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    Originally Posted by droomph View Post
    [FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Besides, it's been revealed to us many times that they love and want to battle (Oshawott, for example, comes out of its Pokéball to fight in battles it's not called to fight in), and that they enjoy staying in their Pokéballs more (as revealed by Ash to Sceptile). It may all be the Stockholm syndrome yes - but what can we say to defend our morality? A Pokémon battle is not a dogfight/cockfight/animal fight - they enjoy doing it, and the trainers create bonds with their Pokémon throughout the process. If anything, it resembles our sport of wrestling. It is a sport, not a stupid betting game.
    Why do pokemon struggle to escape from the bondage of being in a pokeball then? The trainer is anxious in anticipation as the pokeball shakes to see if the pokemon will escape or not.

    Combat sports are voluntary, and are not forced on anyone.

    Saying that pokemon love to fight is like saying Bulls love to fight in the wild(as they do). Does this mean we have to create an entertainment monopoly on such violence?

    If you know anything about how dogfights work, you know that there is not a good bond between dog and trainer, both ways. The dog most likely will try to attack the trainer, and the trainer will beat and malnourish the dog, as was the case with every dogfight ring busting. The dogs had moldy water, they hadn't had food in a very long time. But it's not because the trainers couldn't afford it - most of them were prestigious and had more than enough money to waste on these dogs.

    However, when we look at Pokémon battles, we see a deeper bond - take Ash and Pikachu, for example - they are friends. They do not expect things in return - they are doing it to grow stronger and to improve each other. When a trainer eats, his Pokémon eat. When a trainer starves, his Pokémon starve along with him. He will try to take care of them, and they will try to take care of him.
    I've seen a cockfight in Portugal, and the roosters are taken care of, some even with luxury.