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    hey there, i've seen the latest updates, and i think this is very good, so i will consider in trying to complete beta 1 if i can, but the latest version of the beta does have the respective cries of pokemon like gible inserted or we have to wait untill beta 2?, i so, may i have permission to insert some cries if i'm able to?, somehow i like more the original cries of 4th/5th gen pokemon with random cries from 1st to 3rd gen you see...
    P.S: forgot to ask, does this latest version of beta 1 require me to start over?, and for a fire type pokemon, do you suggest me to catch charmander, victini or a speed bost torchic?
    P.S2:by any chance, how would i evolve eevee into espeon?, i saw that ash493 had both espeon and umbreon....
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