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    Name: Skye Allegheri (Fake names. She typed in her real name in a vampire name generator thingy and that's what she came up with. The funny thing is, I really did that. Typed my name in and got that, I mean.)
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Personality: Skye is your typical emo girl. She doesn't hate life or anything but she basically thinks there's not much she can do. She hates it when people think emo is all about cutting yourself and hating life, or when people call her Goth. Basically she is a somewhat fun-loving girl that likes to stare at the rain a lot. Plus, she loves wearing thick-rimmed aviator sunglasses. Just thought I'd throw that in xP
    Morphing outfit: This, except she doesn't have the neckpiece or boot thingies, and she doesn't look like the Joker. Yes, the suit is two-colored. Get over it. Skintight stuff can be fashionable too xP
    Preferred Battle Morph: Siberian tiger cub. Although, she is a bit older than this one. A cub could potentially reach three feet easily, since they are mature at 4 years of age. More information can be found here.
    Preferred Spy Morph: Biting midge, though really they're commonly called 'no-see-ums'. Since it's very hard to, well, see 'um, she finds this the perfect morph. Also, if she's not happy with someone she can just bite them and they'll get a welt on them that won't go away for like a week.
    Preferred Bird Morph: Albatross, since it can fly for more than a day at a time. It is also unusual in the fact that it is able to land on water and ride the waves. Its diet is mostly consisting of sea animals, which would help if there was a sea mission and they needed someone as a lookout or something. When just over land, she prefers the scissor-tailed flycatcher, since no one knows what they are and since they're so small. For some reason, Skye loves the feeling of either being really small or really big. She loves perspective changing. It gives a whole new feel to things. Which is why she'd probably love the Helmacrons if they came to town again :/
    Preferred Aquatic morph: Dusky dolphin, because of its shadowed appearance and advanced acrobatics. Skye loves the feeling of being free in the ocean. And the color doesn't hurt either.
    Other: You make a move on her boyfriend, you die. She's really stressed about the fact that she can't show him her secret and has to keep lying to him.

    Hope it's okay.

    I haven't ever seen an Animorphs RPG. It's good that some people still like it. And Callandor, you don't have to do the font and color before every single line. Start the thing you want to be that font and color, and then put the [/]'s after the whole thing xP
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