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    Originally Posted by Azurus View Post
    I will have to start another game to list all the spelling errors, as I have reached the end of the demo. What kind of format would you like me to send them in?
    I'm currently doing that, although I haven't been able to do too much due to school work (which I've been putting off for the past three months). Currently, the errors are all in a Google Docs file and I already have my own little system going on. Maybe PM DarkDoom to add you to the document? Definitely PM me about splitting the workload and how I've formatted the document (I'm a bit picky about things, but, considering that you are offering to pick out his errors, you probably are too :P)
    School starts in two days, though, so I should be able to work on this project again.

    EDIT: DarkDoom, if you're not going to update the main post anytime soon, do you mind if I make a more up to date one instead?
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