, one of Chen's role models, revealed his elaborate plot. This crushed Chen's dreams, and hardened his resolve. He went off on his own, traveling far from the Town of Beginnings. He began his process of power leveling yet again, though was much more careful now that death was a possibility.

    He now visits the Town of Beginnings yet again, marveling at the amount of deaths that have ensued. He is aiming to find information about the dungeon, as he intends on visiting it soon.

    •-One Handed straight sword - Lv: 1
    •-Alchemy - Lv: 1
    •-Sprint - Lv: 1
    •-Delay - Lv: 1

    Sword Arts:
    •- Spirit Veil - his sword glows white, and allows him one superpowered strike that increases item drops from defeated monsters. This is activated by holding the sword as if prepared to thrust.

    •- Blade of Blood - A red glow comes over his sword, which then lets him attack multiple times in quick succession. Chen hold his sword backwards (holding it so the pommel points to his opponent) to activate the sword art.

    Level: 12

    Code: Link Start!
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