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    What is the base of the RP? Is it purely PMD-based because the guild sounds a lot like an academy?

    To clear things up, the RP is a mixture between PMD, Pokemon Conquest and an Academy-style thing. As the plot builds, it will become more orientated towards the first two as opposed to the last.

    What does Four Quarters look like?

    First, imagine a square. Now cut the square into quarters. Violà! There is the guild from the bird's eye view. Of course it is more complicated though, with each different quarter owned to each different house. However, the names of the quarters are not the names of the house. The North-Eastern quarter, which faces the sea and named Spring is owned by Natural Grace. The North-Western quarter, which named Summer is owned by Iron Guard. The South-Eastern quarter, which also faces the sea and named Winter is owned by Water Cloak. Lastly, the South-Western quarter, which named Autumn is owned by Healer's Veil. Each quarter looks like the season they named after, with Spring having blooming flowers, and Winter having snow, etc.

    What are the roles of Instructors, and what are the roles of Members?

    Instructors are supposed to act like mentors for members while still exploring mystery dungeons and hunting outlaws. They have the right to deal out punishment (though they will be punished by house heads, i.e. the founders of the houses, for too strict punishment or abusive behaviour) and you could say that members assigned to instructors are almost their responsibility. The minimum age of instructors will be reduced, as I don't see why instructors can't be young. Instructors can organise classes for members after making a request to the house heads and can train members in a field or go on a group mystery dungeon.

    Members, on the other hand, are more like students or independants who can choose who they want to be their instructor, which classes they take part in, which missions they undertake. The priviledges of being a member include the ability to ask instructors for help on reasonable tasks.

    How old are the heads of each house?

    Right, so the guys were around in the war, and most of them would have been in there late twenties to early forties about that time so I would say that the heads are around 40-60 years old around about the time of the RP as 15 years since the war's end have passed.

    The original four teams feature the following Pokémon:

    Iron Guard: Golurk (leader), Ferrothorn, Infernape
    Rain Cloak: Frosslass (leader), Vaporeon, Accelgor
    Healer’s Veil: Mienshao (leader), Garchomp, Reuniclus
    Natural Grace: Sawsbuck (leader), Togekiss, Altaria

    Pokémon can wear clothes, so should they?

    It would make sense for each Pokémon in a house to wear that house's uniform, right? As for during the war, some Pokémon would have worn armour to help reduce damage taken.
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