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    Full Name: Angela /nick: Opel

    Age: 8 (yes I know its young for an instructor, but think how cute a really young teacher will be! Plus, it equals more drama, and fun!

    Species: Frosslass

    House: Water Cloak

    Appearance: Opel doesn't have as many jagged edges as a frosslass, and has a very smooth figure, along with green beaming eyes, and a big smile.

    History: Opel grew up in the mountains in a science camp, and grew up with her mother. Her father was never around for her, and most of what drove her forward was her desperation to see her fathers face. From a young age she was very intelligent and powerful, and as she traveled to various locations around the world, she became more and more experienced, stronger, and intelligent. When she was 7 she was invited to take a course that only high skilled and ranking pokémon take, and got a degree in teaching, and battle strategies, although her emotions let her down a bit on the actual usage of moves, as she tended to get upset if she were to hit someone inocent, however she didn't care to what she reffered to as, 'baddies.' Soon after she was pushed forward by her mother to share her knowledge, and she started to teach in schools. In school she learned that if she exaggerates her emotions, she can stop the ignorant kids from being bad, and keep the good kids focused, however there were a few times when she would ice beam a student for not paying attention. Opel is very patriotic and tends to do crazy things to achieve success, for example, one time, she jumped off a cliff to save a trophy she had won in class, but dropped. Luckily she was saved by a group of mareep who used their wools as blankets.

    Level: 48

    Move-set: ice beam, psychic, telekenesis, mirror coat, reflect, spite. (I have a question about spire, will it work like in mystery dungeon where all the pp is lost, or for rp's sake, makes the move unusuable, or will it just decrease the amount of times you can use it, like in the original games?)

    RP Sample: (optional)

    Code: Maestroke

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