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Originally Posted by ShinySalamence888 View Post
This. This is the best thing I've seen all night. I've been dying for something to come along to help bump up this part of the forum. Near enough all the RMT's have like 5 or less replies :/ I've never really seen any bad rates like 'your team sucks etc' but I can see why some people see it as scary. I want to consider myself a regular, I visit this part of the forum quite often but still learning about competitive battles so struggle to give decent rates. But this is a great idea to bump this place up a bit, hope it works! :)
Me too, definitely. As long as people start posting kindly, then maybe things will change and we'll be able to turn activity and stuff in this forum around. :)

Originally Posted by flamehaze94 View Post
Good thread. 2007... maybe I'm too old to remember but having that kind of activity would be nice.

But seriously D_A is as scary as nails. I've only recently gotten the courage to post here again because I heard he got nicer (not really, I just got my fat ass into Pokemon again)
I'm glad! Hang around, because it's only gonna go up from here.

Originally Posted by Zhinc View Post
I know I've been a little bit intimidated in the past by this forum, but I'm glad to see that people do want to create an active, welcoming environment that helps those of us who are new to competitive battling (like me) get better without tearing us apart. I'd love to frequent more forums on here by doing more than simply lurking, and an environment like the one you envisioned sounds like a great place to be. I can't really think of anything more to add to that vision. (:
People like you are exactly who we need to get to hang around here more. All three of you guys need to make sure you check out our PO server; that's where most of the activity in our forum happens (though hopefully this changes that a little ;o;).

Originally Posted by Dark Azelf View Post
Im only scary at Pokemons. ):

Really though, im a cloyster cat (as seen by my avatar). -_- lol

Glad to have you back though man.
Stop being such a cloystercat.

Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
I agree with this completely. S&M needs more activity and the only way we can do it is by posting. If I recall correctly, I only posted in S&M like...3 or 4 times since I joined.

Back in late 2009 and early 2010 I actually started hanging around the Shoddy server, but I was afraid to post here. Kind of funny, but the only reason I went to the Shoddy server was because of Wolf and Chaos. S&M was mean back then (one of the reason why Chaos left, I think.) so I tried avoiding it.
I thought of posting an RMT before though, because it was my first attempt at stall so I thought I needed help. Even though I was scared of being humiliated, I did it.
Yeah, it didn't end well.

I left Shoddy and S&M after that. Haven't came back until a little before the Get-Togther tour. I didn't wanna participate at all but Wolf made me lol. Was scared at first, but S&M changed. I got 3rd place in the tour, too. :> I've been into competitive battling for a while. Kind of forgot about the place later because idk.

Now here I am, after getting White and trying a new team. I made an RMT and all too and wasn't really scared, in fact I was really excited to make my team better. (It died fast. :( Oh well at least I found out it was at least good, it was just my inexperience that I kept losing.) I've been playing UU a lot with Vrai and Karpman and was just getting better after losing many times. (Fortunately, I was able to beat Vrai once haha.)
I noticed the inactivity here but didn't really know why until you posted that. S&M isn't scary if you get to meet the regular. If you're not here because you think you suck, then you shouldn't worry much since you'll only get better by battling more! After all, the tutor program is coming soon! 8D

I'm gonna try and post here more despite finals being near and all. I hope I help with making S&M active. :>
I'm not gonna make the same mistake I did with Pokemon Groups. >O
That's the attitude we're looking for. 8D; Keep it upppp okay? :3

Originally Posted by Syndrome View Post

This. This is what I don't understand. (Even if you were joking or w/e)

Why people keep saying, "[x user] intimidates me", or "elf is scary" so oh, I just won't post in fear of my RMT being decapitated by them/him". Now correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't most of us put forward the effort to be nicer after Anti's last thread on the issue with S&M's activity? I see no reason anyone would or should be scared, other than just making themselves scared for no reason. Yeah sure, We are going to joke around and kick some people for fun and whatnot, but that's S&M's nature. It's not really like when we rate your team, we are going to go commando on it and tell you you never need to visit the forum again. We will help you by pointing out your mistakes and showing you what needs to possibly be changed.

The team rating issue, that's just us sitting on our lazy asses and not rating them. I know for a fact that all the regulars (including myself) have enough knowledge of the metagame to produce a coherent rate. Like vrai said, you dont have to bombard the user with a massive TL'DR, as much as you have to go find even the smallest problem, elaborate on it, and be on your merry way (Just don't say CHARIZARD IZ BAD Y U USE IT etc.). I know elf / Vrai / Etc are great raters, but that doesn't mean they can do it all by themselves. I also feel that if we had more RMT's by our regulars, and not just the random user who passes by, people would be more inclined to rate. I think people would look at a thread made by Dark Azelf before they look at one made by Shiny_Houndoom_Master999, but that's just me.
Yeah, you're right. It's the fact that we're all just incredibly lazy and don't post on the forums at all that really makes us an inactive forum. It's not that we don't have enough regulars, it's that the ones we do have are stupidly inactive. I want to encourage everyone to post RMTs too, and for regulars to actually post on other regs' RMTs. Setting good examples all around.

