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    This Is Halloween

    A new day dawned across Oak Island, as much as you could call it a dawn. Dark clouds rolled across the sky and blanketed the island in shadow, a cold wind blew through the streets of the town and there was the feeling, no matter where you went, that something was afoot on the island. Dark forces were on the move, their sinister intentions spreading through the hallways of the academy like creeping vines ready to bear their rotten fruit. Mischief makers were out in full force, spreading chaos and confusion wherever they could while those of a nervous disposition hurried from one supposedly safe location to the next, praying for a haven from the madness.

    In other words, it was Halloween.

    The excitement of the holiday had everyone on the island charged with energy, an island with a population consisting mostly of teenagers meant that Halloween and everything came with it was taken full advantage of. The Academy itself was festooned with decorations. Paper Zubats hung from the ceilings and cardboard Cofargigus lined the hallways. Genuine Pumpkaboo were patrolling the entire island, handing out candy to any students who could make them laugh and the sky was filled with Drifloon and Drifblim, trailing twinkling lights behind them as they floated on the breeze. Many of the decorations were actually Ghost Pokemon in disguise - often as fake versions of themselves - waiting for the chance to come to life and terrify unsuspecting students. Most of these Pokemon were owned by staff members or residents of the town, putting their Pokemon to work to help create the perfect Halloween atmosphere, nothing unusual for a Halloween at the Pokemon Trainer Academy.

    Something seemed to have whipped the wild Ghost types on the island into a frenzy though, causing them to abandon their usual haunts in search of victims to terrify. The Lugia Dorm, long abandoned to the Ghosts who had claimed it, was almost completely empty. As soon as midnight had struck the inhabitants had come screeching out of every window, doorway and crack in the walls. Staff had quickly mobilized and cordoned off the building, setting Ghost specialists to guard it in case any students were foolish enough to try to gain entry. Although it seemed empty they made sure the students understood it was likely some of the most powerful Pokemon living there had probably stayed behind, cunning enough to hope for foolish young Trainers to wander inside. Whatever had caused the spooks to fly the coop didn't seem to have hit The Dead Forest, the deadly Pokemon lurking there seemed to have retreated deeper into their domain. This appeared to have the Academy staff more concerned than the outpouring from Lugia Dorm and staff had been dispatched in even greater numbers to patrol the outskirts of the area. Students had been informed they weren't to try and infiltrate The Dead Forest under any circumstances, there would be plenty of opportunities for fun and frights elsewhere.

    An entire wing of the schools main building was being converted into an elaborate haunted house by none other than Fantina, Gym Leader of Hearthome City, a Ghost Type specialist known for her flair for performance. It was to be opened once night had fallen and the word was that it was being designed to be so frightening no one would be able to make their way to the end. Rumour had it that secret doors would be hidden throughout so students could be pulled out at a moments notice when they became too scared and that there would be some sort of special mystery prize for anyone with the fortitude to see the challenge through to its end.

    Classes were naturally suspended over the holiday period so that students would have every opportunity to enjoy themselves. Most were excited more about their costumes than anything else with some choosing to put them on the second they got out of bed, while others were saving them for later in the day. While many viewed the day as a chance to blow off some steam others were pouncing on the chance to catch a Ghost Type Pokemon now that they were just about everywhere on the island. Whatever motivation was driving them no one could deny that the spirit of Halloween had completely infected the island, for better or for worse...


    Sydney yawned widely and rubbed her eyes before peeking from under her covers at her alarm clock. She had woken up just a few minutes before it was due to sound so she clicked the button to turn it off, eager not to have it screech at her if she could avoid it. She wriggled into a sitting position and pushed her hair away from her face, looking down at Miko who had been curled up behind her knees as she slept. The Pachirisu had her fluffy tail wrapped around herself and was doing her absolute best to pretend she was still asleep, hoping to be able to catch a few more minutes (or hours) before her trainer said it was time to start the day.

    Sydney smiled and decided to let her Pokemon rest, stretching herself into wakefulness before springing out of bed and immediately going to check for the thousandth time that everything was ready for her costume. She'd worked backstage on several Pokemon Musicals with her mother and had developed a talent for costume design and make up so it was imperative that she blow people away with her outfit. It wasn't simply enough to maintain her reputation as a premier student and trainer at the Academy, she also had to make sure to develop her renown in other fields as well.

    Everything was precisely as she had left it in its proper place. The costume itself, something she had been making for weeks, was hanging up and ready to go. A few of the other components were sitting on her desk alongside her Sableye doll and all the make up she would need to complete her look, carefully laid out in the order she would need to apply it. Happy that all was as it should be she turned to get ready for her morning rout-... wait a minute. She didn't have a Sableye doll...

    Whipping back around she stared at the stuffed toy sitting on her desk, arms hanging by its side and large head tipped forward so that its chin was resting on its chest. Where had it come from? Had someone left it for her as some kind of gift? They would have had to have creeped into her room while she was asleep, a thought that made her shiver, because the doll hadn't been there when she'd gone to sleep. She creeped forward, slow and silent, eyes wide as she stared at it. Maybe it was a prank, stuffed with maggots, placed by one of the other students she'd beaten in battle. Probably that Ivrant boy looking to get petty revenge. She reached out, her arm seeming to take an age to stretch from her body towards the doll, extending one finger. She jabbed at the doll to see if it would play a crude song or something and as she poked it the doll sprang to life, jumping to its feet and baring triangular fangs in a wicked grin before taking a chomp at her finger.

