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    To be honest, a recurring theme that has sorta disappointed me is the fact that the legendary pokemon are... becoming just a little bit more easier to find! I mean, in pokemon black 2 and white 2, along your journey, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion are literally right along your path in the routes. Well, perhaps that was because of the main story line, but still; I find it just a little bit too easy that they are literally -right along your path-. Well, that's just my opinion anyway, but regardless!

    How do you think the challenge of finding rare legendary pokemon should be like in these games? Should the majority of them require difficult puzzles or riddles for you to solve first? For example, the golem legendaries, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel, usually require you to solve a tricky step puzzle! In RSE though, you'd have to do something specific; you'd have to bring a Relicanth, and a Waliord, and swap them in a specific order. However, your only 'clue' is that there are tablets that are in braille. So, should the puzzles for example, be like that, where you'd have to read different languages, or styles of text, in order to do very, very, very specific and wacky puzzles, in order to find legendary pokemon?

    Another thing I want to ask about is the journey to get them, and where to actually find them. How long should the journey be to find each legendary pokemon? Where should they be located to suit the themes that they represent? For example, take a look at pokemon R/S/E. You'd have to surf pretty far out in order to get to the Sky Pillar. Then, in the actual Sky Pillar, I remember how frustrating it was to use the Mach Bike to ride over each crumbled hole without stopping, because if you do, you'd fall down a hole, and have to climb back up all over again.

    One last thing I want to ask about are the capture rates. How difficult should it be to capture legendary pokemon in these games? I mean, nowadays, catching a legendary pokemon are pretty easy; in fact sometimes, you can just catch it with a pokeball. Well, you can probably catch legendary pokemon in pokeballs in past gens too, but, again, even though legendary pokemon might be hard enough to catch as it is, should it be really restricted to be only captured by a high-quality pokeballs, have their capture rates be a little higher? Like, Rayquaza; it seems as though only very high quality pokeballs can capture it, but even then, it would kind of take a very long time, because the capture rates are... kind of low!

    But, you know, as I ask these questions, try to relate them to what you speculate about the two new legendaries, as well as the possible appearance of the other legendary pokemon like the "third" legendary pokemon (you know, pokemon 'Z'), the trio legendary pokemon, the 'cute' legendary pokemon, as well as possible past gen legendary pokemon~

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