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    Max is a boy who turned 11, while he was watching a Pokemon battle on TV his mother came upstairs with both her hands behind her back.
    Max said "What's behind your back?" His mom takes her hand from behind her back, it's a pokeball!
    Max said" Wow, I never thought that the surprise was gonna be a Pokemon!
    His mom says" Well, it isn't, entirely, I'm giving you this pokeball to catch a Pokemon!"
    Max says " Oh, cool this is sure gonna be fun!" Max started running downstairs, but then his Mom said " Max don't forget your clothes!" Max ran into the bathroom and changed into his new clothes. Max went running downstairs again then his Mom said"
    Don't forget your bag!" Max ran back upstairs and got his and put his pokeball in it.

    Max ran downstairs and just before he got out he said" Thanks Mom, I appreciate it!"
    His Mom says "Your welcome, you deserved it!" Max ran outside and just before he ran into the grass patch he ran into another trainer. The trainer said" Hey watch out,you could've hurt me!" Max says "Well, sorry, I din't mean to." The trainer said"
    Well, my name is Neo, and I'm just becoming a Pokemon trainer! Do you wanna battle?" Max said" No because I don't have my Pokemon YET, but i will soon!"

    Neo says "Hey, you can borrow my Chikorita!" Max says "Thanks i'll be right back!"
    Max ran into the grass patches and saw a Cyndaquil, he went over to it and battled it,
    Max sent out Neo's Chikorita and Max said " Chikorita use tackle!" Cyndaquil looks weak! Max threw a Pokeball, and it wiggled then a spark flew up, I caught a Cyndaquil!
    Max ran over to Neo and said" Thanks for letting me borrow your Chikorita!" Neo says " Your welcome, here take these." Neo gave Max some potions and Pokeballs. Max said" Wow, thanks Neo, maybe we can become rivals!" Neo said " Yea sure sounds like fun! Meet ya after your first gym badge in Violet city?" Max said" Sure, meet ya there!"

    Well that's part one, And heres a liitle summary or part 2:
    Max tries to go to the next town, Cherrygrove Town, but he runs into all kinds of Pokemon, trying to catch all the Pokemon he can find, but he doesn't have enough Pokeballs, so he runs out and just trains and trains, and one of his Pokemon gets a staus problem!

    Thats it for now!
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