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    ^ Kinda just seems like you're saying all that just to end the conversation even though NikNaks is right about this whole game. There are dozens of inspiring newbs like you who has an idea about a Pokemon game, and like you asks for help without giving anything in return. You say you're classes and such, but if that's true, it'll take awhile for you to even make a single process on this said game. The whole coming up with ideas thing is what newbs forget about what all of this is about; You guy's likely aren't majoring in anything computer related, and you all claim your projects to be a hobby, only to get pissed and desperate cause no one's helping you, which makes sense when you've got nothing to contribute, not to mention you're just doing this for fun.

    Only few people I've seen on this site I can name at the top of my head is Desbrina's Pokemon Yellow Remake, and this one Pokemon Adventure Time sprite like side scrolling game, and both of those users already have programming experience, either due to classes(Which must have took awhile) or self-learning. So again, quit begging for help with project's when your only doing this as a hobby/have no contributions(Btw spending a couple of weeks in class isn't enough time to learn how to program) AKA, idea's fine, just come back with the project when you have experience with programming, if anyone is willing to put the effort into giving you the help besides your classes.