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    Kai watched Mirelda smirk at his discomfort. "It's fine, I have a Gible back home who also liked to bite me so my body is just kinda adjusted to it. So how about that mask?"

    "Of course not, Laddie! We're a police force, not a secret agency! I doubt anyone will recognize you any ways." Mirelda said, finishing up inputting measurements. Kai nodded his head in agreement. "My brother is the famous one, not me so it would be impossible for anyone to recognize me. Afterall he never mentioned having a brother in any of his interviews. It's also unlikely anyone from Cinnabar would travel to Unova this time of year, which the Grand Festival taking place there this year." after coming to terms with these thoughts Kai agreed on not pursuing on getting a mask.

    After a few clicks and whirs, a full plasma uniform, fitted exactly to Kai, reeled out of a section in the wall. It was handed to Kai, and then Mirelda exited the curtained-off alcove.

    "Come to the front desk when you're finished, laddie!" She said cheerily, returning to her desk.

    Kai looked at the uniform, it looked really cool. The crest looked even cooler. He quickly put on his uniform and then folded up his old clothes. "Wonder what I do with these?" before leaving the curtained room Kai summoned Sandile back out of its Pokeball. This time Kai dodged the Sandile's bite attack. "My reflexes are very sharp due to my brother's training, you won't get me with the same attack twice." The Sandile smirked and then sat down looking up at Kai. "Guess I gained your respect easily, so how about a name?" Sandile nodded at its trainer. "I'm going to name you Thrash, little one." Sandile's eyes lit up, Kai could tell he had chosen the right name. Yet when he looked at Sandile he felt something was missing. That's when an idea popped into his head. "Let's get you a cool accessory to wear!" Sandile tilted its head to the side in confusion.

    Kai didn't really care and instead searched the room for something that would look cool on Sandile. That's when he looked down at his folded clothes and his headband. Kai picked up his headband and placed it on Sandile's head. "Alright now that looks cool!" Sandile had no clue what was going on and so it poked its pokeball and returned inside. "Well I guess it will come to appreciate my gift over time. Better go meet Mirelda outside now."

    As Kai was walking out of the curtain room, he accidentally ran into three people. He ran into two girls and a guy that all gave him a dirty look. "We are all new here too, but don't you dare step out of line with us again or you'll regret it." they all said at Kai. "Hey! Next time stay out of my way when I'm charging ahead!" Kai yelled back. All the trainers and Kai pulled out their Pokeballs. "Hey! No fighting in here! If you want to fight do it in the training area or something!" said another Plasma member that was talking to Mirelda. "We will finish this up another time." they all said walking away from each other.

    After only walking two steps away from each other they all immediately turned back around. "My name is Joey, I'm headed to the top of the ladder with my partner Scraggy." said the guy with glasses.

    "My name is Amanda and with my partner Purrlion we're going to be the top cats here!" said the girl with blonde hair tied in two ponytails.

    "My name is Samantha and with my partner Roggenrola we're going to Rock-n-Roll our path to awesomeness." said the girl with short green hair.

    "And my name is Kai, I'm charging my way to the top with my partner Sandile." Kai said as he raised his Pokeball high. The other trainers followed his lead, glared at each other, then dispersed. "I know this is about to be a pain in the ass." Kai said scratching his head vigorously. He walked over to the desk where Mirelda, who was holding a badge, was and then took the badge. "Sorry about that little incident. So now that I have my badge, where do I go from here?"
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