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    How do you think the challenge of finding rare legendary pokemon should be like in these games?
    I'm gonna go all Skylanders on this one, but for me, I would like it if you could buy the Legendaries.
    Yeah, I know its unbelievably expensive. Now there's a new game coming out called , Disney Infinity.
    So why not with Pokemon X and Y as well ? But ONLY, with the Legendaries ?
    Maybe you can purchase a Pokeball of some sort with the 2 Legendary Pokemon (like the Portal and 3 Skylanders)

    How long should the journey be to find each legendary pokemon?
    .....and then while playing,somewhere near the end, you get prompted to make an InfraRed connection and insert the Legendary Pokemon in the Pokeball, and then it will appear in the game.

    Where should they be located to suit the themes that they represent?
    I can picture something like this : there's like a BIG BUSH of some sort and its shaking shaking shaking (like something's in it)
    and you go closer but nothing happens. then as you go even closer and press a button, you get asked to make an IR connection with the Pokeball and the figurine you have to put inside it (lets say Yveltal)
    And all of sudden it's a cut-scene where he comes flying out of the bush roaming the skies making it's loud cry! And it comes towards you, picks you up and flies off with you to some other place, where you get to battle it ...and then capture him

    How difficult should it be to capture legendary Pokemon in these games?
    Well, if it's with this Pokeball and figurine method (like Skylanders) it should not be too hard, cos you already have the figurine If you faint it while battling, you can just IR it again.

    Well, I know it's gonna be expensive, but it's gonna be fun as well! And you can "buy' the other legendaries as well , let's say there's gonna be 3 more.
    So it's gonna be all up to you whether you want Legendaries or not.

    AND, this gives you the change to get both Xerneas and Yveltal in the game! Instead of having to trade one over, you just buy both and in certain areas of the game you get prompted to do the IR thing for them. Maybe for Xerneas before you face the Elite 4, and then Yveltal after you have beat them
    aaand, once you captured each of them, the area where they appeared becomes "locked" meaning, you cant capture either of them anymore.

    Yeah, I know my idea of "The Challenge of Finding & Capturing Legendary pokemon" is very expensive, but I would go for it. Giving out that extra few dollars for a Legendary Pokemon and it's figure
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