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    JBC: Accepted. But you need to get an aquatic morph. I forgot to put it in the first time. Does he wear a shirt?

    Name: Jacob
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    He's calm, and quite most of the time. He is also rather indecisve now that he is in a leader possion. He has distansed himself from most of socity so that he can become a better soldier. He does care deeply for his team mates though, so it's hard for him to make desions that will possibly kill an animorph. But the true leader of the Animorphs (Jake) gave him this possition, so he is not likely to give it up.
    He has short brown hair, and crystal blue eyes. He is kind of a large guy around the middle. He usually wears a pair of tan shorts, and a plain red t-shirt. He usually wears a pair of tan sandels.
    Morphing outfit: Bike shorts, and Bike shirt
    Preferred Battle Morph: Spotted Hyena
    Preferred Spy Morph: Roach
    Preferred Bird Morph: Red-tailed Hawk
    Preferred Aquatic Morph: Dolphin
    Other: nope
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