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Going to address the whole "capturing Pokemon with pokeballs" thing first.

When challenging Cobalion, I chucked as many Ultra, Great, and Pokeballs as it as I could. I really think that it kind of really comes down to luck, even if that Pokemon is sleeping, paralyzed, or even burned. So it's really just a matter of getting lucky. x_x

As far as the difficulty of finding legendary Pokemon? I'd like it to be like finding the Regis and Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza in R/S/E. I'd like to have some puzzles to complete, as it makes the whole battle definitely more exciting in the end. :3 All in all, I definitely wouldn't mind challenging more legendary Pokemon in their caves~ That being said though, the journey shouldn't be too difficult to get them, but eh, I wouldn't mind if it was made to be more difficult, I like a good challenge here and there. :3

I'll be chasing waterfalls tonight

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