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    Orion Starght
    Chapter 1 Part 3 - The Socializing
    Silitune Sands
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    Luxio - Spark
    Arcanine - Ardor

    Orion listens closely. He takes a look at the palm of his right hand. A three was apparently tattooed on it. He looks around to see, what number the others have written on their hands. Three seemend to be a common number, oakin was glad. "It seems that we had a good fight, bud", he says to Spark. He listens to the further explanations. //How does he even know what happens if one does not have a hand?//, Oakin wonders, but decides that he does not even want to know the answer. //This guy is already weird enough.//

    When the blowhard invites them to his tent, Oakin is insecure. "Hey Spark, I am not sure whether this is the best idea. We have got a tent for ourselves and I do not think I will be able to handle all of these people very well", he admits, kneeling and seeking sympathy in his partner's eyes. The Luxio purrs, but pushes him in the direction of the tent. Oakin is not sure, though, if Spark wants him to socialize or just wants to get to know the other Pokemon he is excited for. "Got it", Oakin replies, stands up and begins moving in the direction of the tent. "It is probably for the best..." He takes a deep breath, opens the tent, making it able for Spark to enter and follows him.


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