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    Originally Posted by marfil92 View Post
    I am trying to install the script but it doesn't works... I have this error:

    "Error Script PScreen_Summary in line 1125 type "SyntaxError""

    How can I solve it?
    I haven't looked at these scripts in quite some time, so I may not be of much help anymore. Go into your script and in PScreen_Summary, find line 1125 and the lines around it and see if anything looks off to you. It could be something as simple as a missing comma, or a break in the line somewhere. I just checked my script in my vanilla copy of Essentials (with only Birthsigns installed), and this is what I found:

    class PokemonSummary
      def initialize(scene)
    The bolded line is what line 1125 is for me in my script. If this doesn't match up with your script, then that means you either copied the scripts wrong, or maybe have some random extra spaces somewhere, or you have other scripts installed that may be conflicting with something of mine.
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