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    Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
    I can now confirm that it is possible to create custom battle backgrounds by expanding the battle background table:

    This custom battle background takes up slot 0x1B (which does not exist in the original FireRed rom)

    The table starts at 0x3ADE18, and ends at 0x3ADF5B. There's another table right after it, which I mistook as part of the same table, so just remember that it ends at 0x3ADF5B, even though it looks like it doesn't.

    I inserted my tileset, palette, and tilemap all with unLZ (I made the tilemap with NTME). Simply insert into free space, then manually point to the offsets you used in your new table with a hex editor.

    For anyone that wants to experiment, here is my tileset and tilemap (the palette is included within the tileset because it's indexed). To test it, insert these with unLZ, keep track of the offsets you inserted the tileset, palette, and tilemap, then repoint and expand the table (make sure you don't mistake the table right after it as part of the original table!!! just look at the start and end offsets I gave earlier in this post), then have the new entries in the table point to your tileset, palette, and tilemap, then make a custom battle animation (or edit an existing one) and use the background slot 0x1B. And yes, I designed the graphics so that it can scroll horizontally.
    This is an amazing discovery, I looked at this before but didn't decide to implement it until now! Just a few questions, each background has 12 bytes, obviously pointers to the tileset, palette and tilemap. I was just wondering if the 3 pointers are respective to that order, ie. is the first pointer the pointer to the tileset etc.?
    Also is there a specific limit to how many extra backgrounds you have? and finally, do they have to be 16 colours? I'm assuming they do, but with any luck they might not.

    Thanks so much for your help!
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