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    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    Also, I'm having a big brain fart trying to understand all the math in that DOB challenge. Don't make me do math waaaah.
    Would posting an example make it easier to understand?

    So, My date of birth is 12/24/1994, if I were playing a Generation 3 game, that would give me:

    1. 24+12+94=130 Which would give me Crawdaunt.
    2. 24x3=72 Gives me Aggron
    3. 12x3x3=108 Gives me Koffing

    If we wrote it as MM/DD/YY, it would be:

    1. DD+MM+YY
    2. DD x (Generation of game)
    3. MM x (Generation of game)^2

    I think the idea is sound, I just need to work out the kinks.
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