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    Heres my SU. May I join?

    Name: Sparkski Johnson

    Nickname: Sparky

    Gender: Male

    Age: 12

    Species: Pikachu

    Team: The Crossblade Crew

    Title: Member. Rookie Sparky

    Appearance: Sparky looks like a normal Pikachu, however he has a small tuft of green hair between his ears. He wears a small, red bandana.

    Personality: Sparky is reckless but only has good intentions at heart. He is good at finding things and digging but has an extreme fear of heights. He can also be very hotheaded, boastful, bossy and stuck up but only ever wants to help and prove himself, as for most of his life he was thought of weak and deemed useless. At a young age Sparky had a taste for adventure and treasure hunting as well as orienteering. Sparky's childhood dream was to travel the world and meet all kinds of Pokemon and explore all kinds of Mystery Dungeons, to become the most well-known and strongest Pokemon in all of the land. Sparky is very friendly most of the time but can be found rarely in a bad mood.

    History: Sparky was born as a Pichu and was brought up as a fighter while living with his best friend Mak, a Poochyanna and his pack. While playing in a forest, Mak and Sparky were taken by a outlaw, Drowzee who forced them both to dig up some buried treasure. Once they did this, the hole was very deep and Drowzee started filling it in. Sparky and Mak had to act fast, Sparky Volt Tackled out of the hole but went too far and hit Drowzee, knoking into the treasure and a Thunderstone. Sparky was frozen and enveloped in a bright light, unable to move to help Mak. Drowzee decided to take Mak with him and fled. Now Sparky is determined to find Drowzee and rescue Mak, so he joined The Crossblade Crew as they travel around on their ship a lot. However, at first The Crossblade Crew were very hard on him becoming a member. First of all he had to prove he was a strong and true battler, so he was sent to fight many strong Pokemon, defeating most of them. Next, he had to prove he was good at digging as the crew did dig for buried treasure, so Sparky decided to set out on an adventure to find some treasure that The Crossblade Crew had scattered all over the beach for him to find. Sparky found most of the pieces but not all of them. The final task was for Sparky to steal something from an old evil Gothitelle in the forest. So Sparky traveled to the forest and found the Gothitelle's house and sneakily got inside but could not bring himself to steal the item. He got back to The Crossblade Crew's ship, when he returned and gave them the news, they weren't very happy with Sparky. Then the time came when The Crossblade Crew reviewed how Sparky did at the challenges. He had only just failed the first two and completely failed the final one. So Sparky had failed to get into the crew, until... Another band of Pirate Pokemon boarded the ship and captured the rest of the Pokemon, seconds after Sparky had left the ship. He knew what he had to do, he had to save The Crossblade Crew. He reboarded the ship undetected and battled and successfully defeated all of the pirate Pokemon besides the Captain, a stout Lickylicky, wearing a trench coat and his second in command,a tall, thin Ampharos. Sparky had difficulty battling the second in command until he decided that he could use his digging skills. He smashed the boards beneath him and ran under the deck and smashed the boards that the second in command was standing on and knocked them into the air and to defeat. Then Sparky had come to battle the Captain of the other band of pirates he battled fiercely and elegantly using his moves and his board smashing (digging) technique but could still not defeat Lickylicky. After suffering repetitive attacks, Sparky was starting to give up hope, until... It had come to him! Sparky charged towards Lickylicky and grabbed the item in his pocket, a poison barb and hurled it at him. Sparky finished him off swiftly. Sparky had saved The Crossblade Crew! Shortly after the criminals were handed over to the law enforcement, Sparky was made part of The Crossblade Crew.

    Level: 21

    Moveset: Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Electro Ball, Iron Tail, Volt Tackle, Slam

    Please Check out The What Squad on YouTube:
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