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    Hi, Im new to this community. I enjoy playing pokemon games obviously. I was searching google for a good hacked pokemon game with alot of pokemon and a strong story and hard difficulty.

    Your game looks great in the pictures I havent tested it or found a download link for it yet.But, what I have read and seen, your doing a great job and it sparked my interest.

    I just had a few questions, I read alot of the postings here, but I did however skip through pages. So im sorry if my questions have already been asked or confirmed.

    1)How is the difficulty of this game?-Im wanting a game thats difficult, something where your skills have to be perfect, like in all nintendo versions you can basically kill everything with one pokemon if you have three different move types, to easy.

    2)Pokemon? How many are included?I'm a big fan of 1st gen that's what I grew up with, Ive been playing pokemon black2 and I try to only catch 1st gen pokemon lol.

    3)How is lvling? What I seen in pictures was a little scary, some super high lvls, which is great cause every pokemon game I played I never needed to lvl past 40-50 to finish every aspect in the game. My only concern is i'm not going to encounter a super high lvl pokemon randomly when im to low to fight it? (for instance im lvl 20 and a random lvl 90 shows up)

    4)Time based events? I know alot of roms I have gotten online do not offer time based events. Just wondering if there is going to be weather and night and day also.

    5)Special events included? Safari Zone,pokemon breeder,Battle subway.

    6.)How long is the game? I believe pokemon Crystal is the longest if I remember correctly, whichever one had the two regions and 16 badges.Was a super fun game, just easy. I seen you also have atleast 16 badges, how many regions?

    I always wanted to have my own Pokemon gym in these games for some reason, I think something where you implement it, maybe make a part where you can become a gym leader, and have the option of defending your gym, maybe something after you learn the fly Technic or available when you want to.Offer some kind of prize for a successful defense.Be even more fun on a wifi type game and other real-players can be involved.Just a idea for a future game or whatever lol.

    I always love when people make there own games, they always have such better stories and ideas then the version they hacked. From what I read your doing a great job. I look forward to playing this as soon as I can download it.

    sorry for all the questions but I would be here all day reading all the posts. thanks.
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