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    Gelius Prowers Icestorm - Chapter 2 - Middle of Desert...

    Gelius looked around. Good to be back, i guess. Though he was not enjoying the guy who was calling everyone "Pain in the A**". Gelius rolled his eyes. "Question? When you stop being a huge A**hole?" Gelius said. He did not enjoy hearing people calling names to others or critics to abilities. His Weavile just glared the male who was acting as a leader. "I very much know how survival works, thank you very much. I don't mind teaming up though, as it seems, it's the best chance of surviving." Gelius said. Surely enough, Orre was a desert. So, somewhat easy for him. He just entered the tent.

    The Tale of "Lin Cross Amethyst Aerith" - Chapter 2 - "Boot Camp."

    Lin simply nodded. While the male was harsh on words of explaining, she should follow orders of an expert. Though to know that the purpose of the league changed, it kinda filled her with doubt for a while. She then sighed. At least she had a team. She wasn't alone.

    Looking in the horizon for a while, she hoped she could see the stars again tonight. Seeing that most were planning to enter the tent, she simply nodded and entered, following the lead of an "expert". That's what she was going to call Sparth for now.
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