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    Originally Posted by >JAVS< View Post
    Yap, I'd posted my hack in another forum, I've evidence and witnesses..
    About your question.. "Do you keep up your hack now?" Of course!.. My hack nowadays is in repairs graphicaly.. But I will post it here soon and post news in the other forum..
    Respecting "DarkSteel logo" I can help you ;), you only have to tell me what name do you want I put.. Greetings, >Javs<!
    Actually, I found a video of your hack on YouTube. So, I went and changed the name to DarkCopper. Same name concept, different name.

    Here's the new logo, hopefully it looks decent.

    So, everything's good now. I'll go PM, destinedjagold about name changing it.

    As, for actual updates, I'm not sure when the next one will be. I will be at a party tomorrow, and after that, I'm not sure how my scheduled.
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