Originally Posted by Dark Azelf View Post
Also me and Anti were talking yesterday on server.

Me and him lack motivation these days. So i really think we should make it more fun too. Dunno if you guys feel like this.

I think we need more battling based stuff; Things like this made Pc and is one of my fondest memories because simply it was fun.

It'll also help the battle stadium.

Also, Pokecommunity.

Key word is bold.

So....why arent we acting like one ? I mean, doing community things ? I suggested them before but Anti discarded them. Even little things like RMT archive and emblems would increase morale here.
Thing is, I think we should work on getting a moderately active forum before we get those things up. But yeah, you're right. Once we start getting everyone active again I'd like to do more fun stuff but we can't until that happens.

Originally Posted by .Aero View Post
Move my most recent RMT to the RMT Archive kthnx.

I agree. You're all forcing me to post, but all I can say is that I agree? I have no extra ideas to suggest that haven't been said millions of times beforehand. I'll get to rating after finals week is over (which is only three finals, so it shouldn't take long or be difficult in any way).

And as Syn said about the intimidation factor, it should have severely dropped in the past few months (and I certainly believe it did), but it will never completely go away, because as he said it's in the nature of the forum itself. Realize that in order to help people, flaws will be pointed out, that's the point of a RMT. I can see how it appears hostile, but it's not. :< We're a cuddly bunch once you all get to know us. :3 And elf is hardly scary. He's p cute, but I guess he's buff now. I dunno. xD
Yeah. I think it's not so much the fact that flaws are being pointed out but more that they were in a way that was never really explained to the new kid: just "delibird sux use mamoswine" doesn't help them at all in a rate. It is in the nature of the forum to point out flaws in other people's posts, but that doesn't mean we don't have to explain ourselves or avoid being blunt about it. 8D; You need to get posting more too btw! I'll nag you about it until you do. :)

Originally Posted by Wolflare View Post
Just throwing this out here, if you want this place to be active before the new tutoring program starts, the post date is going to be June 11. I'm confident it will help with bringing back activity through teaching the people who are interested in battling, and make the forum/server less intimidating. It'll give us a lot of community activities too (Classes / Community Night, Community Create-A-Team, etc (and more if people suggest some)).

Anyway, I've been planning to start rating again, but in real life matters and preparing the tutoring program have been keeping me busy. I do like seeing RMT threads with +20 posts reminds me of 08 when there was sometimes two pages of posts.

Also, I don't feel like going in-depth on this at the moment, so I'll leave this post very short. I wish Syn would fix his attitude more. That type of sarcasm/comments are okay towards regulars who are used to it, but not for new members. You might not think you are rude, but sometimes your comments can get out of hand (I haven't bothered to save any examples, because I don't really care anymore). Elf is only "intimidating" when he gets haxed too much, and forces you to battle over and over until there's no hax or he'll ban you, and so on. Hax complaining is okay, but you have to realize it is part of the game and it's bound to happen in every match. Saying stuff like "crits should be banned" each time you get haxed isn't going to make a difference; post that in Smogon's suspect thread. I don't care if you're an admin and can do whatever you want, if that was true I would simply ban everyone (of course I won't though). To me, your constant complaining is more annoying than hax itself. Our new regulars always apologize whenever there's hax, because whenever you or Syn (maybe other users?) complain excessively about it it can seem like it's the player's fault.

Edit: The forum being intimidating (mainly just the raters) has been fixed I believe. From looking at a few posts from a few weeks ago, it didn't seem like anyone was attacking members. The only thing that could make it better, is explain your suggestions a little bit more for new battlers (put yourself in their shoes)?

I have some events planned if the tutoring program goes along well and gives us a few new members, because those events require more than what we have now. That's why I really want for the tutoring program to be successful...I'm kind of relying on it for future activities. I am also waiting for summer break, so most members will have the time to participate in all of them and keep 'em active.
I honestly don't know if there's anything else I can say except that I completely agree with this entire post. I would very much like an active forum before we get the tutoring done though, so the people who came to the classes wouldn't go, "damn, this forum's dead so this is pointless" you know what I mean? I want to leave a good impression so they'll be more willing to hang around afterwards.