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    Posting this at midnight so sorry in advance for any mistakes.

    Name: Symon Riley

    Nickname: Sy

    Gender: Male

    Age: 14

    Species: Riolu

    Team: Woodland Wanderers

    Title: <Member> The Quiet One

    Appearance: Normal Riolu but with a tuft of hair on his head. Also wears a green scarf. (The winter kind)

    Personality: Rather shy and very modest. In fact he's so shy he hardly speaks above a whisper when around strangers, but he is also extremely loyal even to a fault and won't leave a friend behind no matter how much they try to push him away. He is sensitive and very considerate to everyone around him. He's the kind of pokemon who would sit with someone if their sad or lonely or give them a helping hand if their injured, effectively forgetting about his shyness. Sy is very mild mannered and doesn't anger easily, but if you do manage to anger him somehow you may wish you hadn't because when he's angry he finds it hard to think straight and can act rather rash. When motivated, Sy can be quite determined and won't give up no matter hopeless a situation may seem.

    History: Sy used to live with his parents and older brother named Saf. Sy didn't have many friends due to his shyness so he was extremely close to his brother and the two of them spent most of their waking hours together, swimming, sparring, star gazing (Where they would always have a race to see who can find all the constellations first.) among other activities. Saf always defended Sy when others teased him, even if it meant he would get teased too, They had their disagreements as all siblings do but for the most part they rarely ever fought. Saf even let Sy sleep with him if he had a nightmare, back when he was little, but a few months ago his home caught on fire. His Mother Father and Saf all perished in the inferno leaving Sy devastated. Saf had in fact sacrificed himself to get his little brother to safety but not before giving Sy his favourite scarf, which Sy still wears to this day. It meant everything to him and he would be utterly crushed if he lost it, as it was all he had to remember his brother by. Thanks to that tragedy Sy now has a morbid fear of fire.being completely without a home Sy wondered around aimlessly for awhile, sleeping in whatever shelter he could find, and eating whatever fruit he found,until finally he came across the Woodland Wanderers.

    Level: 27

    Moveset: Force Palm, Hidden Power (Water), Endure, Focus Blast

    RP Sample: (Alittle something from a previous RP which I coincidentally used Sy in aswell ^^)

    Sy was wandering around this seemingly endless swamp making sqwelchy noises as his feet hit the soft and moist ground. The expression on his face was down right miserable. And to think that not long ago he was sitting at his favorite Oasis drawing pictures in the water and just having a good time, but apparently that Arcanine thought it would be hilarious to storm in and cause a massacre. The Riolu let out a mournful sob as he remembered his parents and older brother who he saw get killed before his eyes, but no tears came out. He figured he already cried them all out.

    sy rubbed his left shoulder which was struck by a Pin Missile in his escape. He did his best to ignore the pain up until now but it was starting to get unbearable. Sy glanced at the green scarf his brother gave him just before he died and sighed.

    Feeling exhausted, Sy sat down by a dead tree shivered from the cold. It was official, he now hated swamps. He hated being alone, and he hated that Arcanine for putting him in this.

    If I need to add something just let me know and I'll edit it.
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