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The very first thing that we must do if we hope to increase activity here in ye old S and M is to make it extremely inviting. The atmosphere that we should be striving for is "Everyone having fun battling together", not "Regulars rule, nubs get eaten up". Hell, I am horrid at battling, but I feel at home on the PO Server and the regulars are truly great guys. Also, Syn, I hope you take no offense to this, but you've pretty much replaced D-A as the "intimidator" of S&M. I know it feels great to show BlaQk, or any other user how much more knowledgeable about the metagame you are than them, but you could honestly go about it less bluntly. I know there's a heart somewhere down there, I've seen it in action before. Another small thing that each of us should at least attempt to do, is give small tips during battles. If your opponent uses Giga Impact, or switches their Ferrothorn into Latios (assuming HP fire as per standard set), then why not tell them why it was a bad idea? Honestly, it's somewhat embarassing that we're one of the largest Pokemon forums on the internet, yet forums like PokeBattleCenter and Mysidia's battling communities are almost quadruple the size of ours. We don't just need to make battling non-intimidating, we need to make it look like a hell of a time, show budding battlers the joy that comes from sweeping your opponent.

I'd love to try to actuate some activity here, but, in all honesty, I'm a huge hypocrite. I'm not the guy who throws out huge posts, or even is enthusiastic about posting and battling is continually managing to annoy me, after each loss. I like playing my friends and all, but laddering and whatnot ends in nothing but frustration.

Also, I really think it's about time I said this. Luke could really step up a bit. He's a great battler, moderator, etc, but, in my opinion, he could be doing a bit better as one of the leaders of the competitive community on PC. I've seen him dismiss a newer member who was interrupting irc numerous times, asking for competitive advice. As much of a nuisance as he was, it would have been pretty nice of him to help the guy out, considering he was perfectly capable of doing so. I apologize if this sounds disrespectful, but I felt the need to address it.

Finally, the behavior on the PO server could be a bit better. Again, the hypocrisy is ever-present in this statement, as I'm probably the worst behaved on the server, well, second to Lala. I'll be making a conscious effort to watch what I do and say and I think everybody else ought to adopt the same policy, we shouldn't be scaring away new battlers because we're talking about BlackCherryShipping, Hot Dogs or other miscellany. We could also treat Drakow with a lot more respect. Sure, he may think he's lord of darkness, sure, he probably has a crush on like 10 female PC members and sure, his adamant desire to have 2 Dragon and 3 Dark types limits his team's potential, but you're all forgetting one thing. Drakow is just like we all were at one point: Eager to learn about the metagame and make some friends along the way. I know it's part of the famous "S&M Culture", but no one ridiculed us when we were learning, I know I sure wasn't ridiculed when I used bad counterteams and got 6-0'd by all of the regulars, so why does he have to get ridiculed?

Now, let's make this place cool again

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