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I'd probably say I'd be more active in this board when the tutoring program comes out, since I don't really know much about building teams, rating teams, or a majority of the competitive system. The basics are only what I really know and until then, there isn't much of a point for me to post here when I wouldn't know what half the people are saying or what they mean on certain terms of battling. Though once the tutoring program is out, I'd be on summer vacation by then and thus, have more time to learn from it.

I don't find anyone intimidating, especially since I've gotten to know most regulars here from PO. Plus there are the battlers I've had been talking to since I joined PC or a little after like Wolflare, Spinosaurus and TwilightBlade. That isn't a problem here for me, and I'd expect with the tutoring program, we'd get to know the people here more a bit better with that.

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