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    Free Agent looking for work
    Area looking for work: Storyline Writer
    Timezone: -8 Hrs GMT Pacific Time Zone
    Preferred method of contact PM or YIM

    Examples of work: Now this is where it gets difficult, almost all of my old work has been published or is in the process of being published, except for one but that's being turned into a series of video games so I'm not exactly sure on ability to retain anonymity on the internet if I use any of them. I guess I could use one of my two upcoming internet series synopsis for an example but as I like to keep my work secret until it comes out, I’d rather not. I could use one of my fan-works, but then if my real life identity was discovered I might get into legal hot water. So what I’ll do is if you want an example of my work, send me a PM and I’ll send you a sample.

    Additional Info: I am a professional writer that likes to do fanwork from time to time. It keeps me sharp, especially since the last time I had free time between published materials was almost a decade. I had nothing published between 1995 and 2004, I believe... I could be wrong on the years... Oh and I only help with projects that interest me... so at least have something interesting either in basic plot or character art...