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Originally Posted by Drakow View Post
Hahaha, I dodged that shizz :p
Ahhh you too! I just named all of the ones off the top of my head, okay? >:<

Originally Posted by Zhinc View Post
I'll see what I can do. I tend to vanish a lot because college is pretty intense, in terms of work load. But it's summer now, so I should be able to hang around and contribute to the community.
That's okay. We have a lot of people trying to deal with college, too. As long as you're here to help out a little that'd be wonderful! 8D

Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post
The threads only get locked because they're normally against the rules, you'll find most of them are just people asking us to build the team for them. We're only here to help and suggest, not build it for you. The one's that are moves are just in the wrong section, if it's for an In-game team, it should go in the In-game forum. It's not really that hard. Starting a conversation really doesn't relate to this? <_<; Just go on a person's profile that you want to get to know and just hit them up. :3 Simple. Posting in the right forum isn't that hard either, you're not gonna make a "Best feature about Black and White" in the Heartgold and Soulsilver forum are you?

Anyway, I'm trying to be as active as I can in S&M, I post threads from time to time and post around quite a bit, mostly I post in the questions thread, giving advice, and giving out moveset's. <3 The S&M is quite a hard to place to deal with because it can't run events. ;; Since they're ran in the battle stadium, maybe combine S&M and the Battle Stadium? Idk.

When I first started posting in here, I was really intimidated. <_< I was terrified of D_A & Syndrome mostly. :x But if people are complaining about us S&M'ers being intimidating, they should get to know us, and find out that we are just like any other person. :3 Idek what I'm saying now. haha. n__n; But now this place is like a new home! :3 go me

To boost activity I suggest advertising PO at any chance you get, it brings people to the PC server and then we can show them how nice we are. n____n; then tell them to go to S&M.

Just my two cents. :3
We do need to get people to come to PO since it's the social background of this forum. It's very generally when people start going there that they begin being an active battler. Combining S&M and the Battle Stadium would be... well, it's in with Trade Corner because, welll, they're both WiFi-related? I dunno.

...Actually, I think that there's a lot of merit to that idea. Both Battle Stadium and S&M are pretty bad as far as activity and honestly they're probably the two most related boards that aren't subforums of each other on PC. It's something worth debating about. -pokes staff-

Originally Posted by StarlightSerenity View Post
Regarding the specific S&M forum and its activity - I honestly don't understand why its not busier as it's must be extemely useful for some. There are two reasons why I personaly dont use it - I dont feel the need to as I get on in battles quite well, secondly I dont want to go posting a thread only to get "feedback" along the lines of "Your team sucks".
@ the S&M specific part: Right. We'd like to avoid things like "Your team sucks". That's why I posted this thread, after all. That notion that you could even have your team rated to a degree that you personally are insulted shouldn't be in anyone's heads. We don't want to be seen as a bunch of asses, we want to be "oh those guys that helped me get a good team together". And it's perfectly fine if you don't want to be a part of competitive battling - nothing's forcing you to be here! We just want to keep the people who do have an interest. :)

Originally Posted by Kaori View Post
I'd probably say I'd be more active in this board when the tutoring program comes out, since I don't really know much about building teams, rating teams, or a majority of the competitive system. The basics are only what I really know and until then, there isn't much of a point for me to post here when I wouldn't know what half the people are saying or what they mean on certain terms of battling. Though once the tutoring program is out, I'd be on summer vacation by then and thus, have more time to learn from it.

I don't find anyone intimidating, especially since I've gotten to know most regulars here from PO. Plus there are the battlers I've had been talking to since I joined PC or a little after like Wolflare, Spinosaurus and TwilightBlade. That isn't a problem here for me, and I'd expect with the tutoring program, we'd get to know the people here more a bit better with that.
Yep. I would like for us to have a more inviting forum when that does happen, but hopefully the biggest jump in activity will happen when we've got the tutoring up and running. YOU'LL BE MODERATELY ACTIVE THEN OKAY.

