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    Originally Posted by BusterBass View Post
    Probably my favourite hack!
    Completed it on Main version and now blasting my through Compliment Version.

    The different pokemon are enough to want to play it again!

    But something is bugging me...where is Treecko in Polar forest? I wouldn't normally ask but I've burnt about 50 Max Repels running around and I have no idea where it is! (I have scope and I am in Polar forest. Can't find him in either version)
    you need waterfall. find a lake with a waterfall and scale it. there should be a lake with two small islands. Treeko is on the left island.

    Originally Posted by chaos_evoys View Post
    I found both helix and skull fossil at dark cave
    BTWs, in which part of the cave did you find the helix.
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