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    Shadoan approaches a Dark Diamond as Avaith Step's forth. The dark diamond hums, the same as the others and starts to calms before a bolt of electricity bursts into the ground, electrifying the area as a Quagsire with skin as gray as storm clouds slumps out from the top surface and onto the electrocuted field. The current of electricity going through it's body as it looks confused at it's opponent. It's belly is glowing a red-pinkish color, containing the Way-Stone. Shadoan's eyes adjust to looks at Irek as the green pikachu hops down onto the electrified field. The fight begins as Quagsire let's loose a stream of brown [Muddy Water]. Irek sidesteps and charges towards his grayed out opponent. "Irek, Iron Tail." The green pikachu grins as he smashes the water type to the side and charges towards the water type. The Quasire gets up and spits out a stream of scalding hot water that catches fire even as what misses hits the ground. "Irek, Latch onto him. You know what to do." Irek obeys and grapples himself onto Quagsire as the water type tries to shake him loose. Irek crawls and latches, swinging around his opponent until the water type starts punching, trying to hit him to get off, only himself. After a few heavy hits, shadoan orders Irek to perform Iron tail one last time.

    The green pokemon launches itself into the air, using the back as a spring-board into the air and spins, front flipping as his tail begins to glow until it SLAMS into the back of the head of Quagsire, planting it's face into the ground and causing it's body to flash in a bright light. Shadoan claims the way-stone from the remains as the electricty subsides.

    From here, he walks back towards his ship, the S.S. Behemoth. Cletching the Waystone in his palm, both him, his team and his ship he earns from his last contest with Earth and sky begin to glow. The way-stone begins to exert energy, pushing those on the ships deck back a great deal as it begins to lift the ship. The warping energies pulling them apart and sending them skyward, as it tosses them through the space-time continuum, slowly piecing them back together and throwing them on the other side of the gate, a few of his pokemon were flung off the sides during the process and start appearing on different areas of the region at random, as if the warp just brought them there As Shadoan's Ship crashes somewhere at the base of the mountains leading to Gaia's Heart.

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