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Originally Posted by BlahISuck View Post
They got Djohar, the younger brother. He seemed to be a cool kid who was known by everybody and wanted to get ahead in life. I have a feeling the older brother played a role influencing him into this. He went to Dagestan (near Chechnya) for 6 months, so maybe that's where he got the training/indoctrination.

Edit: Call me selfish, but I'm really happy that D&D can go back to being D&D.
I think the father might have been indoctrinated/radicalized/recruited first, back home. Might be why there seems to a division between he and his brother and why the brother seems to look down on that family.

Then probably the older son when he returned for six months.

Then somehow got the younger one in on it, if even half-heartedly, when "he went missing" a month ago.


Anyway, really like the outcome of this. Teamwork, cooperation, and good detective and tactical work goes a long way
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