Thread: 5th Gen B2W2 Travel Journal
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Wow...been a while since I last updated.

Anyway, I beat Cheren and I'm currently in the Virbank Complex looking for a good-natured/IVed Magnemite. I also downloaded Genesect via Wi-Fi, but haven't bothered picking it up yet.

Current team:

Oshawott, male, level 15
-Focus Energy
-Water Gun
-Water Sport
Nature: Hardy

Riolu, female, level 13
-Quick Attack
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Steadfast

Lillipup, male, level 13
-Odor Sleuth
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Pickup

Pidove, male, level 13
-Quick Attack
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Big Pecks

Venipede, male, level 13
-Defense Curl
-Poison Sting
Nature: Naive
Ability: Poison Point