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The Spring '13 Daily Chit Chat


The one, the only, the Daily Chit-Chat. Nothing beats the original. And it's in Other Chat & Discussions, so it's clearly the best thread on the entire forum. Feel free to post to your heart's content, the more the merrier! Just don't spam up the place. A few quick rules to get you started:

• Stick with the current topic. Feel free to come in and change the topic if the old topic is dead - if nobody's posted here in about an hour or so.

• Try to keep up! Don't ask what the topic is. Look back over a page or two and figure it out for yourself. "What are we talking about guys" posts aren't very conducive to discussion. These will be deleted, as they're +1 and Spam. Also, don't post "I'm off bye" or "I just got here, what's up" posts, these are SPAM too.

• Don't flame, troll, or harass. This is a light-hearted thread but it still follows all PC rules, including those on SPAM, Charachter count, content, etc. It's meant to be a very chill and relaxed atmosphere. Don't ruin it for other users.