    She screeched loud enough to be heard through the entire dorm and yanked her hand away in time, staggering away until she backed up into the side of her bed and sat down on it, screaming again. Miko jumped a foot in the air at the wails, her tail fluffed up to three times normal size, tiny eyes searching the room for the threat until they locked onto what was apparently a very real Sableye. She bared her own considerably fangs and hissed at the creature before leaping off the bed and onto the desk in one bound, snarling at the intruder.

    "Miko, no, no, don't, it's dangerous!" Sydney cried out but Miko, normally lazy and pampered, had reverted to her wild instincts on seeing Sydney in trouble. She launched at the giggling Sableye who bounced away, jumping down to the floor and running around the bed. Sydney squeaked and yanked her feet off the ground as the Pokemon ran past, hotly pursued by her Pachirisu. The Sableye jumped again onto the bookcase, hanging off one of the shelves by one arm like a Chimchar and grinning down at its victims. Miko glared up at it and prepared to attack, sparks of electricity dancing across her, when the Sableye started to swing back and forth, rocking the entire bookcase. Sydney screamed again as the Sableye flung itself from its perch, flying across the room to land all the way back on the desk in a crouch, as the bookcase rocked forward far enough that its contents came falling down in an avalanche of books. Miko had time to let out a frightened squeak of her own before she was buried in a pile of literature. Sydney launched forward and managed to catch the case before it fell over completely, breathing heavily as she pushed it upright again so Miko wouldn't be entirely crushed.

    Panting for breath she looked around the room frantically trying to see where Sableye had gone. Her eyes locked onto her satchel bag, hanging over the desk chair, as she saw Sableyes legs vanishing into it as the Darkness Pokemon burrowed into the contents. Her eyes narrowed, her fear getting swept away in a tide of anger as she charged across the room and grabbed the bag by the straps, lifting it up and swinging it into the wall with all of her strength.

    "Get OUT get out get out!" She screamed, pulling back and slamming the bag against the wall again, determined not to see this beast from hell get the best of her. She was getting ready for another smash when the Sableye ripped through the bottom of her bag with its claws, falling to the floor amidst the bags contents. Sydney shouted a word she really had no business knowing and dived for the Pokemon, trying to catch it in the remains of her bag to keep it contained. Leaping to the side it easily dodged her and scampered away, running under the bed. She looked around and seized one of her Pokeballs that had fallen on the floor, pressing the button and releasing her tiny Cutiefly.
    "Titania get that Sableye, get it!" She called out, pointing at the bed. Titania, a Pokemon constructed entirely from sugar, spice and murderous intent, buzzed happily and shot under the bed, eager for the chance to inflict pain so early in the morning. The bed started to thump up and down, lifting into the air completely before slamming back down as the two Pokemon tussled underneath it. Taking her chance Sydney scrambled across the floor to the heap of books and started throwing them to the side, digging until she found Miko at the bottom. The Pachirisu was out cold but didn't seem to be seriously hurt which was a huge relief. Sydney was about to pick her up when Titania came shooting out from under the bed, smacking into the wall with some force before falling to the carpet, just as unconscious as Miko was. Sableye quickly followed, apparently the victor of their epic struggle, running across the floor on all fours like a Spinarak. Sydney screamed angrily again and threw herself at it, hitting the ground with a thud and catching a whole lot of nothing as Sableye jumped away again, grabbing the handle of her rooms door and using its weight to pull it down. It kicked off the wall and the door swung open, Sableye laughing and giving Sydney a mocking salute as it dropped to the ground, ready to escape.

    "Oh no you don't GET- BACK -HERE!" Sydney scooped up another fallen Pokeball and scrambled to her feet, chasing Sableye our of her bedroom and into the Suicune Dorm common room. It bounced away again and landed on an armchair, laughing wildly at the mayhem it was causing. Sydney threw herself once more and girl, Pokemon and chair fell to the ground in a heap. She managed to get a hand on the Sableye before it could escape again and this time it was the Sableye that started screeching, wriggling like a hooked Magikarp trying to get off the line. Rolling onto her knees Sydney pinned the Sableye to the ground and with one last roar she didn't throw the Pokeball but instead slammed it right down onto the Pokemons face, the capsule popping open and sucking the troublemaker inside before snapping shut. It started to shake violently in her hand but she refused to let go, holding the ball closed with all of her strength until the tremors died down and the ball sealed with a distinctive *click*.

    "YES! YES, I GOT YOU, YOU LITTLE &*$£!" She held the Pokeball above her head, kneeling in the middle of the common room in her pink Musharna themed pyjamas. Her hair was in disarray, her eyes wide and manic looking. Anyone who looked into her open dorm room would see two defeated Pokemon, her belongings all over the floor and that her bed looked to have been dragged halfway across the room.
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