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    Hmm, good to see that sb likes my idea but any intentions of messing with pokes movesets. Like changing Samurott to fighting type as it is a ninja otter and giving pokes like Excradill Stone Edge and all, and also please tell me, since there r 16 gyms and in the 4th gym u fight lv 60 pokes how do u plan on maintaining the level curve? Anyways can't wait and please make sure we get that rematch phone or sth(forgot that name) so that grinding isn't a pain in the ass and please make sure somehow, some way we get life orb or lucky eggs and all. Can't wait bro and random question, is Technician available in Gen 3 games or sth cus Brelom definitely needs it. And also, please make sure we get bullet seed early as absorb is practically useless.

    Before I end my streams of comments I suggest u look through the documents of Drayano60's pokemon Blaze Black and Volt White v 3.1 as for the improvements the hack is freaking awesome and if u put it in the game, it would be even more awesome. Anyways, good luck and u have my full support. I always like a good challenge, cus after all, I am a wifi player :)

    Again, sorry for spamming the comment section and all, but I looked through the screenshots and noticed that Victini dosen't know Fusion Flare or even it's signature move V-create what do u plan on doing about this?
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