Originally Posted by Ooka View Post
But if you notice, you're a moderator, which is confidence in itself in my opinion, as well as two of the people you talked to. :P

That aside, though, I think that the problem with users not posting is as StarlightSerenity said, the rules on PC can get strict, and some people are really trying to avoid Infractions, and I've gotten two infractions from the S&M section myself, one of which was reversed, and the other was for offtopic, which was ridiculous because I was only asking how to download a program. :P

But I got off-topic a bit, what I'm really trying to say is I don't think it's any one section, I just think the entire community is losing activity due to rules and crashes. But that's just me speculating.
We're only concerned about S&M here right now, though. Let's not move this into PC in general - that's something that we can talk about some other time. S&M is the priority of this thread. :)

Originally Posted by OneofFour View Post
First off, I would agree with this. Make competitive pokemon, whether actual battles or theorymonning, one forum. The two share the same ends.

Secondly, about the intimidation stuff. I just recently joined this forum when B&W were released, because I had a friend who said there were tournaments and battles run here, and that it was pretty active. Never did he mention any intimidation, so I wonder if that is sort of an invented problem? Generation four was at its end, naturally activity would go down, I think. Also, this is a competitive forum, I don't understand why it wouldn't feel a little intimidating just from its nature; people posting here should not be scared of criticism, as there's probably a little truth in every post. If someone posts "electric/metagame weak 2/10 this team sux", perhaps that seems a bit offputting, but to me it looks like it's getting to the core of an issue (namely, getting rolled by Raichu). I get that it's not directly contributing by recommending some ground pokemon or maybe something with Lightningrod, or the ever-infuriating Ferrothorn, but at least it is pointing out a flaw.

If there's any intimidation issue, I think its a problem with using pokemon below UU, and sometimes below OU, on a team. I find the most common complaint about teams, across forums, is that Pokemon A outclasses Pokemon B, or worse, merely that Pokemon B is not good. That's fine, and it can be helpful advice, but chances are if the person is setting up a competitive team, they knew about Pokemon A, but chose B anyways. However, too many people see the OP using B, and seem to obsess on that, and forget that probably the OP just likes Pokemon B, and that's really all there is to it, and no amount of theorymonning will change their mind. Its a symptom of tiering, and loses sight of the "have fun" aspect of gaming. I use Empoleon, I use Magmortar; they are fun for me to use, I like their designs, and they are unexpected for most people (though admittedly not hard to deal with), and nothing is going to change my mind about using them more often than not.

This gets back to the team of 6 delibirds; I think people don't post that team not because they are afraid of someone saying it sucks (they probably already know that), but because they know it won't get any discussion of merit. Instead of saying "Braviary outclasses Delibird," and leaving it at that, the question should be what is Delibird really capable of (maybe a rapid spin, fake out, status set?), ignoring the problems with species clause.

If there's a problem with *****ing about hax, then that is a problem with individual users, and sore losers, and nothing will change that. Good teams will be at least somewhat resilient to luck, and if you lose anyways on a series of 6 crits, it just was not meant to happen. Being able to DC on wifi with no punishment bothers me for the same reason: Pokemon more than most games makes luck a factor, and then does nothing to show the player that it is unacceptable to try and prevent it. The game should open with a battle against your rival where he always crits, or you always flinch, or something, and you can challenge him over and over and the same thing will always happen, until you give up, and the scene ends with the professor saying something along the lines of, "Well, that's Pokemon!"

Anyways,these are just some thoughts. Mostly though, I throw in my support for what dragon suggests, I think if you just combine the two forums, you'll see an increase in activity for both, because the two drive each other.
I think you're assuming that the people that come here are high-level thinkers. Yeah, they're not stupid, but if they realized that their team was bad enough to not have any discussion of merit then they'd probably be intelligent enough to fix those simplistic problems on their own, ya? A team of six Delibird is a drastic example, too - people aren't that stupid. You're also assuming that people wouldn't take any offense from a rate like that; yes, you're right, they shouldn't but people do. It's the fear of "oh people are just going to tell me I suck so why bother". We want to eliminate that thought.

And Anti... don't worry. Things are going to change. I will guarantee it.