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-Username LMFAO. Word up. (No nickname, You can call me Adam though.)

-Favorite character and why: My favourite character would have to be Rick, his personality is something to be admired, he can take control in pressuring situations and although he has recently gone a little insane he remains to be the most passionite character within the series, he has had to make some interesting and questionable decisions in the show and I feel that he has always taken the best possible way to go into a situation!

-Go to this link here. Take the quiz and find out which Walking Dead character you match best. Post your result here! I'm going incorporate the result into the member list;
Based on your choices, you are RICK.

You tend to be two steps ahead. Strong and determined, you believe in the inherent good in people-even if they sometimes prove you wrong.
You balance what's best for the group with your own personal safety but often prioritise collective needs over your own.
To your detriment, you cling to a humanity that may be irrelevant in this the world.
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