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    Sorry for over two year necro-posting, but honestly, this is the ONLY quality HM style crop system I've found online for RMXP. Everyone wants to do VX or MV these days. So, here's hoping in the permanency of computers!

    I am somewhat familiar with scripting and am prepared to make the needed changes myself, but I'm not sure what to change where. I wanted to do a game more like a standard RMXP adventure game with farming as a major feature, but not the central focus. The key things I need to change are:
    1. I need the player to be able to access the standard equipment screen for weapons, spells, etc.
    2. I want to play with the timer, potentially even shutting it off, or giving the player the option to shut it off for "easy mode."
    3. If possible, I want to link standard RMXP items to your item scripts so the player only needs the main menu. Otherwise, I would need the rucksack AND the regular menu to both be accessible.

    Congrats on being the only person in all of the internet to make this fantastic system. I hope you can point me in the right direction. If not, thanks for the framework to work with! Good luck and good hunting.
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